"Zhong Huayang, can you not use such a trick? Also, I have said that I have no feelings for you. Will you stop doing this? " Lin Keer said.
"But I like you. It’s not that you don’t like me to give you something in person, so I’ll let someone else give it to you." Zhong Huayang said.
"But I don’t like you." Lin Keer said.
"I study well, and I don’t say I’m rich at home, but I’m not much worse than those rich people. Is there anyone better than me? Can you please me? "
"Zhong Huayang, what can I say about you? Money is not love. You don’t have everything if you have money. Life should be happy. Money is not the only thing. We can still be friends."
"You must have the person you like, cheated by his sweet words. How can you have no money? No money, no clothes, nothing. "
"I didn’t." Lin Keer thought about this sentence for a long time, Li Yi? That’s just a friend’s concern.
"There must be, you say it." This sentence looks unremarkable, but it angered Lin Keer.
What’s your relationship with him? You don’t have to tell him who you like. He is a Pacific policeman, and his management is a bit too wide.
If it was Lin Keer who advised Zhong Huayang before, it would be an angry conversation with Zhong Huayang now.
"Who do you think you are? Who I like is my business. What does it have to do with you? You are a little too lenient!" Lin Keer said angrily.
Zhong Huayang was also frightened by this sudden remark. He was quite gentle just now. Why is he so angry now?
Zhong Huayang thought that he might have put my foot in my mouth, which made Lin Keer unhappy.
"I’m sorry, Chloe, you know, I like you!"
"You … you go quickly, don’t let me see."
"Chloe, don’t be angry. It’s my fault. Don’t be angry."
"Don’t call me Chloe, hurry, I don’t want to see you again."
In this way, Zhong Huayang left, but Lin Keer fell into sorrow. If this continues, he may be bored to death.
Forget it, don’t think about it first, even if you do, it’s useless.
If only Zhong Huayang had listened to his advice that day.
Are you really that useless You have to use force to pick up a girl. Why isn’t this little girl Lin Keer like other girls? She used to pick up a girl and send flowers, music boxes and things, but one of the total money offensives was agreed. It seems that this girl is a bit tricky.
This Zhong Huayang sometimes really doesn’t have a brain. In the past, all the girls he picked up were estimated to be money worshippers, girls who were afraid of poverty. Where has he seen girls who don’t worship money?
"Goodbye, Chen Ming, and good luck." Li Yi said.
"Boss, you too." Chen Ming and Li Yi went back to their homes and looked for their mothers.
Li Yi opened the door of her home and walked in. There was nothing strange and no shoes. It seems that my mother hasn’t come back yet.
Chapter 29 First Killing
I wish I hadn’t come back. If I came back, I might find Li Lu, and I would have trouble to deal with again.
I walked into my room and saw Li Lu practicing. I quietly walked beside Li Lu and said, "Did you find me?"
"I have already smelled you, or can I not become a white rabbit?" Li Lu smiled and stopped practicing.
"Why didn’t you find that was my mother last time?" Li Yi simply asks questions.
"Last time, your mother smelled of you. I didn’t distinguish it well. I slept last night and became more familiar with your smell." Li Lu said.
"But haven’t we slept together before?" Li Yi said.
"I didn’t pay attention before, so I didn’t smell you." Li Lu smiled and said.
"Ding Rinrin" a telephone rang.
"Hello, who are you looking for?"
"Son, I am your mother."
"What can I do for you?"
"Today …"
"stop, let me guess, are you not coming back at noon?"