It’s a young master. He was born, Lord. Your son took your handmaid with his heart, Odin.
Odin’s eyes looked at the front for a long time before he made a roar. Haha, my boxing god Odin.
In a blink of an eye, Zhang Sheng has been in the Western Fairyland for ten years. Of course, Zhang Sheng’s name here is Aoqi Aoqi, and his head is as golden as his father’s long hair. Odin is different. Aoqi is very sharp and eccentric, and his personality is almost two extremes with Odin, but Odin is very other children, especially his savvy.
Odin practiced boxing with Odin when he was three years old. Odin looked after the housework. When Audi was ten years old, he had already practiced the first level of boxing, which made Odin feel very surprised when he was frightened. He thought to himself, this is worthy of being his child’s talent, which is really unprecedented.
Odin, Odin, Odin, Odin, Odin.
Although Ozzie is now ten years old, she is an adult. No one would have expected that this teenager with golden yellow long hair and gorgeous clothes was only ten years old if his face was still immature.
Hey, Ozzie, a frivolous sound came from behind. Ozzie turned away grumpily.
Hey, Hughes, Ozzie looked at this young man with a few corners of his mouth but a circle of Hu in front of him, and he was quite impressed.
Ozzie heard that you went to the fighting field again yesterday and defeated Kavan Hughes, the champion of three consecutive seasons. Ozzie stared at him with a surprised face.
Hughes is a very ordinary fairy in Odin. He is a resident of the western celestial world and has great strength. He is only over 300 years old, but Odin is a young algebra master.
Ozzie, hey, hey, smile, immature face, sly tut, you’re right. What’s the matter, Rest Pavilion? Do you want to fight with me?
Hughes repeatedly waved his head and said, I don’t want to be torn alive by Odin’s adult.
Well, Ozzie struggled for a while to find someone to challenge him, but it was always blocked. Almost everyone in Odin knew Ozzie’s long blond hair, which was simply the characteristics of Ozzie. Except Odin, his baby Ozzie, there was no fairy with blond hair in Odin’s heart. Golden hair symbolizes majesty and benefits, except for him and his son, who are not worthy of being held by outsiders.
Hey, hey, it’s very nai, isn’t it? Hughes thief laughed
Ozzie looked at Hughes and smiled. I want to go. I mean, it’s so interesting to go to Odin City. Where do you think is more interesting in our western fairy land?
Take a break and be surprised. You won’t let me go with you, will you, Ozzie?
What do you say? Ozzie smiled modestly.
I will be torn apart by the Lord, Hughes cried
Very good. Odysseus nodded and suddenly lit up with a golden face. If you smile, then now you will be torn apart by me.
Hey, hey, how fresh the air is and how wonderful the world is. Of course I will accompany you around. Well, should we call Mark’s daughter, Melina? Hughes tried to squeeze a smile and said quickly
That girl Ozzie shook her head and said, Leave her alone.
The splendid and luxurious palace of the Golden Sacred Palace is full of fragrant and exotic flowers, competing for beauty, and decorating the Golden Sacred Palace with exotic flowers.
Chapter two hundred and six Rebirth
Chapter two hundred and six Rebirth
Father, I’m going to travel. Ozzie looked at his father, Odin, the golden boxer, and said faintly.
Odin’s stalwart body is the same as that of an ancient giant. He wears a pair of golden yellow gloves and a glittering armor. His long golden yellow hair floats with the wind. It is indeed the same golden giant.
Odin stared at Ozzie with a doting look in his eyes and a faint mouth saying, Where are you going?
Ozzie smiled and said, "I’m not in Odin. It’s too much to talk about staying here. I can go anywhere."
But you just got to the first level, Odin. Don’t worry, Ozzie.
Ozzie waved his hand impatiently and said, Old man, just say it. Will you let me go or not?
Odin smiled and said slowly, of course, if I want to travel, how can I not let it go? It’s good for you to suffer.
So you said yes, Archie said in his heart
Odin nodded and smiled at you. If I don’t promise you, I will definitely sneak away. Well, who are you going with?
Odin nodded and said, I’ve heard of him. He’s very famous among the young immortals in Odin City. He’s well-trained, but it’s not enough to protect you. I’ll assign you a few more people.
Ozzie waved his hand again and again and said, no, I want to have a hard time, but dad, how can I take risks if you give me so many experts?
Odin knows his own character very well and can say with a wry smile, that’s all right. Even if you die unfortunately, I can revive you.
Please curse me to death before I have a door. I’m your son, Ozzie muttered grumpily
After Ozzie said goodbye to his parents, he found Hughes lightly. When Hughes saw Ozzie, his eyes almost didn’t jump.
Big Brother, why did your hair turn black? Hughes pointed to Ozzie’s black hair and stammered.