"I’m afraid that will disappoint you," said Wu Ming.
Suddenly, a little green emerged from the empty space of the mother tree, and then a huge canopy pooped out, squeezing the mother tree and waving the branches, sweeping away the four donkey kong.
Garuda saw that with a wave of his wings, he hurried to avoid it, but Indra could hastily block his face.
Wu Ming took the opportunity to jump into the canopy of Pu making it disappear.
Chapter 42 Half-divided hanging mountain ancient cave is now a big eye
"What’s that?"
Indra Tian let go and looked at the disappearing tree. Wu Ming was puzzled. What was the tree that suddenly appeared?
Just then, Long Zhong, Asura, Hag, Mohoroga and others followed.
Yan Futian looks ugly and let it escape!
Indra immediately looked at it and sneered, "asura king, you must give us an explanation about this matter. Where did Asura come from?"
Four donkey kong also flew back at this moment, although he was not hurt, but his face was not good-looking. What’s more, he didn’t finish the main decree, and suddenly he looked pale and stared at Yan Futian.
"I will tell you when you go to see the Buddha."
Before the hanging mountain sumeru shadow map, the first god recalled the Bodhisattva tree and returned with the second god, which was much faster than climbing.
Wu Ming, who has already recovered his original appearance, walked out of the film to see three first yuan gods in asura king, such as Hu Li, Lu Li and Pu Yin, and so on.
"Really Wang Dianru?"
Tama Yan asked with hope that the two kings of Asura were also excited.
Wu Ming reached out and took out a fruit the size of a half-green and half-purple head and laughed. "Fortunately, it didn’t fail to accomplish a mission."
The three asura king all took a long breath, which was sweeter and more delicious than when they swallowed the withered fruit Wu Mingshou.
"Three asura king, according to the agreement, half a hanging mountain can be me."
Suddenly the needles in the hall fell audible, and the three asura king didn’t answer each other, but stared at the fruit closely.
Wu’s fame is calm, and he is not afraid of them going back on their word. It just happens that a single soldier can put the hanging mountain in his pocket.
"I’m waiting for the Asura people to keep their promises, but I don’t know which half of the mountain the real king wants to hang?"
Domoyan still chose to abide by the agreement. Asura’s intuition told him that if he broke the agreement, there would be disaster.
"I want this front mountain and the back mountain to remain your territory in Asura?" If the products in the mountains are naturally rich in the hills, you have to stutter. Sooner or later, even people and mountains will be merged into other ghost countries, so Wu Ming is not interested
The three kings of Asura also felt relieved that Wu Ming was still available and immediately answered.
Then three asura king went to command the people to vacate the front mountain and divide the border.
"Never thought that this mountain turned out to be Asura’s family, thanks to the help of the temple." Tiger Force three people thanked Wu Ming.
"When the family says this, you should move your camp here and start building a ghost."
"What about the ancient cave in the grave?"
Scorpion spirit Hong Haier went to explore the ancient cave in the grave, but he hasn’t returned to Wu Ming at the moment. It’s also a little strange. Even if the old priest takes him to see the first Yuan God, he will return to the Demon God Palace to act at both ends.
Three asura king put the fruit in a treasure chest, locked it and sent it to the temple to be banned. None of them agreed that anyone could take the fruit alone.
"Tomoya, are we really going to give half of the mountain to that god?" Fu Zun asked if it supported turning against each other. If Tamayan hadn’t stopped it just now, he would have done it.
Sakya didn’t speak, but remembered the figures that appeared in the demon world. Even though it didn’t want to, the situation was not as good as that of others unless there were more asura king in the clan.
Domoyan looked at Fu Zun with a single eye. "Do you think he will really pick a fruit when he enters the mother tree?"
"What? You said he still had extra money? That’s all the more reason not to let him leave the damn god! "
Sakya can’t see the three heads. "Shut up! Isn’t it good to teach a lesson every time? Even if those fruits are robbed, can I have more kings of Asura immediately? How to resist each other then? "
Fruit is a necessary condition for Asura people to become kings, but not everyone can succeed in becoming asura king.
"Sakya is right. Choose the best talented person in the clan as soon as possible to make it bear fruit. The second time is to slowly exchange fruit from the nine true kings when we need it." Tama Yan was still more relieved that the three kings had two IQ lines.
Nowadays, the Asura people need to have an extra asura king in the family as soon as possible, which is the right way, otherwise, it will be a fruit to grab more.
"And we will be born slowly. We can’t pin our hopes on that person. What’s the difference between the demon palace and the gods?"
Since the True King of Nine Yous has won it, others have also won it.
Wu Ming still doesn’t know that asura king has given birth to many career in his heart. At the moment, he is taking the old priest to the ancient cave in the grave.
It didn’t take a moment for someone to show the way to see an ancient hole that was bigger than dark in the long yellow sand.
A gust of wind blew from the hole to the bone.
"My Lord, this is the ancient cave in the grave. No one ever knows how deep it is. Even the demon saint is too cold to return."
Wu Ming went to the mouth of the cave and looked at the square. Sure enough, his eyesight could not penetrate the darkness.
Immediately jump and breathe, Wan Li, this hole is still bottomless.
For a moment, Wu Ming has sensed a chill that makes him move.
"School sister, are they still going?" Wu Ming has some doubts that he can be aware of the cold when he is not in bad health. It is conceivable that this place will be such a situation for ordinary true immortals.
Immediately continue on his way. Soon Wu Ming noticed an internal heat. It was Hong Haier, a disciple of school sister scorpion essence, who was relying on Samadhi to dispel the cold.
"How did you come here?" Wu Ming asked
Scorpion essence Hong Haier is a surprised to recognize Wu Ming before hurriedly leaned over.
"Brother, there is something strange in this hole. We have come all the way to the end, but not long ago we vaguely saw a huge eye that almost filled the whole hole." Scorpion Jing said that the huge eyes put too much pressure on them.
Huge eyes?
Wu Ming one leng this hole Fiona Fang thyme if one eye is so huge that it is really horrible.
Wanted to think, wu immediately with two people leave rapidly.
This hole is too deep, and there may be some old monsters lurking that are not suitable for the underworld.
After Wu Ming left, it seemed that something huge rubbed against the stone wall and the sand kept falling off.
Back to the ground, I was about to leave when another strong wind blew out.
"This time, thanks to the true fire of Samadhi, my nephew, otherwise I was frozen stiff when the evil wind blew in that hole." Scorpion laughed.
Wu Ming patted Hong Haier on the shoulder to show encouragement and immediately took the old priest to hang the mountain without stopping. The longer he stayed in this place, the more he felt a little uneasy.
Hard to really have any horror on this side.
It’s not unusual for a small demon world to hide so many things.
Chapter 43 mutual calculation cruel golden retriever
Tens of thousands of ghost soldiers stationed in the hanging mountain instantly alarmed a group of Asura.
Three asura king saw huge bones from the top of the mountain, and Fa Zhou fell into the mountain. Then a group of ghost soldiers started to build camps with evil spirits, while others surveyed the terrain and guarded the surroundings in good order.
"Hum! Just these kids, I don’t need a moment to kill them all in Asura. "Fu Zun laughed.
Domoyan Sakya didn’t say anything, obviously agreeing that if these people hang up the mountain, they can get it back whenever they want.
"Have you ever sent people out?" Tama Yan asked