Forget sorrow nodded. "Officer Long Da is really extraordinary. This white widow is also called out by everyone. She has never been married. She has two daughters, but no one knows who the man with her is. These two children all follow the white widow’s surname. Because the woman is not young, she also has two children without a father. Slowly, some people guess that the man who gave birth to a child with him is dead, and the widow is called up. The unmarried person has become a widow. I don’t know which generation she is. There will be such a scene."
Long Xiaofei smiled sarcastically. "You don’t have to be wronged by others, and your field won’t be any better than her."
It is indifferent to Long Xiaofei’s ridicule and forgetting her worries. In fact, she is also a strange person. What kind of accusations she has received can be freely indifferent.
Forget the worry and go on to say, "Lin Yimeng’s eldest daughter, a white widow, died in an accident soon after she got lung disease. We once guessed that her death was not an accident, but to give full play to her ability. Lin Yimeng was lurking in her head. This is also the truth that we have been pondering for decades, but it took only ten minutes for you to think through everything."
Long Xiaofei shook his head and said, "Don’t make me happy. Should I analyze this story at this point? But even if all this is true, what does it have to do with Lin Xueyan’s parents? "
Forget the sorrow and smile lightly. Long Xiaofei is really a good listener to this story. If ordinary people hear this story, they can’t think of the deep meaning to be expressed. This police officer named Long not only understands what happened, but also points out that some forget the sorrow and can’t figure it out before, which makes people feel like continuing to talk.
Chapter 117 Chip Secret
Forget the sorrow and smile lightly. Long Xiaofei is really a good listener to this story. If ordinary people hear this story, they can’t think of the deep meaning to be expressed. This police officer named Long not only understands what happened, but also points out that some forget the sorrow and can’t figure it out before, which makes people have an idea of continuing to talk.
"Bai Re and Lin Xueyan have been playmates since childhood, which is also a very unusual thing."
Long Xiaofei half narrowed his eyes and asked, "It’s only natural that two girls of similar age become good friends, but what can say that this is an unusual thing?"
Forget sorrow smiled mysteriously and said, "Bai Re this girl is something special. She is very withdrawn. On weekdays, she looks like an adult. She also has mature eyes that are not attached to her age. Even adults will frown when they see her like this. No one will like her. There is no friend around her and she is hostile to everyone. I don’t know what she will do except Lin Xueyan."
Long Xiaofei nodded his head. If he is desperately good to a person, he is either really attracted by that person’s charm or has ulterior motives.
Forget sorrow and drink saliva and then speak to "Bai Re visited Lin Xueyan’s home several times, even Lin Xueyan’s parents realized that things were not so simple. The Lins’ father knew best, so he began to investigate Bai Re’s life. I don’t know how he did it, but at this time, Lin Xueyan’s dialogue was as clear as his father’s advice, but he didn’t listen to China. Lin’s father could not do harm even if he wanted to protect his children."
"This is really a headache." Long Xiaofei imagined that the anxious but helpless father was more sympathetic in his heart
Forget the worry and then said, "Later, Bai Re inexplicably drowned Lin Xueyan in the river, and her father finally knew that she was just like the white widow’s daughter. She died on purpose to invade Lin Xueyan’s brain to prepare for all this. It seems that something terrible happened late, and Lin Xueyan has gradually become more and more like Bai Re. Her thinking is chaotic and her parents want her to live like an ordinary person."
Many parents put too much hope on their children, and they can never understand such a thing. In fact, the life of ordinary people is the truest happiness. When Lin Xueyan’s parents found out that their children were gradually becoming another person, their fear and anxiety were imaginable.
The sun shone through the window and forgot to worry about her body. She was stung by that ray of light, so she turned her body and continued, "At that time, Ding Chenyang was studying a project to implant chips into people’s brains to benefit from the special waves of these chips to treat epilepsy. It is the principle of treating epilepsy in all theoretical stages of research. It is precisely to change the brain abnormality. If it is like a brain wave, it is almost the same as the principle of causing epilepsy in Lin Xueyan’s brain. Ding Chenyang lobbied Lin Xueyan’s parents to say that he designed a special chip to completely suppress Lin Xueyan. Head Bai Re but no Lin Xueyan parents agreed to this kind of high-risk surgery, he dare not make decisions without authorization. Bai Re killed the parents who were in the way to protect himself. "Forget the sorrow and stop here, put on lavender lip gloss, and his lips slightly tilted to reveal a self-confessed charming smile.
"All this doesn’t make sense again. On the day when Lin Xueyan’s parents died, Reagan didn’t have a family to live with her. How could Bai Re kill her parents a hundred miles away?"
Forget about worry, in a low and mysterious tone, said, "Bai Ruoke can enter Lin Xueyan’s physique thinking, but the person with that physique does not have Lin Xueyan himself."
"You mean … Lin Xueyan’s father?" Long Xiaofei suddenly realized
"If Zhen Cong Bai had sneaked into Lin Xueyan’s father’s mind, he killed him before he found out, but how did you think of Lin Xueyan’s father?" Forget worry is really some peron Xiao Fei reasoning ability.
"Nonsense, if Lin Xueyan has any special abilities, it is naturally left to his father or mother. From the context of the whole thing, Lin Xueyan’s mother seems to have nothing to do with the whole thing. The Lins are the real descendants of Danbu. Bai Re once told Lin Xueyan that her parents were killed by Bai Re. At that time, there were two people at home, Lin Xueyan’s father and mother. If Bai Re entered Lin Xueyan’s father’s mind and controlled his brain, it would be more reasonable to explain that Lin Xueyan’s father did not go to the balcony to save her mother. His root purpose was to pull her to jump off
"Yes, Lin Xueyan hasn’t woken up yet. She didn’t realize that Bai Re was out of the way, so no one could stop Bai Re from doing it. Bai Re controls the understanding of Wen Lin Xueyan as early as five years ago. We have reached the deepest part of the tunnel and are still waiting for you to judge me here? If Lin Xueyan’s father didn’t feel the danger, he told Ding Chenyang that things would be much smoother after the operation. After Ding Chenyang received the message, he spent a lot of money to buy off the director of the mental hospital and several doctors to secretly operate on Lin Xueyan’s operating table in the western suburb mental hospital. If Bai Re went back to Lin Xueyan after all kinds of hardships, his control ability would be suppressed to the weakest, and finally he could almost move when Lin Xueyan thought slowest-that is, when Lin Xueyan slept or was extremely tired. "
Long Xiaofei believes that everything she said about forgetting her worries is her real thoughts. Although it is not very scientific, it is also relatively reasonable. At first, Lin Xueyan went to the dark passage at night. Perhaps Bai Ruoli led her out of the house when Lin Xueyan was asleep. Later, when Lin Xueyan was tired, Bai Ruo did appear. Finally, Bai Ruo helped Lin Xueyan escape from the predicament. This method is better to save Lin Xueyan than to save herself. If there is a problem with Lin Xueyan, Bai Ruo is not much better.
"Finished?" Long Xiaofei looked up and forgot his worries.
"Well … don’t think about it for the time being, that’s all, but if you find something new, maybe I’ll think of something new again, and I’ll advise you, don’t buckle the random head surgery for Lin Xueyan to my head, and it’s always her cousin Ding Chenyang’s idea. I didn’t stop it." The tone of these words is also sincere. It seems that forgetting worry is to ease with Long Xiaofei.
Long Xiaofei nodded his head and waved to take the worry away.
Chapter 11 Mind reading
Long Xiaofei and his party went to the hospital together after work to visit Lin Xueyan. When they met Lin Xueyan, Long Xiaofei finally breathed a sigh of relief. She looked in a good state of mind and her face became ruddy, which was quite different from the girl with a pale face and blood last night.
Now all the members of the team have gathered together. Although Long Xiaofei was in the hospital, he couldn’t help but tell Lin Xueyan about the trial and forget the worries in detail. Then he turned to the others in the group and asked, "What should we do next? Do you have any suggestions?"
"I think now I can learn from that damn immortal Li Laoqi. We can completely doubt that this old ghost knew there was a hell gate and knew that Danbu’s will was torn down. His purpose was to let things out of the hell gate." Li Ying was a little angry
Long Xiaofei nodded a little. "He faked his death again and again. He is different from those who forget the worry. Although he is a descendant of the Yilou people, he doesn’t know what is hidden in the tunnel. They must have been the ancestors who left wealth. They rightfully claimed to get back what belongs to them. Their goal is to possess these wealth and prosper the Yilou people, which is different from the family education they received from childhood. He seems to have another purpose. Just like Li Ying said, he knew the hell gate."
"But I’m not too white now," Ma Chao said with a frown.
"If you have something not white, come out and we will discuss it." Long Xiaofei said.
"Xueyan …" Ma Chao looked aside at Lin Xueyan. "One of the two bodies was Shi Li and you immediately guessed that the other was your cousin. How did you do that?"
Li Ying also attached and "Yes, these two people are totally different."
Everyone looked at Lin Xueyan. Lin Xueyan immediately became nervous. She licked some chapped lips and said, "Didn’t I see my cousin at the scrap iron mine? I advised my cousin to look for Long Xiaofei with me, hoping that he would cooperate with the police. He hinted that Shi Li was monitoring his actions. At that time, it was less than ten meters away from us. According to my cousin, Shi Li was like a bodyguard, and the people in Yining Village would let him out safely. When I heard that Shi Li was dead, my horse thought that my cousin was in a bad situation. "
"So simple?" Ma chaoxiang doesn’t quite believe it.
Lin Xueyan’s face changed. "If you don’t believe it, forget it. When I saw my cousin, I thought his horse was going to die, but I don’t know why I think so."
Li Ying hurriedly shook his hand and said to Ma Chao, "Don’t pursue these things again. My cousin Lin Xueyan had a good relationship since childhood. If his death makes Lin Xueyan unhappy, don’t do those things."
Having said that, Li Ying is still absent-minded in his head. He is sitting next to Lin Xueyan and worried about Lin Xueyan’s physical condition. If you take out the chip, you can control Lin Xueyan at will. That’s a little scary. Is it Lin Xueyan or Bai Re sitting here?
Lin Xueyan suddenly turned around and looked coldly at Li Ying next to him and said, "You must not doubt me. I am Lin Xueyan."
Everyone was puzzled by Lin Xueyan’s sudden move. Li Ying stared at her eyes in amazement like a monster. How did she know what she was thinking?
Lin Xueyan ignored Li Ying’s strange expression. She continued, "They must have injected me with something when I was asleep. I don’t know anything about the operation now. What’s wrong is that I have been dreaming intermittently these days, but I have a feeling that those dreams should be my old memories. I think I can feel them although I am a little slow to recover my memory."
Restoring memory should be a wonderful thing for people who have amnesia, but it is a mixed blessing when they come to Lin Xueyan, because for Lin Xueyan, this memory may not be recalled. Every time I think of the memory of my parents’ death and the painful experience of a mental hospital, Lin Xueyan almost dares not think about it again.
Long Xiaofei, who came back to the dormitory from the hospital, took a bath first. Last night, Lin Xueyan slept on the sofa for more than an hour. Now he even feels sleepy and wants to sleep comfortably. Li Ying, who knocks at the door outside, is there gloomily.
"Shadow, what can I do for you?" Long Xiaofei let Li Ying in.
Li Ying frowned and sighed and said, "Snow geese are not right."
"What’s the matter? What did you find? " Long Xiaofei hurriedly asked
"When we went to the hospital to see her, I thought about it in my heart. If the chip was taken out, it would be easier to control Lin Xueyan. Is it Lin Xueyan or Bai Re sitting in front of us? Just thought of here, she just knew what I was thinking. Ma told me that she was Lin Xueyan, which was a bit strange. "Li Ying expressed her doubts.
When I heard this, Long Xiaofei nodded and said, "Now that you mention it, I also think of one thing. I drove her home yesterday. She was full of nonsense and said that she was in front of the car and she was released from the hell gate. I couldn’t help thinking that she had lived in a mental hospital. She immediately said that she was not a mental illness, and my face turned red. I really didn’t think about her as a mental illness."
Li Ying frowned and said, "Do you remember that Forget Worry once said that Lin Xueyan has special abilities? Is she referring to mind reading? "
Long Xiaofei and Lin Xueyan must have been high school classmates. He recalled a time when Lin Xueyan was studying together. I remember that Lin Xueyan was a little withdrawn at that time. Compared with this sensitive but very strong girl, Long Xiaofei suddenly remembered a person who came to pull Li Ying and said, "Let’s take you to a place."
"Where to?" Li Ying asked as they walked along.
"A few days ago, my colleague got to know a girl at my dinner table. I remember that she was also from Yining Village, so I asked her name. She said that her name was Qin Yuqing, and I thought it was familiar at that time. Just now, I suddenly remembered Bai Re’s death file. One of the six children went to play by the river together. Judging from their age, it is very likely that we will find out what kind of person Dorian Xueyan used to be. I know where she is now. Let’s talk to her."
Chapter 119 Predict death ()
Long Xiaofei and Li Ying left the door and walked three or five hundred meters into an art academy.
"A sight for sore eyes A young woman came around from the cashier to meet two people.
Long Xiaofei first introduced two people. He pointed to a young woman and said to Li Ying, "This is the owner of Qin Yuqing’s Academy of Fine Arts." Then he pointed to Li Ying and said, "His name is Li Ying. We used to call him the nickname Ying. He is a great network master."
This introduction makes Li Ying feel beautiful, and he likes others to call him an internet expert.
"Oh, that’s great. Our cash register, brain, monitoring, etc. are always out of order. Oh, that headache is now known to Brother Ying, so can someone help to maintain it?"
Long Xiaofei had a headache. Colleagues once introduced Long Xiaofei to this jade Qing sister. When she was a student, there were 22 boys in her class. There were only two people left in this pomegranate skirt. One was because the tutor was too strict, and the other one developed late. Now it seems that after Li Ying could not run away, all the equipment in this store had a headache and brain fever, which was the responsibility of Master Li.
Sure enough, Li Ying gladly asked Qin Yuqing for words, but she also made a busy call in the past and said that she was always waiting for Miss Wang’s disposal.
With this foreplay, the atmosphere is particularly harmonious. Before Long Xiaofei opens his mouth, Li Ying has already started "Xiaoqing …" Long Xiaofei leng leng. He didn’t expect Li Ying to directly address Qin Yuqing in such an ambiguous way, but the reaction was not as big as Long Xiaofei’s "Hey!" Yi Long Xiao Fei immediately felt the hairs stand on end.
Li Ying’s tone seems to have known Qin Yuqing for a long time. As she spoke, her legs were cocked. "Xiao Fei and I just want to know someone this time. Her name is Lin Xueyan."