I won’t cook, I won’t cook.
You don’t want to die. Cass hooked her slender neck with her right arm and forcibly pushed her to the kitchen, regardless of the awkward attitude of the client being kidnapped. The dead girl gave me porridge to drink. I want to drink the lotus brown sugar porridge that you broke.
It’s really not pampering. After being completely defeated by Cass’s bullying and childish, Cass was forced to the kitchen door with his strength. He picked up an old chair and turned it handsome. Cass cocked his legs and took a seat. Like a girl, she called poor Korea to squat down beside the woodpile.
Cass yawned lazily with a cold mouth.
There’s no king’s law. You call this kidnapping.
I’m the king, I’m the law, I’m the law, and you’re the king. The dead girl is not available. Cass blocked her with a word, and she was dumbfounded. She picked up firewood angrily and stuffed a blush into the stove. She squatted down and trembled from time to time.
But I feel a strange feeling in my heart, and I don’t know which door to smoke, but I actually raise a Naiyan smile.
I killed you.
Why don’t you cook porridge? My stomach is so hungry that Cass gives orders to her while swinging his legs. A few bangs are shining like blood stars. You are really like a lazy cat, Han Bian, who looks for a flat lazy cat. It is very appropriate to give him an evaluation and then add a sentence when his eyes turn. He is also a cat who is furious.
If you are hungry, bite your tongue first. If the fire is not fast and the porridge is not good, I can’t help it if you eat it.
If you don’t have porridge, uncle Cass will say that you are lazy in your stomach. The more she looks at the fire, the more familiar she becomes with the yellow flame. Her smile makes his heart beat suddenly and he is so hungry. Cass deliberately finds fault with her.
I want you to light the fire.
Korea dropped a pile of firewood, walked a few steps before going on strike, pulled out Cass’s shabby chair and pushed him to the stove.
What are you doing?
Cass was surprised, and his hand was conscious of blocking the smoke.
If you want to eat, you can make your own fire, so you can give orders. I’d like to see Uncle Cass cook this pot of porridge until it’s rotten.
Are you kidding me? Cass suddenly raised his eyebrows, picked up her collar and spat her out. Do you want to die, dead girl?
Do you burn or not
No burning
If you don’t burn, you will eat raw Korean, and your face will be instantly turned into an iron-blue image. Hum, you have to give him some color from time to time. Don’t treat her like a miserable little maid. I won’t break the king’s law if I don’t starve to death.
Your grandfather
Don’t eat and pull down.
Okay, I’ll light the fire, and your mother will wait for her to die. It’s ugly that day. Cass slammed her eyelids and convulsed her mouth. She barely squatted down and picked up a handful of firewood and stuffed it into the stove. Suddenly, black smoke came at him head on, and the kitchen was almost full of smoke. I didn’t know that he was burning the stove and lifting the lid to rebel.
Cass couldn’t help coughing up, the fire couldn’t catch fire, and his eyes choked with smoke. He was almost frustrated and busy retreating, coughing and choking to death.
You know
Korea curled her eyes and looked on coldly, watching the drama. His manly man was overbearing and didn’t teach him about her difficulties.
Can’t you help me?
He’s angry and his blood is soaring, and he can’t wait to burn this damn stove with a spell. What the hell dare you not listen to his snake king?