Liang Ping can hear his heartbeat and Fucheng’s.
Both people’s heartbeats are extremely calm, and there seems to be no waves.
After a long silence, it has come to 2 o’clock on March 16th.
Generally speaking, this time is when the human body needs rest most, and everyone should feel a little sleepy.
But this is a prosperous mainland, and everyone must always be on high alert, otherwise one careless move may become the ghost of others.
Fucheng finally asked once again, "Liang Ping, after all I said, are you willing to help me?"
Liang Ping also pondered for a long time and seemed to have been waiting for Fu Cheng to ask himself.
Is to simply answer "ok, I promise to help you."
Fucheng smell speech a surprised expression suddenly became wonderful.
Incredibly looking at Liang Pingdao, "Please tell me this is true."
Liang Ping smiled indifferently. "Of course it’s true, but I have one condition."
"What conditions" in Fucheng Road
Liang Ping said, "You must tell me the truth. You can’t hide anything from me about people and things."
Fucheng said, "well, of course, we are at a disadvantage now, and we must have the same goal before we can win the final victory in this melee."
Liang Pingwen said with a smile, "You are really a wise man. Sun said that those who want the same thing win. I didn’t expect that mainland people should know this truth when you were in a prosperous time."
Suddenly, I feel that there is a great difference between Fucheng and the rest of the prosperous mainland.
However, I promised to leave in anger with Fu Cheng.
I have promised Mo Chen that I will help Mo Chen to take revenge.
Although that sentence didn’t really come out, I had already decided in my heart that I would be devoted to dust and pay for my life.
So he continued, "In addition to telling me the truth, I hope you can give Liu Gongguan justice."
Liu mansion Fucheng also looked back at the stranger dust.
There was another silence for a moment. He actually laughed. "One good turn deserves another, and another bad turn deserves another. It’s true that everyone in our continent is born. Since I made a mistake, of course I will pay for it."
Liang Ping vaguely felt that Fu Cheng’s words were not sincere, so he sneered, "Don’t talk to me about ambiguity. You’d better give Mo Chen an account first and tell her directly that you will commit suicide in front of her and give Liu Mansion a fair deal."
Fucheng frowned and struggled for a long time.
Finally, I got up the courage to walk up to the stranger’s dust and said every word Liang Ping asked.
Liang Ping didn’t follow.
I can clearly hear every word they say at a distance of 1 meter.
Mo Chen looked angry and said, "I’m sorry. I want not just your life but the whole life of Qingluo. Can you pay the whole blood debt of Liu Mansion with your life alone?"
Fu Cheng apologized, "There must be sacrifices in the original war, but you don’t want us to pay for the war. It’s a damn person, but after all those betrayals, I am disheartened and no longer have the confidence and strength. I am really tired after fighting the whole weight empire for hundreds of years."
This a stranger to dust gave a sad sneer.
On the side, golden phoenix also looked eager. "What do you mean, President? Have we already lost?"
Fu Cheng smiled and said, "I’m really sorry that I didn’t tell you the truth until now, but I also hope you can relax and finish the last scene."
Golden phoenix smell speech seems to have collapsed in an instant.
"President, what on earth do you mean by saying that? Are we really desperate? We have survived for hundreds of years. At the most critical moment, have we lost before elite force played?"
Fu Cheng stared at golden phoenix for a long time and suddenly thanked him and said, "I’m really sorry, golden phoenix. You have followed me for the longest time and are also the most heartfelt department to me. Now I want to tell you that Lan Jie, Bai Gu, Shen Jianing and Allen have all defected."
Golden phoenix smell speech a shock, "President, why don’t we escape from death overnight and believe that our corps strength can also escort you safely out?"
I don’t know if Fucheng suddenly waved and stopped, "golden phoenix, stop talking. I’ve decided to have a fair battle with Fu Gongjun."
"But President, didn’t you just reach a consensus with Liang Ping?"
Fu Cheng said, "Liang Ping is different from all of them. If he is not Li, people like him have one shortcoming, that is, his friend, but I have decided not to do anything to hurt others. So don’t persuade me again, and you can set your mind at ease to prepare for the beauty contest. At the same time, withdraw all the troops that have been sent out and don’t cause panic and harm to the people who died."
"But President, why do you suddenly have such an idea?"
Fucheng smiled and said, "I’m really sorry. I’m sorry for everyone, but I chose to give up at this critical moment."
"No, President, I know you must be thinking of the corps brothers. In fact, you don’t have to do this. You know they are ready to sacrifice at any time."
Fu Cheng approached golden phoenix and patted golden phoenix on the shoulder like an elder. "Well, don’t persuade me anymore. I’ve made up my mind. Liang Pinghe and I want him to help me and Fu Gongjun create a fair battle opportunity. Don’t be difficult for other partners."
Golden phoenix’s self-knowledge method to persuade Fucheng is to stare at Liang Ping angrily. Perhaps it was Liang Ping’s words in her heart that changed Fucheng’s decision.
Golden phoenix didn’t stay in the hall for long. She soon left the hall with those mercenaries.
Liang Ping looked at these in surprise, which he had never expected. He never thought that Fu Cheng would help him himself, but he wanted to have a fair fight with Fu Gongjun instead of taking the throne.
Compared with the large-scale battle between the two sides, this confrontation is a great luck for the people who died, so that a large number of casualties are reduced for the deaths.
Liang Ping secretly heaved a sigh of relief and suddenly felt that this Fucheng was not a heinous evil generation.
See Fucheng alone to stay and is straight in front of devoted to dust seems to be begging devoted to dust to forgive.
But devoted to dust suddenly took out a dagger from the bosom and suddenly stabbed Fucheng chest.
Fucheng looked at it and stood there without flashing or hiding.
Devoted to dust dagger touched Fucheng body was a metal collision sound.
Liang Ping immediately came for nothing. The original body of Fucheng was also made of machinery, but the appearance of Fucheng was not a robot at all.
Ink feather they feel the same shock.
This is probably the first time they have ever seen a robot.
Devoted to dust blow failed again raised dagger ready to pierce Fucheng neck.
This time, Fucheng finally took the stranger’s hand and said indifferently, "If you want to kill me, there is no need to be in such a hurry. As I have already said, I still have some things to finish. You are still in the girl’s office of Selhi Hotel. I hope you can successfully participate in the beauty contest tomorrow. I will personally send my head after the contest."
Mo Chen struggled hard, but finally got rid of Fu Cheng’s strength. His wrist was frowning and staring angrily at Fu Cheng. "Well, I hope you can keep your word!"
Chapter 163 The ins and outs
Mo Chen has no ability to kill Fu Cheng, but he can wait for the beauty contest before acting.
Looking at the stranger dust going away from the back Liang Ping felt guilty.
At this time, the hall once again fell into a short silence.
Guns in the west of the city are more clear.
"Ta-da ~ ~ ~"
After a burst of machine gun fire
Then there was another sound of shooting