For example, Zhu Pang proposed that the four spirits have different combinations.
According to Zhu Pang’s opinion, the quadrupole is unstable and moving, so if the quadrupole is elastic, it can be fixed. In this case, can everyone form a cone, which is more conducive to breakthrough?
Quadrupole cone?
Zhu Pang really dared to think about it. After four spirits and Qi Xin worked together to modulate it, these guys really formed a cone.
Zhu Pang volunteered to incarnate his fangs into a quadrupole cone thorn, that is, the arrow Suzaku spread his wings and made the cone-shaped wings thick and the sky became a cone-shaped body, and the tail swinging force of Qinglong really became a cone-shaped tail.
After this framework, Sun Haofeng’s localization and fighting spirit can be given into a spherical world.
In this way, the four spirits have a certain driving force, which means that they don’t need Sun Hao’s driving, but they can try it themselves
The celestial phenomena are centered, the four spirits are steady, and the whole body, the dragon wags its tail first, and it rushes forward with a jerk. Suzaku’s head is high, his wings are crisp, and the flame suddenly increases.
Finally, when Kang Ya received a force flash from Qinglong Suzaku, he generally crossed the virtual space and drove the whole four spirits to rush forward.
Poof, it seems like a mirror appears one day.
When Kang Ya hit the mirror, it drove ripples. Unfortunately, the mirror seems to have a strong rebound force. Generally, when Kang Ya rushed over, it bounced back.
Ouch, ouch, five figures fell from the sky like projectiles and rolled out a long way, which gradually stabilized their bodies 3.
Sun Hao burst out laughing. "A few of you can finally realize that I am English, SHEN WOO, hahaha. This is really no contrast, there is no harm. You don’t know how I will be so powerful if you don’t try."
The four men looked at each other and really saw their admiration in each other’s eyes. Just now, the four spirits cooperated quite well, and the driving force was also very good. It can be said that everyone’s strengths were fully exerted, but they still fell short, so it can really be seen that Sun Hao is powerful.
Don’t look at the strength that Sun Hao’s heavenly cudgel can drive the Four Spirits to break the void, even if it is earth-shattering.
Of course, Pei Guipei was angry in his heart, but Zhu Pang couldn’t recognize it. He burst out laughing and said, "I said that Xiaohao can’t rely on our strength just now. You also saw our impact, but you didn’t have to say that you couldn’t break the truth or you didn’t cooperate properly."
Actually, Sun Hao said that he couldn’t cooperate in place. It was really impossible to pull out the shit. The toilet shrugged and Sun Hao said, "Where is the cooperation?" Let’s hear it "
Zhu Pang said with a smile, "We have just reached the standard in strength and speed, and there is no problem with the structure of the four spirits. The problem is precisely the elasticity of the four spirits. Do you think a mirror that can bounce back to the software may be broken?"
Sun Hao really wants to ask me how I broke it.
However, Sun Hao finally felt that he was a Mahayana monk arguing with several partners. This is really nothing to be proud of. Sun Hao found a solution with a blink of an eye.
It is quite pertinent to say that Zhu Pang’s understanding of reality is quite pertinent. They understand that the four efforts have also helped Sun Haoshi a lot. Sun Hao should encourage their enthusiasm.
A little thinking Sun Haoma found a solution, and the immortal silver ship appeared in the middle hand. Sun Haoxiao pointed at the immortal silver ship and said, "Xiao Pang, you said this problem is quite simple. You need four spirits to settle the immortal silver ship, so it should not be too elastic. How about that? Give it a try? "
Wang Yuan several shine at the moment.
Yes, the immortal silver ship media is much easier than keeping Sun Haofeng and fighting spirit, and the possibility of breaking the virtual reality is much greater.
Start with the Four Spirits and quickly surround the immortal silver ship, which will turn a piece of Four Spirits into a virtual world.
The celestial body, the dragon wagging its tail, and the rosefinch spreading its wings as a healthy blow.
This time, the effect is very different. Four Spirits with immortal silver ship and Sun Hao with immortal silver ship broke the virtual strength and got into the mirror. When they came out again, suddenly another virtual appeared.
Zhu Pang burst out laughing proudly in front of him. "I told you, we can make it ha ha ha fruit, or we can succeed at one stroke. I, Zhu Pang, can actually break through the void in married with children. This is really the most amazing event of the day."
Four spirit face qi qi revealed a bright smile.
This is the real meaning of their first time, relying on the joint efforts of four people with four spirits to break through the emptiness and realize the great feat that many monks can look forward to.
Sun Hao, who looked at the four companions who were particularly excited in their hearts, laughed. "Don’t be too proud of the fact that the practice has not been successful yet. Do you still need to work hard to know what the result will be in the end?"
When Kang Jupang asked in surprise, "What was the result?"
Sun Hao said with a smile, "If one day you can break away with the Four Spirits without my strength or any reference, then your practice will be truly great."
Zhu Pang croaked, "No, isn’t that a bit too high? We can’t even do it now, as poised as you are."
Corleone’s face gloated and his mouth said, "This is true. You should know who is in front of you. Tell you what, I am the second ancestor of the British SHEN WOO Terran. Can you compare with me?" Ha ha ha "
Zhu Pang muttered, "Ying SHEN WOO, you hammer megalomaniac."
Sun Hao burst out laughing.
With the help of the four spirits of the immortal silver ship, it is realized that they can cross the virtual space with the four spirits, but as Sun Hao said, they have made great progress, not to mention that he must first be able to break the virtual space with wind and fighting spirit like Sun Hao, which is a great progress.
If you can break the virtual reality with an immortal silver ship, it will be a great progress, and it will also be of great help to Sun Hao’s understanding of the four efforts
Zhu Pang played as an arrow with a smile, and after playing for a while, he introduced a new way of playing. The cone array foundation developed an arrow array with stronger attack power.
This array requires higher structure, but the impact is strong enough.
Sun Hao, the retired immortal silver ship, once again took out the wind and fighting spirit reference to let the four spirits settle down and break the virtual line.
With Sun Haofeng’s localization and fighting spirit, Zhu Pang was full of ambitions after breaking the virtual reality. That is to say, a proud Sun Hao can do it, and they finally did it through unremitting efforts.
I’m glad Yu Zhuling suddenly said, "Just now, I’ve lost my suzaku fire. By then, I seem to have a very clear perception that my flame is like burning something."
Corleone slightly one leng.