Chapter 26 Challenges
"Don’t forget that I’m the boss of green gang and Lin Hao’s mother is dead. A boss in green gang is in charge of this gang. Do you think he will win over?" Joe’s cold road is updated so quickly. Please remember our address novel://
Wu Ye Ling’s face’ color’ has finally changed. She really doesn’t know the Shantang killer. She doesn’t need to know these Lin Hao, and she didn’t tell her the truth. Now she doesn’t know what to answer.
"Shi Linhao didn’t come to woo me with an abacus. His original purpose was to trick me into joining you and then take the opportunity to kill me. I have no real value to you because I don’t know exactly what Longyou plans to deploy, and if I take the initiative to ask, it will inevitably lead to Longyou suspicion … you are also deceived by your boss." Qiao Er said slowly and also paid attention to the’ color’ change of Wuling Leaf’s face.
How does Joe know that Lin Hao’s ultimate goal is how can green gang really do things with Joe? Don’t always do more harm than good.
Wuye Ling’s expression seemed a little flustered, but Lin Hao didn’t tell him that these were what she was doing to win Joe two to her side. He didn’t say that he didn’t ask himself.
"Actually, for you, we all know very well that we had to play such a trick to lure you. This is a man’s fight and you shouldn’t be involved."
The sharp dagger finally pierced her body. First, the five-leaf silk was stiff all over, and then it was completely relaxed to be soft and collapsed. Dark red’ color’ blood flowed all over the floor.
Joe’s second chuckle flashed across his brow, and there was some irony and expectation.
There is a person sitting quietly in this dark room. Lin Sen’s figure is somewhat similar, and his appearance is somewhat similar. Who can it be except Lin Hao?
He has an imperceptible signal receiver in his ear. Listen, Joe and his wife are moving well. Actually, Wuye Ling is the one he sent to die. What is it? Confuse the enemy. Only when you confuse the enemy can you make your plan easier, more perfect and more seamless.
"Longyou, you still think I’m too simple after all. How could I be stupid enough to let you see through my mind?" Lin Hao smiled to himself and laughed at Joe. He also seemed to be proud of his own mind.
Now Lin Hao’s position is not what the so-called North River Gao Long Town has just been attacked by a group of people. There is such a secret room in Gaolong Town.
On that day, Longyou swam back from the boat halfway, and so did Lin Hao. They all tried to "fascinate" and "confuse" each other, but Lin Hao’s hidden suspicion was stronger and the means to prevent it was far more than Longyou’s. Now it seems that the two men haven’t finished fighting, and the result has been announced. But is it really so easy?
There are high-heeled shoes, and the five-leaf twill figure appears behind Lin Hao.
"I’ve died twice. Do I have to die again?"
It’s not the body, it’s herself. She’s not dead!
For her something of a complaint, Lin Hao smiled gently and turned to look at her and shook his head.
"No need. Now we’re waiting for Longyou to show his plan, and then we’ll start work. Things will become simpler and more interesting."
Five-leaf silk snuggled up to Lin Hao’s arms and gently touched his chest. Her tender feelings in her heart made her realize that even the sky could be moved, but she didn’t see the latter’s eyes flash across that subtle disgust.
"By the way, has everything been arranged in the mainland?"
Five-leaf silk nodded lightly, and she was ready for things over there at any time
"It’s done, and now it’s killed the bald finch. When you give the order, you can see his head. After he dies, the Tangkou eats into green gang step by step."
It turns out that Lin Hao actually arranged the bald bird thing. Is Joe the most worried that things will happen after all?
"Tomlinson, what do you think now? Now that I’m a shoo-in, do you still want to follow Longyou to die? "
He is no longer as tough in the face of Lin Senshi as before. He is somewhat soft, but he can’t tell Lin Senshi all this because he is not sure if Lin Senshi can really follow himself, but if he doesn’t say Lin Senshi will follow himself?
It’s a dragon swim contest, but he still can’t get up. There are always some things that can’t be satisfactory, but he doesn’t want to give up like this
"I’m still going to see Lin Sen"
Lin Hao pushed Wuye Ling straight toward the outside, leaving Wuye Ling with some bitterness. Looking at his departure, Kou Dan’s slender fingers and nails were as bright red as blood, while the nails were buckled into the palm of his hand, showing the unhappy mood of the owner of’ Jade’. Wuye Ling followed with a cold hum.
Or that veteran field doesn’t know what he means. Maybe this place was once full of blood, or maybe there are some vicissitudes here. Who cares if you like it?
Lin Sen has already waited here. Obviously, they have already made an appointment to meet this time. But if Lin Sen knows what Lin Haoren has made, why didn’t he tell Longyou? Longyou still knows nothing about all this!
This form when two people duel caused a certain influence. Now Lin Hao knows Longyou base like the palm of his hand, but Longyou knows Lin Hao …
I always feel that the situation is not good. It seems that Linsen also feels this fact. He has been struggling whether to tell Longyou this matter or not, but he still hasn’t decided to say it, because he is struggling with his benefactor friend and his brother anyway! They have the same mother who loves them!
Lin Hao’s figure slowly came from far and near. Lin Sen also quickly adjusted his state, breathing has a cold coffin face.
"What should I say? Now I have mastered the situation. If you want to join me now, you don’t need to do anything. Just watch quietly. I will get rid of Longyou and those stupid guys perfectly. I want to do my best here!" This provocative declaration sounds like Lin Hao’s style
Lin Hao hasn’t stopped yet, and he has to be intimidated by Lin Sen. However, if this negotiation method really has words, Lin Sen is not Lin Sen. Lin Hao has no intention to make Lin Sen change his original intention. If Lin Sen is willing to say a soft word, he will definitely leave here immediately.
Because that means that this is a Longyou plan, he is absolutely as cautious as a high-safety tightrope walker now, and the steel wire has a steel needle every ten centimeters, so it can be accidentally penetrated by the steel needle.
The cautious side can help him win the final victory.
Tomlinson slightly silent for a and then raised his head.
"What do you think you did the biggest and what? After all, it’s just a puppet of others. "
What should Lin Hao say? Laughing at your brother? But his heart is really laughing, but he will never say it. Lin Sen’s performance is very obvious. He came to say that he doesn’t want to travel, not to confess anything to himself. But with such a strong argument, he can feel that Lin Sen has no confidence.
It seems that he has nothing to say, but Lin Hao can always feel that Lin Sen has something to say.
This feeling is not very mysterious, but Lin Hao doesn’t want to believe it because he thinks Lin Sen is just trying.
So his roots are not at ease, but Lin Sen is different. His heart is very entangled. After all, the words of Longyou are still ringing in his ears. If he tells Lin Hao, he will leave the mountain hall, but what about the mysterious boss behind the scenes?
He still can’t and won’t talk about the Shantang incident. He wants to end it with him. Don’t let anything out of control. Unexpectedly, he will protect himself and … his younger brother. He doesn’t care at all if he can’ get rid of green gang.