Kay has got up here, and a hook punched Senluo’s face, and Senluo was knocked to the ground. Kay just rode on Senluo’s body and tried to put his magic into Senluo’s body and killed Senluo, but he was beaten by Senluo’s iron shield and flew several steps away.
Moore finally seized an opportunity to stab Britannia in the thigh and scolded, "I tell you not to ask the world to conform to the bitch framework logic just because you are a bitch!" "
Britannia was injured, and a sacred light and anger photographed Moore’s big breasts. Both women flew a few steps.
Kang Barton and Gusul have already met thousands of strokes at this moment. Gusul suffered more knife wounds. Kang Barton suffered more knife wounds. As soon as they were in the square, they disappeared into the void.
Kay suddenly looked up and laughed wildly …
4 Bloody flowers (middle)
When all the people were fighting to the death, they heard Kay laugh and didn’t know what was in their hearts.
"Wolf howling … holy month!"
Kaigao shouted out
With Kay’s wolf howling, the holy month shouting a clear dollar month appeared in Kay’s hand, and with this round of full moon appearing, there was a arrogant two-day wolf demon howling for nine days.
Kay realized at this moment that the wolf howling saint should have two parts, one of which is the lone wild force of the wolf howling madman; Part of it is the fresh and holy power of the holy moon, which is one of the most extreme splitting magic that integrates the four mentalities of magic, wolf, madness and holiness.
Kay, the wolf roared out in the place, and everyone felt that their mind was possessed by demons. The magic memory was harassed by wolves everywhere, and everyone looked at the holy month in Kay’s hand, but they felt that everything was quiet and secure.
The roar was endless, the holy month was quiet and safe, and everyone was attacked by this type of magic, and the fighting stopped.
Kay’s hands pushed the holy month to attack thousands of moons and hit the stone wall behind the bloody double demon. At this time, the noise was louder and louder, and the giant wolf in Sinochem also went straight for the stone wall
Everyone thinks that if Kay attacks me with this trick, I am afraid I will die here today.
A crashing rock wall collapsed, and a beating heart-shaped plant appeared in front of everyone.
At this time, all the people felt that they had a terrible headache, so Lian Kai held his head lightly and said nothing.
"Kay, I just seemed to treat my little doubt as true. Sorry!" Moore first said
Kay said, "Me too. Gusul didn’t answer me, but she just acquiesced."
"I, I, I saw the head of the bloody double demon and Gusul, like me, and I took Gusul as my enemy," Kang Barton said with pity.
"At that time, Moore killed Sen Xie in accordance with the regulations of the organization, which was agreed by all six of us … maybe I loved Sen Xie too much!" Sen Luo said apologetically
They looked at the pounding blood-red plants in the rock wall, and their hearts were a little white-this plant can expand the sense of hatred, resentment, opposition, loss and uneasiness in people’s hearts.
It seems that all the people have just been controlled by this plant to do so fierce and crazy things.
"This must be the bloody flower!" Moore watched.
"Kill it! Whether to force me or manipulate my strength behind my back can I die! " Kay gave the order
"I promise never to fight with my teammates before I leave this bloody ghost territory!" Kay raised his hand and said
"I promise never to fight with my teammates before I leave this bloody ghost territory!"
"I promise never to fight with my teammates before I leave this bloody ghost territory!"
"I promise never to fight with my teammates before I leave this bloody ghost territory!"
"I promise never to fight with my teammates before I leave this bloody ghost territory!"
"I promise never to fight with my teammates before I leave this bloody ghost territory!"
The remaining five people also took the same oath.
"Ow ~!" The bloody grey wolf king raised a claw and made an oath.
"Don’t Mao never fight?" Asked Kang Barton, a one-eyed thief
"The world is not forever!" Kay replied.
During this period, Britney desperately added blood to the people, and when they fought against the bloody double demon, they were injured. Just now, there was another battle, and almost all six people were seriously injured.
"It’s too late to start work!" Moerdao
"I’m afraid my magic is running out!" Bu Li ni ya Dao
"I believe in myself even without you," Kay said.
Senluo, the first bloody wolf king, the second Kay, the third Combattion, the fourth Moore, the fifth Gusul, the sixth Britannia, the seventh six people and a wolf rushed away.
The wall was hacked and the house collapsed, and the whole palace was trapped
Moore looked at the bloody flowers being cut everywhere. "It seems that it is better at mental attacks and there is no way to attack the roots physically."
Brenia said, "I have a bad feeling."
"You never knew it!" Senluo said
At this time, after the bloody double demon, the hall is falling, huge stone pillars are scattered and collapsed, and the roof of the palace is crashing to the ground, and smoke and dust are everywhere.
"Flame pulp?" Moore looked at the ground and gradually emerged as a inferno lux way
"Everything has just come!" It is unreasonable for Kay to say that Kay is sometimes absent-minded.
Boom to a whole double demon harem.
In the dust, they found themselves in the mouth of bloody flowers, and the whole double demon city was built in the huge mouth of bloody flowers.
At this time, everyone looked at it and found that the red petals had already closed, and everything in front of them smelled like hell.
"We finally walked into its stomach by ourselves!" Kay laughed at tunnel
"Then kill it!" Kang Barton danced with double daggers and struck a thousand blows in the mouth of the bloody flower for a moment, and the bloody flower was cut to death.
"Ah …! No!” Britannia threw herself into Kay’s arms with a charming cry.
At this time, everyone saw that she was seriously injured, because everyone didn’t see this bloody flower just now. Why did Britney get hurt?
Kay held Britannia in her arms and put her well in Britannia’s consciousness. She gently stroked her body and added blood to herself. Kay couldn’t help feeling sorry for her when she was seriously injured. Britannia smiled gently and rubbed her soft white thigh to heal her wounds.
At this time, everyone heard behind Moore scold Britney, "What else do you want to do when you are covered in blood?" Let men kill you? "
As soon as Kiah looked back, he found a piece of red blood and other things turned to look at Britannia.
Britannia’s injury gradually stabilized. When she lifted her body and hugged Kaikai, it was not good to brush her when she saw that she was injured. She meant that she did not move but felt abnormal.
A blood-red zombie monster took a big bite.
"Go to hell!" Moore responded the fastest. She stabbed the zombie monster in the mouth. Kay was one leng, and a spear stabbed the bloody zombie monster in the back.
Kay quickly pulled back and held the zombie monster to hide from Sen Luo’s spear. The zombie monster bit over again. Kay blocked four people and motionless let the monster bite, raised his hand and struck the zombie monster with efreet fire.
"Kay?" Moore is puzzled.
Kiah looked at the bloody zombie monster, Mahua, and said faintly, "I want to see if it’s Briani. Have you seen Briani?"
The heart in a surprised "yes? Where’s Brenia? "
The thief Kang Barton pointed to the bloody water. "It, she, it, she, isn’t it …?"
"No, it just bit me. I can feel that it’s not Brenia," Kiah said steadily.