Yao Ge …
Chapter 37 This rookie is not good at food
Yao firmly hit the free throw, and the Rockets scored a 5-0 for the Nuggets.
After Yao’s penalty, it was the Nuggets’ turn to attack the ball. Anthony whispered to Miller before running to the frontcourt.
Seeing the Nuggets advance to the half-court, the Rockets players quickly stuck to the defense, and the defense strategy was the same as before, and they were still half a step away, ready to attack the ball bearer at any time.
Anthony did not continue to fall to the free throw line as before, but went outside the three-point line.
Miller handed the ball to him just after half time.
I noticed that the Nuggets suddenly changed their attack methods, and the Rockets players were a little dumbfounded. Van Gundy was holding Ba with a puzzled face on the sidelines.
Miller handed the ball to Anthony and suddenly ran to the three-second zone.
Seeing Miller sinking into the line, Francis didn’t dare to double-team Anthony again, and Anthony didn’t pose such a big threat at the three-point line. He followed Miller with one leg on each side.
Miller ran and motioned for Camby to move to the free throw line. When he got to the line, he and defender Francis were left in the three-second zone.
The biggest difference between Anthony and carmelo anthony in his previous life is that he is a latecomer. He knows a lot about what will happen in the future, and he also knows the specialties of most nba players. Strictly speaking, he is not only a player but also a coach.
Miller sank to his position, and his ass jumped up to Francis, and then he asked for the ball with his hand open.
Anthony hit the ball in Miller’s hand. After the ball was finished, he glanced at Van Gundy and found that his face was gloomy and he couldn’t help but smile. Didn’t you hit me seven inches? Then I will take the opportunity to bite you back. Miller is not good at three-pointers but he is good at low-post eating!
Miller, like a tank, has directly pushed Francis to the basket after the ball, leaning against a hook and hitting the board, and the ball fell into the net bag firmly, leaving a bitter gourd face, which is so tolerable.
However, although the Nuggets have found a solution on the offensive end and solved the urgent need, the defensive end still can’t escape the point of Yao’s line attack
In the retreat, Anthony’s mind was thinking fast about Yao’s brawniness and agility. It’s very difficult to defend him, but it’s not impossible, for example, to cut off the defensive ball route or the front double-team, or to break through the line to make him foul and let him play in the frontcourt.
But the most effective and simple defensive strategy is to bypass the front.
Bypass is not an independent defensive tactic, because it also has its own disadvantages, that is, it is easy to get a scoring opportunity directly by high lob, which is also a single defense tactic that needs the cooperation of defenders
Back to the Nuggets’ half-court, Anthony found Miller and Camby and told them what he thought, and they soon agreed with him. As soon as Yao fell to the low post, Camby stretched out his long arm and went around to defend.
Yao tried to get back to his position, but his thin arms and legs just couldn’t squeeze Camby, and he was stuck behind him after a while.
Aware of the change of Nuggets’ defensive end, Francis stopped the ball and tried to give it to Yao in a high-profile way, but Miller put his hands up high and put his whole body on him and didn’t give him the ball.
After trying for a while, Francis turned around and knocked the ball to Mobry.
Mobry didn’t attack Leonard with a horse behind the ball, but called Jackson, who quickly made a pick-and-roll
Mobry is 193m tall and fast, almost as fast as Francis, and his body is very similar to his attack style. After the pick and roll, he broke into the line on the right side.
After Leonard was tackled by Jackson, the Mobry defender became Anthony.
In the face of this familiar "old cat", Anthony did not choose to delay physically, but finally put his body in Mobry to break through the route while retreating from the border defense.
In the face of Anthony’s "concession" defense, Mobry quickly killed the three-second zone
"There seems to be something wrong with Melo’s defense. Let Mobry break into the line so easily." Comment on Sevarel shaking his head at Anthony’s poor defense.
"A rookie is a rookie who always has to pay some price when he enters the nba. It is said that Melo’s defense in naa is not very good. This will definitely be even worse when he arrives in the nba. If he doesn’t have any offensive ability against him, I’m afraid he will be completely exploded by the opponent." drexler said with some schadenfreude that the Rockets are famous and he is partial to helping without any disguise.
"Well, it will definitely be good news for the Rockets if Mobry and Anthony can have an offensive stalemate." Valerie did not forget to flatter a home team when he arrived.
Just as the two people were discussing in the comment box, Mobry had already killed the basket and was ready to shoot.
Anthony was still right in front of Mobry’s breakthrough and saw that Mobry was going to basket. He didn’t jump up and block the ball, but kept waiting.
"Merlot goes to the top!"
I was a little dissatisfied when I saw Anthony not defending. Buzdrick couldn’t help but shout out at this time.
Buzdrick’s voice didn’t stop when Mobry shot. He attacked the right basket.
Anthony still didn’t jump, but he reached out and blocked it at will.
"Damn it!"
Buzdrick couldn’t help hiding his face when he saw Anthony’s defense. This defense is simply useless. He doesn’t know what happened to Anthony today. The offensive end is hesitant and the defensive end is not working hard
However, Mobry didn’t attack the right side of the basket and face Anthony’s defense. He suddenly turned around in the middle of the bar and moved from Anthony’s side to his left hand, ready to lick the blue from the left side of the basket to score.
At this moment, Anthony jumped up from behind Mobry and waved his hand in Mobry.
A big hot pot directly covered the ball and grabbed it.
Brutal grasp!
Anthony has long known that Mobry is a left-handed general, but how can Mobry think of a rookie who is familiar with his attack style? Anthony seems to give in step by step, and defense is what Mobry takes lightly!
Anthony blocked shots and rebounds in the backcourt and rushed out of the frontcourt in the consternation of everyone.
After the Rockets players reacted, Anthony was about to reach the three-point line. At this time, Francis and Jackson reacted on the outside, and they rushed to Anthony’s double-team.
Seeing the double bag coming, Francie and Jackson Anthony suddenly accelerated. Before the two gathered together, deus ex ran away in the frontcourt, and the speed was unstoppable like a sword selling.
Francie and Jackson ran hard for a while without even touching Anthony’s skirt, and they could gasp and look at Anthony’s back with eyes full of Naise.
Anthony ran to the frontcourt because he didn’t choose the most economical basketball to end the attack on the road, but chose the most morale-boosting scoring method.
When he reached the one-step distance from the free throw line, Anthony held his breath and jumped up, followed by a full 36-degree rotation in the middle of the game.
Anthony turned the circle and pressed the ball into the basket with his right hand and one hand.
36-degree twist dunk Carter’s signature move Anthony was perfectly copied in Toyota Center!
The Nuggets bench went crazy in an instant, and one bench jumped up and waved his arms and towels desperately. The most exaggerated thing was Chris Anderson, a Californian whose temper was not lost at all. At this time, he shouted and cursed "Fuck me! I am grass! " Splash is more exciting than dunking yourself.
Buzdrick also reached out and punched his chest. Only now did he realize that Anthony had just been misunderstood. The rookie of the team was far better than he expected.
After Anthony dunked, he landed lightly. He first closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then raised his right hand and pointed his index finger at all the fans at the scene.
"shh! ……”
It seems that nearly 20,000 fans at the mocking scene made a terrible appearance.
Anthony, on the other hand, showed a melon-like smile at the corner of his mouth, then took back his hand and put it on the side of his ear to listen to the fans.
"shh! ! ……”
The fans booed even louder and deafening, fearing that they could be heard more than ten miles away from the arena.
Drexler was livid and silent at this time. Valerie also forgot to flatter Anthony, who was too crazy. First, he learned to move Carter and wreaked havoc on the Rockets basket, and then he even learned to move Iverson to pull the hatred of the fans at the scene.
It’s too hard!
Rockets players are still in the backcourt to see Anthony move one by one. They are all angry and want to tear Anthony up. But after all, they are all professional players who know that it is a game, not a fight, and they can swallow it and return to their own half.