The teacher is self-effacing
Overwhelmed with words, the mountain division in Barranmida was ambushed, and the news of his own death completely defeated the tenacious soldier. He gawked at the map as if he were ten years older in an instant.
Defeated this time, the Barranmida Mountain Division was really defeated. The armored brigade and mechanized infantry division were also stopped by the Pakistani army for a short time, and the 2 nd Infantry Division lost too much blood. The second infantry division could no longer bear the tremendous pressure of the Pakistan Fifth Army and was about to collapse. The army still licks the wound. Besides, with such a huge burden on the south of the western front, the army roots can’t spare enough cover to give them! The Pakistani army has captured most of the town of Wuli, and it is only a matter of time before the town of Wuli falls. Oh, my God, who will help them?
The staff officers also looked at each other sadly, showing a desperate look. The division was almost exhausted, and it was so hard and resolute that it could be said that it was beyond the level to play the result or lose! Is this acceptable to them? Everyone gawked at the teacher, hoping that he could come up with an idea, but they saw the teacher shaking his hand, taking out a bottle of wine, opening it, gulping down half of the bottle and wiping his lips, saying, "We tried our best to save this military town, and now we have to try our best to save the lives of the lucky soldiers!" United Pakistan Army, we surrender! "
It seems that once the headquarters is pumped, no one agrees with it, no one opposes it, and no one jumps out to scold the teachers, traitors, and many staff members bite their lips and bow their heads in pain. Some people put their hands on their faces, humiliating tears seep through their fingers, and they will shed tears again. This is the sorrow of the loser. If there is a film studio, he will definitely shoot this scene regardless, and this group of photos will definitely be famous for a while and win the Pulitzer Prize with its depressing atmosphere of despair and haze composition!
Several staff officers just came out of the military academy and hung a white flag in their suppressed sobs. This was the first white flag hung in Indra’s war against Pakistan, but it would never be the last. The teacher did not know that this scene would be like a curse, and no one could get rid of it again and again in Indra’s army …
After nearly 50 hours of fierce fighting, the guns in the town of Wuli finally disappeared and the ruins of the Pakistani flag fluttered high.
We won the first round, didn’t we?
The ruins of the town of Wuli, Kiyani will watch the brigade of Indra prisoners of war, and the soldiers of the Pakistani army in hands in the air are not satisfied with the escort car. He told Liu Weiping that he is satisfied with the fact that the 2nd Infantry Division of Indra was defeated by the Barranmida Mountain Division for nearly 50 hours, and more than 100 prisoners were sent to the Pakistani army, while the southern group of Indra’s powerful western line was trapped in the Skania Valley, which became a stranded whale … Pakistan’s army has been bombarded with bloody pieces since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
It was such a good fight, so hearty! The whole Pakistan was intoxicated with the joy of defeating Indra for the first time. If President Zia hadn’t tried his best to suppress the fear, the General Staff would have begun to work out a plan to recover the East Pakistan War!
Liu Weiping smiled faintly. "We won in the first round, but we haven’t won the strategic victory yet. It’s all tactical victories. I’m afraid it won’t be so good for our day." In fact, he is not very satisfied with such a favorable situation. The Pakistani army should win even more, but he also knows that it is not easy for the Pakistani army to take the initiative to attack and achieve such results for decades.
It is a great pity that Indra’s army was not dealt a big blow in the first round, but it is good to win the first battle. Pakistan is in a very favorable position both strategically and politically. Pakistan will boost its morale and make a greater diplomatic speech. On the other hand, Indra’s days will not be difficult.
As Liu Weiping expected, Indra’s life is really sad now. Indra suffered the biggest blow in the three days of fierce fighting in the past six or two years. The town of Uri fell and the Barranmida Mountain Division was hit hard. The 100,000 troops in the southern group of the western front were trapped in the cold Skania Valley, hungry and in a dilemma … A series of blows hit like hail, making New Delhi see stars, and the government and the public were in chaos!
Chapter DiYiYi fighter spin (2)
The bad news of the loss of the town of Wuli has been overwhelmed by successive defeats.
Before the war, New Delhi was full of confidence, because both land and sea occupied the advantage. If there is any place where the Pakistani army can take a slight advantage, it is the annoying J -12 in their hands. This is a generation of arrogant and powerful Citigroup. It has been learned many times that the earth is like a double-headed eagle. Of course, the Indra army can’t do anything about it, but the number of J -12 is limited. The Pakistani army only has one squadron, and the consumption of Indra’s third-generation fighters can kill them! In diplomacy, it is even less comparable. Indra has the support of four of the five hooligans and occupies the moral high ground. It can be said that the whole world supports it. Because of this, Indra dares to declare war on Pakistan. What about Pakistan? Apart from China, only their annoying Muslim brothers can give them a little help, and they are full of good cards. Even in the worst case, they have never lost. New Delhi can be said to be confident to the point of arrogance. Many officials have publicly declared informally that "the evil Pakistani government has less than a month left!"
However, the reality gave them a blow. No one expected that in just ten years, the Pakistani army seemed to be different. In that year, the tame and lovely lamb grew harder than the horns and slammed into Indra’s head. The southern group of the western line is trapped in the valley, and the powerful bomber group of the Pakistani army may pounce at any time, turning the whole valley into a inferno. The Indra army of the southern group of the western line can passively transfer as many fighters as possible to the southern frontier military base of the western line, ready to intercept the Pakistani bomber group at any time. The Pakistani army launched missiles in the south of the western line, and many fighters were blown into flying aluminum sheets just after the transition. As time went by, the consumption rate of fighters became more and more alarming. After the Pakistani army occupied the initiative, it won. If you can’t win, you can run and come and go freely, but the Indra army is not so lucky. Whether you can win or not, the Pakistani army must fight for the Skania Valley! Even if the Pakistani army doesn’t attack the southern army on the western front to eat and drink Lazarus, it depends on sending their transport planes to escort it, while the Pakistani army ambushes nearby like hunting, winking at the opportunity and jumping out. Take a bite if you can! Indra pilots have to fly two or three high-intensity flights less, which makes them exhausted, and the huge psychological pressure makes them overwhelmed. Their third-generation fighters consume a lot, and they can fight with others with the second-generation fighters, so the losses are even heavier. After taking them as targets, Yanlong Corps and Pakistan Army tried to hit four MiG-21s with an Viper iii long-range missile, and one explosion hit them, generating bombardment waves and fragments that would destroy the entire rhombic four-plane formation.
Covering four MIGs, fortunately, Indra’s army was frightened, and the southern group of the western front was trapped and could not move. Unless Indra joined the strategic reserve team, it would be difficult for Indra to recover the defeat.
The situation in the north of the western front was not much better. The 2nd Infantry Division almost did its best. As soon as it came out of the mountain area, it was encircled by the Yanlong Army, causing heavy casualties. Another armored brigade and a mechanized infantry division were ambushed by Pakistani troops. good soldier turned into piles of dead bodies and broke through in Uri. If one step was lost, it would be Barranmi’s turn to win the first battle. The Pakistani army would never let Indra go easily. They would kill Indra with blood and take away the whole Kashmir, humiliating New Delhi!
What should we do?
What should we do?
What should we do?
The Ministry of National Defense and the National Assembly lost everything. No one expected that the war would be so natural. No one could come up with a response. Of course, entering the strategic reserve team could solve the urgent need. But the cold eyes from the other side of the Himalayas made them shudder. It has been three days since the war broke out. China has been indifferent and condemned and given Pakistan a lot of assistance. No one knows what it really wants, but one thing is certain: pandas can’t sell cute and chew bamboo! That chubby figure, round face, big round face, and a dark eye, simple and lovely, lovable, and even more ridiculous, but a quick eye can bite a bone and a slap can make your head break! The double-headed eagle military satellite scouted the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau from south to north and from east to west for several times, but found no sign that the Chinese army had increased its troops. On the contrary, the Chengdu Military Region cut five regiments. However, Indra was still worried. The lesson in 1962 was so profound that no one knew when the panda would suddenly jump out and bite Indra hard! You know, they don’t have any medium-range and long-range bombers, even if they dive, they will soon fly to New Delhi for sightseeing. Are you at ease in the face of such opponents? Putting the strategic reserve team into the western front and Indra’s northern line will greatly weaken the power. If pandas suddenly make trouble, they will be ruined!
But it’s even worse not to join the reserve team! Inferiority and arrogance Indra is more eager to win than a country, and they are more difficult to accept failure than a country. The gap between the rich and the poor, the caste system, religious contradictions, and ethnic contradictions are almost born after the founding of the country for decades. These contradictions have not been resolved. On the contrary, they have not erupted because of the pressure of a big country dream and strong military power. Even if they are complacent, the strong military power is only superficial, and there is still a long way to go before the real military power, but Indra people are willing to believe in themselves.
Breaking all contradictions is very likely to explode instantly and plunge Indra into turmoil! A real military power should not only be good at winning, but also be brave enough to admit defeat. Indra is far from being able to afford to lose!
The defense minister glared at a large number of generals angrily. If Indra people didn’t eat meat very much, maybe this guy wouldn’t be able to take out a few pieces of meat with an idea for hours! He clapped his hands on the desktop and the whole cup jumped up. "At ordinary times, one by one, you can’t seal your mouth with sealing glue. Now I want to hear your opinions. Why are you all dumb?" Now, every minute we delay, a large number of soldiers will pay the price of blood at the front. How long can we have such waves like you? All of them! "
The generals were so silent that they didn’t dare to see through the atmosphere. They also knew that Indra was in trouble at this time. If he could come up with a brilliant idea, he would stand out and get the first appreciation. From then on, he would rise to the top, and there would be a knot that no one could untie. Who would dare to be this early bird?
Embarrassed silence, an intelligence officer brought a piece of news that couldn’t be worse. Saudi Arabia secretly sent 100 Xiaolong to Pakistan, and now the first batch of 20 have arrived in Islamabad. The Minister of Defense almost tore this terrible information to pieces! The generals were surprised and angry. Saudi Arabia really stepped on people’s feet and died. The Pakistani army took over the wind and won another 100 Xiaolong, so it was not completely seized! But then again, Saudi Arabia has come to help Pakistan and buy dogs. There is a lot of money, but if you want to buy low-grade fighters, you can buy high-grade goods such as J -12. Usually, Pakistan sends pilots to Saudi Arabia for flight training. A large number of pilots and ground planes have already been prepared, and they will not appear in Indra. Of course, they will not be unaware of this. Before the war, they asked the double-headed eagle to put pressure on Saudi Arabia and forbid Saudi Arabia to put pressure on Pakistani fighters. It seems that the country has been pretending to be a grandson for a long time. However, Saudi Arabia has never given a positive answer. When it was forced, it insisted that "the old df-3 is not a vegetarian!" Now that the Pakistani army has won its first battle, Saudi Arabia no longer hesitates. With a stroke of a pen, the king began the largest foreign military assistance in Saudi Arabia since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Six Saudi pilots also flew to Pakistan to fight side by side with the Pakistani army in the J -12 transition. Saudi Arabia wants facts to tell the world that it is no longer satisfied with being a stupid man with more money and more dogs, but also to be the first military, political and religious power in the Middle East. Our dream of becoming a strong country will begin with supporting Pakistan!
This good news will probably cheer Islamabad up, but it is simply bad news for Indra. They know very well how much money the army has, and even if Pakistan gets another 100 advanced fighters, they will put themselves into the strategic reserve.
It’s hard to turn the tide!
The gas in the conference hall froze and seemed to overwhelm everyone.
Another bad news is that the Pakistani army is thrusting its troops into the rear area of the western front and the northern group. It is very likely that it wants to break through the western front and the northern defense line and outflank hundreds of thousands of army dumplings in the western front and the north through thar desert! The main offensive of the mechanized troops of Yanlong Legion is sharp, and it is unstoppable to break two defense lines in a row! This is even worse than Pakistan’s acquisition of 1000 advanced fighter planes. The southern group of the Western Front has been trapped, and they are already overwhelmed. In case the northern group of the Western Front is wrapped in dumplings again, it is not necessary to be wiped out and annihilated. An Indra government will be completely finished!
Thar desert’s vast terrain is suitable for mechanized troops fighting, but Indra is too confident and doesn’t have too many troops deployed here. It is conceivable that once the Pakistani army breaks through heavy defense lines and enters thar desert’s powerful mechanized troops, no one can stop them from killing the western front and the northern group, not even President Zia!
"It is declared that thar desert is the burial place of nuclear waste in China. For some reason, a small amount of nuclear waste leaks. For safety reasons, China will list thar desert as a military restricted area and kill any intruders without permission!" A man with a little hoarse voice got up, and everyone looked away. It turned out to be the former commander of the 17 th Mountain Division and now a senior staff member of the War Department of the Army General Staff. To put it bluntly, he was an idle job. He lost too much in the border conflict between Indra and China more than ten years ago. The people were extremely angry that the government needed a scapegoat and were called "coward" by the people. ""Coward "Virgin Major-General became a sacrifice and left the 17th Mountain Division and was transferred to the army general staff to sit on the bench for more than ten years. At this time, although he has been promoted to lieutenant general, he is not much humble and depressed. It is conceivable that he suddenly came up with such a sentence that everyone still looked at him as crazy. A major-general did not mock and said," Lieutenant General Pavilion, don’t you think we have lost face enough? Military defeat has made us very passive, and then hit ourselves in the face and say that nuclear waste is not handled properly. What is your intention? "
Lieutenant general virgin said coldly, "losing face is better than losing hundreds of troops!" If we can’t stop the Pakistani army from making a detour to the western front, the northern group will be in a desperate situation. At that time, it will be useless to invest more reserves and win more allies’ assistance because the soldiers can’t be resurrected at the expense! "
Major general on his back ha ha a "it’s ridiculous that you can stop the Pakistani army from attacking with such a false news? Do you really think they are scared? "
Defense minister a sullen binge drinking a "get out! ! !”
Major general more energised "hear? I told you to get out! "
A teacup flew up. "I told you to get out, didn’t you hear me?" ?”
This one is picky, but he takes it himself
I can’t think of a way, man. I was drenched in tea, and I was scared by the fierce and angry eyes. Two wars were so urinating that I rushed out.
The defense minister stared at Lieutenant General Virgin and asked, "You mean nuclear weapons scare the Pakistani army?"
Lieutenant General Virgin said, "There is no other way."
The defense minister said that "the Pakistani army will not be."
Lieutenant General Virgin said, "Then launch our nuclear waste into a ballistic missile warhead and create a nuclear pollution zone for hundreds of kilometers. I will see if Pakistan dares to let its army main force take this risk to cross the nuclear pollution zone and attack the rear of the northern group of the western line!"
Everyone can’t help but gasp, so that the plan can come into being. Even if it succeeds, Indra will face the world’s suppression and turn over again! This is to lose both sides!
The defense minister said, "Have you ever thought about how much political risk and diplomatic pressure we will bear if we don’t do this?"
Lieutenant General Virgin said, "History is written by winners. If we can win, no political risk or diplomatic pressure will be involved. If we fail, even if we do nothing, the world will be cold-eyed and ridiculed! Three years ago, two fake weapons of Belan, the Yanlong Army, forced the two military powers to bow their heads. Did they ever feel any diplomatic pressure? And we have warned the first Pakistani army to break into thar desert. What can we do? "