Li Yueling’s heart failed. At the same time, the tiger demon was afraid of the other party, and he couldn’t help feeling proud. How do you know the name of our master, our patriarch? I’ll tell you if you’re afraid.
I haven’t waited for the tiger demon to finish the story. Two figures flashed from the high stone steps. One of them was even more excited when he saw Li Yueling. He shouted, Patriarch, your family is finally back. You can miss Xiao to death. This voice, this disgusting tone is not a poisonous shadow. Who else can you be?
And the tiger demon, even if he is stupid, can realize who is in front of him at the moment. His fluffy head is drooping and his head is lowered just now, but he dare not look at Li Yueling again.
Chapter one hundred and forty To drop evil dumpling
Along with the poison shadow, the stone steps are also a monster, whose size is even larger than that of the tiger demon, with thick black mane and ears as big as cattail fans hanging on both sides of his head, which is a wild boar demon.
Poison Shadow The pig demon drove Li Yueling in front of him, and the poison shadow took the lead in prostrating himself respectfully. Finally, I hope that the patriarch’s family will come back. I finally finished the patriarch’s walk. After that, the poison shadow shouted to the pig demon to return to the tiger demon. Pig Tiger Two, this is my ancestor who eats days and your grandmaster’s adult. Why don’t you kneel down and pay homage?
Seeing the poison shadow prostrate in front of Li Yueling and adding him, he said that the pig demon was still a tiger demon, but he also knelt on the stone steps together. These two big monsters were scared by the poison shadow, and they were only half deceived by the poison shadow. On weekdays, they listened to the poison shadow, and many irresponsible monsters were also one-track-minded guys. The poison shadow was a master braggart, and these two monsters were also convinced.
At the moment, I met Li Yueling, the second demon who was both a grandmaster and a master of the clan, and knocked the stone steps with his head pounding.
A pig demon and a tiger demon didn’t expect that the first brothers of their own clan were so stupid that Li Yueling, a cute monster, didn’t know whether to scold him or praise him for a moment.
Li Yueling, the bodhi old zu who eats the day, stared at the poisonous shadow after a while. You said I was the bodhi old zu who eats the day.
Li Yueling’s tone is very dull and poisonous, and I can’t hear whether he is angry or not. When you left, you ordered me to make a name for myself. If you think about it carefully, there are not several ways for us demons to make a name for ourselves. One is to have strong strength
Kill more Buddhist monks, and the name will be loud and clear. Second, take a name that is shocking enough to live, and you can also rely on this for a while, so you can be bold when you are young.
Do you think the name "God-eating bodhi old zu" suits me very well, but it’s also a piece of your mind. Tell you what, it’s loud enough to change the word "God-eating" slightly.
Then leave the bodhi old zu this word is to get rid of me to repair the land is Taoist Xuangong since you want to go crazy, you will go crazy to the end, so you can change it to eat heaven and respect it. Li Yueling listened to the poison shadow and said that it was a bit straightforward to change this name slightly and become a god-eater.
Patriarch Jian eats heaven, and when a small master worships this poisonous shadow, he will really seize the opportunity to kiss up and shout loudly and wink at him to let the pig demon tiger demon bow down with him again.
All right, don’t be so polite. Get up. From today on, as soon as you merge into our door, you will be Laotuo, your big brother and your second younger brother. That’s right.
After returning this, it is you Li Yueling who pulls the golden jade beside her to the front and laughs. This is what your patriarch, my wife, should call her in vain, right?
Jenny was excited when she heard that Li Yueling was finally willing to be his brother, but she shouted at Jin Nuanyu for a long time to worship Jenny.
And the two monsters, the pig, the tiger and the two monsters, are stupid, but after the poisonous shadow first worshipped Jin Nuanyu, it was finally for nothing. What should I call her?
Two brawny monsters rushed at this golden warm jade, such a delicate and charming beauty, and bowed down to the grandmother of the teacher, but it was indispensable.
Old Rio Tinto? Why didn’t I see others gesturing for poison shadow? After the second demon got up, Li Yueling asked poison shadow
Big Brother, he is still building a house in Qingshuo Jianshan, the abode of fairies and immortals. Poison Shadow replied respectfully.
Come with me to see Li Yueling smiled and took Jin Nuanyu’s small hand and picked up the steps.
The second demon of Poison Shadow is following the pig demon behind him. Obviously, it is more stupid than the tiger demon. He walks behind with his big ears drooping and asks the master of Poison Shadow.
Our master’s title has been changed to "Eating Heaven". After that, how can we get along with demons? Isn’t that a common title for Taoist people?
The poisonous shadow gave the pig demon a violent chestnut.
Stupid pig, who told you that the word "Tao Zun" is the word "Tao Zun"? But demons can’t cultivate? Our patriarch is well-connected and will unify the realm of repairing the true world sooner or later. Then, who dares to disagree? Who stipulates that we can’t respect the word "Tao Zun" in the Oriental Demon Gate? Even this idiot question can be asked. I think you are tired of being a master elder brother and don’t change it to Tiger II.
The tiger demon is not angry with the pig demon. After listening to the poisonous shadow, he nodded frequently. Master, are you serious? Let me be a master elder brother.
Tiger 2, you guy, I’m an old pig, but I haven’t wronged you. That time, you were caught by a lame Taoist priest and said that you were going to be refined. This little pig or an old pig saved you. Now I can’t believe that the pig demon fell into the well and gave a groan and anger when he heard it.
Grandma, you dead pig, where did you save me that time? The root cause was that the lame Taoist priest was hit hard by me, and I wanted to enjoy it, but you stepped in to share it. You could bully me if you were a little taller than me.
If you really want to fight, I’ll peel your pigskin clean without a claw.
The two demons fell into Li Yueling’s ears in stitches, and at the same time, they were in their hearts. From these two monsters, they can fully reflect that the quality of monsters and monsters here is generally low. If they are really a bunch of monsters in the future, they will not become bandits without some training.
Reading should be started from an early age, while the quality of monsters should be started from the beginning.
Li Yueling suddenly turned around and snorted. Listen to me, both of you, and get out of here if you argue again.
After Li Yueling’s reprimand, he won’t move, and the atmosphere won’t dare to take a breath. Who let the poison shadow instill the two demons in Li Yueling’s description for nearly a month? He has always been described as a devil in the world, and it’s just cruel.