"Hum! Don’t you just have some money at home? I’m not rare when others are rare! Huh? Are you … are you Liu Lingfei? " Until this time, Luo Rou saw that Wang Xiaolong had been regarded as Liu Lingfei by himself. "Wow! It’s really Lingfei! Can you sign my name? "
"Ahem! You must be Lori, right? You have to sign it! Well, are you taking us to the rest hotel now? " It’s almost late now, and I haven’t eaten dinner yet. Wang Xiaolong immediately urged me to get up!
"Hum! I can’t stay cool when I talk to Sister Lingfei! "
""For Luo Rou Wang Xiaolong thoroughly! This is simply sexism!
"It’s okay! Luo Rou, let’s go to the hotel first! " Liu Lingfei looked at the dissatisfied Wang Xiaolong and laughed when he covered his mouth. "And you don’t want to annoy this guy. Otherwise, it’s your own bad luck in the end! Giggle! This guy is a bad guy who eats people and doesn’t spit bones! "
"Is it that powerful?"
"if you annoy him, you will know!"
"hmm? It seems that we have a little trouble! " Wang Xiaolong at this time can’t help but glanced at the airport sitting room a few flashing light corner frowned slowly said "and LingFei we seem to be stared at by paparazzi! We must find a way to dump them! Luo Rou, are you coming by car? "
"I did come by car, but if you want my car to get rid of those annoying paparazzi, then I refuse!" Luo Roudang directly vetoed it. "After all, the paparazzi are not after me. I don’t want to make my car famous!"
"I’m sorry you refused because we have to dump these paparazzi now!" The car key in Wang Xiaolong’s magical power Luorouyi’s pocket quickly flew out of his pocket. "Don’t look at me in such a surprised way, or I will. You love me now!"
"Just … what was that?"
"Simple magic!"
"Yes is magic!" Wang Xiaolong looked at the eyes and didn’t quite believe Luo Roudan smiled and said, "If you don’t believe it, then I can try it again! Hmm! Let me see. What shall I take from you this time? Key to the gate? Id? Or a photo of your boyfriend? "
Wang Xiaolong supported Liu Lingfei walked to the garage outside the airport while shaking up his right hand and said with a light smile, "Why not! I’ll take out the door key, ID card and boyfriend photo together! Only in this way can I show my magic tricks! "
Wang Xiaolong’s right hand gently snapped his fingers for a second. The key to the door was not in Luorou waist, and the ID card was put in the wallet. The photo of her boyfriend appeared directly in Wang Xiaolong’s right hand!
"Good bad! You’re not a top magician, are you? " Seen Wang Xiaolong fantastic’ magic’ and ignored him, Luo Rou couldn’t help but be surprised! After all, she clearly knows that she is definitely not the other child care!
So how did the other party take out his car keys, door keys and ID photos of his boyfriend without moving? Is it magic? Hmm! If it’s magic, then the boy who came to pick him up by himself is definitely a top magic master!
"Top magician? Hey hey! This identity seems to be good! " Wang Xiaolong, however, is a god-class strong man, and his divine power has produced miraculous magic. Naturally, he can be called a top magic master! After all, there is no divine power method to do things in this world! Just magic foot massage?
"I can’t believe you can do magic? Then show me two other days! " Liu Lingfei has leaned in at this time! To know Wang Xiaolong’s reality, she naturally won’t take "magic" as true just now! Power, after all, their strength is equivalent to magic!
It’s really overqualified to play magic by yourself!
Of course, the magic power to pill magic is even more overqualified!
"ha! I can’t believe that Lori Rou can meet top magic masters! " Los soft heart laughed at this time when quickly to the front is quickly’ run’ Wang Xiaolong said, "master Wang Xiaolong, can you accept me? I want to learn magic from you! "
Running ahead, Wang Xiaolong almost fell down!
Learn magic?
I don’t know any magic. How can I teach you? It’s almost the same as learning powers with me!
Looking at the soft to look forward to their eyes Wang Xiaolong couldn’t help to Liu Lingfei cast a look for help, hoping that she can come forward to help settle!
"Xiaolong, since Lorou wants to learn magic from you so much, you can accept her as an apprentice!" Looking for help in Wang Xiaolong, Liu Lingfei came forward, but she didn’t help settle it, but added fuel to the fire to let Wang Xiaolong accept this female apprentice!
You OO!
This Xiao Ni is going to rebel if she doesn’t educate for three days!
Wang Xiaolong this time can not help but reveal a ponder smile to see Liu Lingfei suo suo neck!
"Let’s talk about the apprentice. Now we must leave here as soon as possible!" Looking at the back to constantly snapped paparazzi Wang Xiaolong dark sigh when they come too! Finally, I helped myself solve the big trouble! Ahem! I’m afraid Wang Xiaolong should be the first person in the world who likes paparazzi!
"Master, come with me. My car is in the parking lot!" Wang Xiaolong hasn’t agreed yet, but Luo Rou is ultimately climbing and directly shouting out the master! This is Wang Xiaolong wry smile unceasingly at the same time, but also secretly sigh. Why are people so unconscious now?