Zhang Yiping took it and took one look at it, thinking, Who is the master of shit fooling? This gold watch is the most valuable, and just a few taels of gold want to buy me off? You underestimate me too much.
Zhang Yiping threw the force of the pocket watch into the sky and then stretched out his hand to the side. The guard quickly put the Zhang Yiping rifle in his hand. At this time, the golden pocket watch had risen to the highest point and dropped.
Zhang Yiping unhurriedly played a gun and couldn’t get up and sit on the stool. When the watch fell almost from the railing, Zhang Yiping took a bullet and hit the golden pocket watch. The pocket watch instantly became a lot of pieces, and Zhang Yiping quickly shot again and again. Every bullet hit one piece and made them disappear.
Zhang Yiping gave a dazzling performance and then threw the rifle to the nearby guard before saying to Daniel, "I’m not interested in anything but guns. Do you mind if you give me a gold watch only to practice marksmanship?" Daniel "
Daniel secretly wiped a sweat on his forehead and said, "Now that you have given it to the general, the general can freely dispose of the general’s marksmanship, which makes the * * regiment in my big eyes have today’s achievements inseparable from your marksmanship."
"What do you think, Mr. Rilke?" Zhang Yiping has been out of Rilke asked.
Rilke is a banker employed by a huge consortium. When the regiment was banned by Britain and the United States, the Chinese regiment was able to send the paid soldiers’ personal French money back to China and send it to their families through these black-hearted Jewish capitalists and bankers who controlled the bank. Of course, they also received considerable procedures.
Rilke slowly ate the food in his mouth, wiped his napkin, and then said, "I have a pearl necklace here. There are just ten pearls that are big and round. They are for my daughter’s birthday. If you are interested, I can give them to the general to practice marksmanship."
"Throw ten pearls into the sky, I think they will be able to smash ten pearls before they land," Rilke said.
"if I do this, your baby daughter will hate me to death. how could a gentleman do such a thing to make a noble lady sad? So I’d better forget it. Please pay my respects to your daughter for me, "said Zhang Yiping.
"It’s her tenth birthday in two days, but it’s a pity that this year’s birthday is different. I’m afraid I’ll be displaced." Rilke sighed and her face looked anxious
"this is a pity!" Zhang Yiping said with a sympathetic look on his face. At the same time, he picked up a knife and fork and ate an fried egg. His napkin wiped his mouth.
"A fierce anti-Semitic movement is brewing in Germany." Daniel extended the topic to the topic.
Rilke touched the folds of his face. "There is a neurotic anti-Semitic trend everywhere in this world, and Europe has never stopped."
"But this year, even more Germans blame us Jews for military and economic failures, especially the wealthy class of Jewish descent, saying that we speculate and sell, and they think that their soldiers have shed their blood, but we Jews have gained wealth, so we feel unbalanced." Rilke said, "In fact, we do business on the basis of facts, within the scope permitted by law and according to economic laws. How can we blame us for economic failures? You know, without our Jewish capital, the German economy would have collapsed long ago and the roots would not be present."
Zhang Yiping didn’t interrupt and didn’t want to comment on these things. Although he encouraged the Germans to clean up the Jewish rich class, they could blame the Jews themselves for making money and giving the Germans an image of making a fortune.
Zhang Yiping ate the food on the table with a smile and occasionally expressed sympathy for Rilke’s experience.
"We have one thing to ask the general for help," Rilke finally said after winning Zhang Yiping’s sympathy
Zhang Yiping just wiped his mouth and was full. "If you want to influence the German government’s decision through me, I can tell you that this is impossible."
"Although the Chinese Communist Youth League is associated with the German Communist Youth League, our association is limited. The Chinese Communist Youth League is not strong enough to influence Germany," Zhang Yiping said.
"No, we have a group of people coming out of Paris to go to Bordeaux through Orleans and then to the United States, but they were intercepted by the German team near Orleans. They are the second German regiment …"
"The commander of the second German regiment, cavalry von Mallwitz, will indeed be my buddy!" Zhang Yiping jumped up and said to be continued.
Chapter 491 Trouvat
"The commander of the second German regiment, cavalry von Mallwitz, will indeed be my buddy!" Zhang Yiping jumped up and said, "If this is the case, I think I can help you."
"I thank you first for my daughter." Rilke got up and made a salute to Zhang Yiping. Zhang Yiping hurriedly waved Rilke to sit first. "The Germans just want your property and will not threaten your personal safety. After all, Germany is a normal country and they are not robbers." Zhang Yiping comforted Rilke and said.
After all, it is not World War II and Hitler has not become a Nazi. Although Hitler Zhang Yiping arranged for an early position, now he is also a small errand boy and cannot influence German policy.
Zhang Yiping thinks that since the Germans are not going to kill these Jews, he will come forward and tell the cavalry commander von Mallwitz that they should be released before he dares to promise Rilke.
"Since ancient times,’ making money’ and’ killing people’ have always been linked. To cover up their crimes, the Germans will eventually kill people. Now the whole of Germany is crazy," Rilke said. "When will the general ask Mallwitz for someone else? What conditions do you want?"
"What is your reward? "If my daughter wants me to do it, I will definitely promise," said Rilke.
"What is the reward for typing a word or sending a newspaper?" Zhang Yiping said, "Rilke and Daniel are both friends of our League. No one wants to associate with us when we are in trouble, but you are willing to help us. This kindness will never be forgotten by our League."
"We in China are a very peace-loving nation, a grateful nation, and we will do our best to do things like this, even if you don’t beg me to let me know, I will take the initiative to help you. After all, we are friends and partners."
When Zhang Yiping said this, he was very sincere, which made Daniel and Rilke feel very ashamed. At the beginning, they ended up with the Chinese Communist Youth League because of the interests, and they have been getting huge benefits from the Chinese Communist Youth League.
Rilke and Daniel were ashamed and deeply moved, thinking about how to repay Zhang Yiping.
Zhang Yiping also said, "You’d better give me a list, the more detailed the better … and then I can ask important people in Mallwitz according to this list, and if I ask him for it, he won’t dare not let them go."
Zhang Yiping went to the building headquarters and called Shi Weilan to come over and told Rilke what he wanted. Shi Weilan asked, "The commander-in-chief actually compensated to do things for them. These Jews are rich guys like vampires. At the beginning, we sent our salary back through their bank. They couldn’t wait to rip off our skin. The existing opportunity to rip them off. So the commander-in-chief let them go? “
"It’s not like commander in chief style? Does the commander in chief have any other plans? "Asked Shi Weilan.
"What is my style? Falling stone style? "Zhang Yiping said a little crossly." It’s just a matter of raising your hand to type a word or send a newspaper. What’s the plan? Don’t forget that I am a real gentleman, and sometimes I have to do something really good, and that Mallwitz may not give me a face. "
"Mallwitz will definitely give you a face," Shi Weilan said. "You can’t fight or clinch a deal. What’s important is that you can’t win the battle without our Chinese Communist Youth League’s cooperation with Mallwitz Root."
After a while, a staff officer sent me a paper with dozens of names in English and German. German Zhang Yiping wouldn’t read it, but Zhang Yiping, the English name, was also confused. His English level was not high enough to cope with the general conversation. From these English names, he couldn’t get any information.
Zhang Yiping pondered for a while and then said to himself, "Do you think any of these dozens of people are qualified to join our blacklist? “
Shi Weilan was dazed for a moment and then suddenly realized, "Yes, they are going to America. Maybe some of them are talents."
"I think the blacklist in the United States should not be limited to Americans. If they go to the United States, we should all blacklist them and don’t let them work for Americans."
"It seems that we should study it carefully." Shi Weilan took this list, but Shi Weilan’s roots can’t speak English, let alone German, and this information has nothing but names.
Zhang Yiping carefully searched the list again and found no historical celebrities who he thought threatened the future of China.