But I didn’t see Brother Yun and Brother Han come back. He was flustered after all.
Today, he is also a routine and doesn’t know how to transform himself into a fancy Yunxuan to patrol the villa together. I didn’t expect to see Brother Yun and Brother Han coming back just after walking.
He was worried for many days and finally put it back.
Neither Yun Mingyuan nor Han Xiumo knew what the child had experienced during this period. Han Xiumo touched Han Ye’s hair. "So, how is the situation at home?"
Han Ye told them what happened during this period.
Yunmo Villa is operating as usual, and more people are willing to rent land here. The villa is not as deserted as it used to be, and many people have decided to move here.
"The villa is in good condition." Han Ye always followed Yunxuan. "Yunxuan often does experiments in Brother Yun’s laboratory. I don’t understand it very well …"
After living in Yunmo Villa, Han Ye began to learn to read with Han Xiumo. He realized that his progress was already fast, but when facing Yunxuan, he could always feel the feeling of being crushed.
Yun Xuan is too clever
Just like Brother Yun, Han Ye regards Yun Mingyuan as an idol in his heart. Because Brother Yun can make wonderful things like seeders and sprinklers, he has been studying hard to understand what Brother Yun often says.
Before Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo left, they learned something from Yun Mingyuan. He would ask Yun Xuan, but after they left, he found that Yun Xuan knew that many children were full of inferiority.
"You have done well." Han Xiumo smiled. He didn’t expect Han Ye to do these things. Han Ye was a child, and he didn’t expect him to do well when he gave him the villa.
Guo Hanye is really amazing.
Yunmingyuan listened to their words and looked at Han Ye without trace.
The child is not in the right mood.
But he didn’t say much at this time.
Now that they are out of the land, the creature that brought them pressure also stayed in the land.
Han Xiumo baked them half and took out the meat of animals and beasts wearing clouds. The family gathered in the courtyard to get together.
The little black ball also emerged from the bag.
Han Ye caught a glimpse of the fix true boundary star from the adults’ words, but he was shocked when he first saw the little black group, which was beyond cognitive biology.
"Han Dage, what is this?"
"This is your cloud eldest brother contract beast" Han Xiumo rarely see grownups as business-like Korean leaves show such a funny look.
"Contract beast?"
Han Ye doesn’t know what a contract beast is.
"Call him …" Han Xiumo paused to remember that they had been calling this little guy Little Black Root instead of naming the little black group. He gently coughed at Yunmingyuan. "We seem to have forgotten …"
Yunmingyuan came to him in vain. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with forgetting to name it. After all, Yunxuan’s name was randomly generated.
The little black group also realized what "I don’t seem to have a name yet?"
"Maybe what do you think of the name Blackie?" Han Xiumo asked awkwardly.
"Not so good!" The little black group says what it says when it is angry. They keep calling him little black fruit because it has no name!
It doesn’t want to be such a perfunctory name!
"Well," Han Xiumo thought the name Blackie was good, but the little guy couldn’t see it and he didn’t insist.
The little black group looked at Yun Mingyuan eagerly. "Master, should you name me according to the rules?"
Hiding in the bag, eating melons, and eating your own eggshell balls have realized that their true identity can’t be exposed. When naming, they must have a real person without a name.
However, it is the first time for Colonel Xiaohei to know that he still needs a name to name himself … He has no experience.
Yunmingyuan couldn’t say no at the moment.
He pondered for a moment. "Maybe what do you think of the group?"
Little black group "…"
Han Xiumo "…"
Even Korea leaf couldn’t help quietly take a smoke corners of the mouth.
Chapter 58 Open a shop
But Han Xiumo doesn’t think so now. He and Yunmingyuan have several contract beasts, but it’s not like having one more child.
Is he haven’t thought about how to arrange Korea leaves suddenly found Korea leaves special physique.
Former Han Ye was thin and thin, and Xiao Han Xiumo also thought that he was malnourished and didn’t think that other reasons were to raise the child well and finally raise some meat, so he was relieved.
Who would have thought that Han Ye was like that and because of his constitution?
This child is a rare hidden fire spirit Eucharist. When he was born, he should go through a special quenching body to completely develop his physique into a fire spirit Eucharist. After the development of his physique, he needs to practice step by step, which can even hinder the cultivation of deification.
However, the failure to develop the sacred body of fire spirit, that is, the lack of quenching body of different fire, will not only lead to physical weakness, but also may lead to loss of life.
Han Ye’s situation is not very good now.
When he was born, he didn’t get a different fire to quench his physique and didn’t develop it. Later, he didn’t know what was floating in the beggars’ pile in Pingyuncheng. No one knows better than Han Xiumo what the beggars in the beggars’ pile are like, let alone being exposed to fire. It is a problem to eat and wear warm most of the time.
If there is enough fire source around, it will help Han Ye’s health, but where can I find the fire source among beggars?
So Han Ye is getting weaker every year. If Han Xiumo doesn’t find his physical problems, he is likely to die young.
Yun Mingyuan doesn’t know anything about the special physique of the fix true world. From Han Xiumo’s words, there is always a key point: "Do you want to treat him?"
Han Xiumo "…"
He can’t refute it.
"What can I do?" YunMing deep white his attitude directly asked
Han Xiumo dazed for one.
He thought Yunmingyuan wouldn’t object, but he didn’t expect Yunmingyuan to decide to help so quickly.
His heart thumped.
At this time, he realized that Yun Mingyuan’s past lives were different from those people who had been kind to him on the surface but actually watched jokes behind his back. This is his trustworthy … Taoist couple.
"Han Ye’s body has been delayed for too long, so he can’t be treated by ordinary methods, and there is no fire around us, so there is no way to directly give him quenching drugs."
"What medicine do you need?"
This treatment process will be very long, and a lot of medicinal materials are needed, and they may not be able to get together in a short time.
When Han Ye woke up, he saw Han Dage sitting at his bedside.
Han Dage’s expression was dignified, and Han Ye’s heart suddenly began to wonder if he had done something wrong to make Han Dage unhappy.
Pale up
Han Xiumo didn’t know what he was thinking and touched his face. "Xiaoye and your brother Yun just found out that you have the ability to practice special physique. Do you want to practice?"
Korea leaves one leng.