"No wonder no’ female’ people make up …" Said Erxiu, who was sure.
October Shame then said, "Lu Yao, her foot injury may not come over recently. Please pack your things first. After that, we’ll have lunch and then I’ll go to the store."
Tianyu and Erxiu took out their ID cards at the same time and handed them to October, which they discussed last night.
"… and I also come to this one? You two friends knew it was a deal from the first time I saw you coming to my store to pick the’ fat’ soap posture! "
Just as Tianyu and Erxiu were holding their ID cards in awe, I didn’t expect to slip out of October’s mouth, but it was such a sentence …
Chapter 36 If you don’t leave me, you won’t give up.
"You two are busy. If there is no basic letter, how can I take you to my house? And Lu Yao advocated that I dare not obey? " Bones turned without looking at their ID cards and said, "Let’s go to dinner first. When you come back, you can clean up the room. I’ll give you a key and you can make another one yourself."
It seems that Erxiu still touched Liu Yaoguang.
The last three people went to a restaurant for dinner as Bones said. Of course, this meal is still Bones’ treat.
When they left, Tianyu and Erxiu wandered around Bones’ house for a while. After all, they were not familiar with this place just after they arrived. By the way, they made a key and then went home and began to tidy up the room.
It’s almost four o’clock in the afternoon when two people finished cleaning up and cleaned up the bone house. You can’t live here for free, can you?
After brain assembly, Tianyu was just about to start the phone in his pocket.
"Is the snow …" Tianyu holding a mobile phone has been slow to answer.
Erxiu was lying in the’ bed’ of Tianyu’s room at this moment. She was a little tired, but she hesitated to answer when she heard Tianyu’s cell phone ringing. "Why didn’t you answer the phone?"
"It’s Xue."
Two whew was about to say something Tianyu then pressed the refuse button.
"Tianyu, are you just going to hide?" Erxiu speaks
Tianyu shook his head heavily and Nai replied, "I really can’t face her now …"
"That at least … should ask her if she is better?"
"Forget it. I don’t want to think about it for the time being. Now I think that it is wrong to be strong the day before yesterday! It’s better to make yourself stronger to protect her than to let her lover find someone else who won’t let her be wronged. "
"Is …" Two whew listen Tianyu words full of fighting spirit for sure.
After Tianyu turned on the machine, he said to Erxiu, "You go to the second district of Zhejiang to focus on several kinds of equipment, such as inflamed hemp, shoulder pad mozhu bracelet, gouged out heart ring, doll necklace, seven-star belt, warm sun, shoulder pad scholar wrist guard sage training, shoulder pad Ziyu calming the soul, shoulder pad el shoulder pad."
"… you said too much. I can’t remember. You can send it to me before I go back and open my brain." Er Xiu Nai said.
"Well, these are all the equipment that I found in the first district of Zhejiang, and the price difference in the fourth district of Zhejiang is not small."
"Is there any difference between the hot’ door’ sage ring scale rock, shoulder pad Zijin guarding shoulder pad’s shadow cutting equipment and some powder?" Two whew listen to tianyu said immediately asks.
"The price difference is there, but the difference is not a lot. The equipment in the fourth district of Zhejiang is more expensive than that in the first district of Zhejiang. In addition, I don’t know how many assets there are on your side, but I only have about 60,000 on hand here. If you accept these expensive equipment, the amount you receive is estimated to be less than double digits."
Two whew listened to Tianyu’s explanation and nodded and answered, "I sold it to three warehouses in October the day before yesterday, and there are still some libraries left. In addition, I also got rid of the soul spar and disaster signs, and I tried my best to get the money to go to Tunzhuan District to make money."
"Well, as you can see for yourself, it’s best to go to the fourth district of Zhejiang to find out. I saw the equipment price difference compared with the first district of Zhejiang."
Say that finish two whew went back to his new house.
This is the first battle after "penniless". Tianyu is going to try his best to get there.
"If the gold is not enough, then it will be a little troublesome to collect the stone statue … and now it is only by me and Erxiu that we can transport several districts in Zhejiang again. How can we really maximize the profit of this stone statue business opportunity? It would be nice if the cable has helpers … But then again, money is the most important issue. It is necessary to implement the average amount of money to each district … This kind of thing is a bit difficult, "Tianyu said in his heart.
At this time, Tianyu’s brain was turned on, and his cell phone rang again when Tianyu was thinking about what to do.
"Can Tianyu reply?"
It’s a text message from Mu Xue.
"Are you better now?" Tianyu just typed these words in his mobile phone and immediately deleted them …
At the moment, Tianyu’s heart is so distressed that it is self-contradictory to force itself not to connect.
Although I am now cheering up, it is a fact that there are still four years left. Even with this confidence, the reality is still reality. Tianyu thinks it is very white after this incident. The reality is not idealism. Even if you plan carefully, you may lose the game.
Love her? The answer is that it must be because I love her that I feel uncertain about the length of my life in exchange for the most beautiful four years in Mu Xue. It is too selfish, but as Tianyu just said, he wants to be strong enough to protect himself and cherish a person, especially Mu Xue.
Tianyu heart struggled for a long time without replying to Mu Xue’s text message.
When Tianyu put away his mobile phone, Mu Xue sent a short message again, "Tianyu, I am a stupid woman, Yang Feng told me, and I didn’t understand what happened that day. I also know that you have everything now, and I am doing well here with Yang Feng. Although I hate them both a little, Yang Feng really takes good care of me. He has told me that he understands and you … In fact, I don’t care whether to follow you and drink spicy food or eat steamed bread and porridge. I just want to be with you. It’s as simple as that.
This message is a little longer. Tianyu looks straight and frowns.