"My Lord, you are so great!"
"Sao hoof, I spent a lot of money to get a few powerful pills from the imperial alchemist, just to make you comfortable. I will wait on you today!"
"Ah … adult nu house very comfortable to fly quickly …"
Nima np unexpectedly in oo Lin Tian evil suddenly curiosity suddenly hip little brother unwillingly.
Lin Tianxiao finally couldn’t hold back his finger and licked it. Then he poked his eyes at the white paper window sticker and looked at it.
Chapter 9 Assassination of the Governor of Allies Province
Bilan has an affair with Chan Juan, so she won’t go forward.
Asking that time is more shy, stealing thirteen strings behind people’s backs
When I heard the words of the governor and concubines inside, Lin Tianxiao remembered Su Manshu’s "Blue Dry". No, it should be a concubine.
Suddenly there was a thief smile on Lin Tianxiao’s face, because the governor was asking the concubine to be more adult than your official.
When I saw two naked people inside, Lin Tianxiao crept away for about half an hour, Lin Tianxiao finally found the hidden room. Seeing that the door was locked, Lin Tianxiao frowned. It seems that if you want to go in, you must have a key.
At this time, Lin Tianxiao suddenly thought of listening to the corner and saw the governor’s pajamas with a metal key lying on it, and immediately turned back.
Ya, what is this powerful pill? It’s been half an hour, and it’s not over yet.
Lin Tian evil heart scold a way to sit down to the ground. It’s okay. After ten minutes, the governor finally finished. Gradually, there was a slight snoring inside.
Fortunately, the governor’s concubine may be worried about what the officer person found and came out dressed. Lin Tianxiao took the opportunity to flicker in immediately.
Look at the bedside governor’s clothes. Lin Tianxiao walked over and just wanted to take the governor and suddenly grabbed Lin Tianxiao’s hand. Lin Tianxiao was just about to do something when he heard the governor’s nightmare.
"Beauty, let’s have another plum!"
His ya dream is a dream of spring. Lin Tianxie scolded, but Lin Tianxie’s wrist was caught, and there was no way to put the key in his arms first, so he could find another way to get away from it.
Lin Tianxiao is very vocal in his heart. I didn’t expect that I was invisible and could be caught by the governor. I can say that I am very bad.
Perhaps it is true that the governor actually reached out and pulled Lin Tianxiao to stumble and directly hit the governor’s arms. The governor immediately woke up and felt a little cold when he was about to shout out.
"Don’t go out or the Lord of Beach City will be your field!"
"Silk!" The governor took a breath of air conditioning and immediately wondered who the white bearer was. "Heroes, don’t kill me. I am old and young. If you kill me, they will all starve to death!"
"Ah bah you I will believe you? Have you forgotten what you were doing with your mistress just now? "
The governor’s face was dark and he was frightened. "Heroes forgive me. Heroes forgive me. I promise you anything if you don’t kill me."
"Really promise me everything?" Lin tianxiae asked
"Well, actually, I’m here for money. I want you to give me your treasure and I’ll let you live." Lin Tianxiao threatened.
"I’ll take the adults to get it!"
Soon the governor got dressed and followed Lin Tianxiao to the Tibetan room and knocked on the door. Although they met the patrol on the road because of Lin Tianxiao’s invisibility, they didn’t ask the governor, even if they did, they dared not say.
"Adult, everything is here!" The governor pointed to hide room armor and weapons and said
Lin Tianxiao has shown his figure at this time. He casually picked up a piece of equipment and looked at it. When he saw that it was a standard equipment limited to np soldiers, Lin Tianxiao smiled.
"Very good, very good!" Lin Tianxiao said that he immediately received the armor and weapons from the Buddha’s ring and patted the governor on the shoulder. "Junjie, who knows the time, is very satisfied this time. I will let you go if I cooperate more than the duke of Beach City!" Say that finish Lin Tianxiao turned away.
The governor didn’t shout out, but came to the door and looked at it. When he saw that Lin Tianxie had disappeared, it was good for the door to come to the high platform and hit the secret door. The governor went away.
This is a secret cabinet of about ten square meters. There is a long table in the secret cabinet. There are five boxes in the long table. The governor walks to the long table and reveals a sneer.
"Hum, you’re still a little green when you want something from the governor. I’m still looking for a scapegoat. Now that you’ve delivered it yourself, don’t blame me!"
In fact, the governor’s adult just embezzled a batch of armaments some time ago and was worrying about how to solve it when Lin Tianxiao hit the gun.
"Hum, right?"
The governor’s frightened face revealed a trace of panic. Gradually, a figure appeared in front of him. Who is it not Lin Tianxiao?
"You, you, you didn’t leave?"
"Hum, if I leave, can I know that you still have hidden treasures and push me into the fire pit?" Lin Tian evil cold eyes staring at the governor mouth peep out one silk ponder smile.
The governor suddenly knelt down with a snot and a tear and begged Lin Tianxie. Lin Tianxie didn’t take a reason. The governor waved his hand and the five boxes of the long table disappeared. The governor looked like a pain in the flesh.
"Get up and go back to your room. If you listen, maybe I’ll let you go!"
"Yes, yes, thank you, hero!"
Lin Tianxiao entered the stealth state and followed the cold dagger to stand on the governor’s neck again. The governor couldn’t help but give a chill. Before a neck was scratched with a small mouth, which scared the governor and immediately walked towards his room.
Back in Fang Lin, Tian Xie looked cold and said, "Take off your clothes and sleep in an honest bed!" "
Soon the governor stripped naked and lay in bed. Just then, a flash of cold light flashed and blood rushed out. The governor immediately stretched out his hand over his neck and his eyes burst out, staring at Lin Tianxiao with a look of confidence.
"You you …"
"Fuck you, don’t always wonder what you want. If you want to keep you alive, do you want to cancel the old killing order?" Lin Tian evil nu scold a way followed by a knife directly into the governor’s heart.
The governor was killed immediately, and he didn’t believe that he was actually killed by the other party.
Lin Tianxiao moved the governor’s body to the bed, followed by being dragged by half, and then turned to cast invisibility away.
"Master, someone is visiting!"
"Who’s doing what?"
"touts are said to have come to establish a guild!"
"Oh?" The master showed a little surprise and followed him to the guard. "Show me!"
So touts followed the guards to the reception desk, where a player was waiting. If Lin Tianxiao saw it, he would be surprised. It was none other than Emperor Li Junhong who had a problem with himself.