Managing the old is a long way to go The mysterious array is still in operation. At this time, the fighting between flying demons and Guanpingchao has stopped for a long time, and the dense fog that they forced far away gradually surrounded them. Leng Yubing and Wen Yurou have the same spiritual shield protection, so they can not be affected by the array method.
Flying magic resin suddenly turned around, latosolic red eyes staring at the approach of LengWen two women for a long time to look back. "Qin Yuhan is dead, and this little flower demon has to be handled by you." The flying demon corpse said, "Without waiting for Xin Tong to respond, he threw the little man in his arms at Xin Tong of cutting and didn’t see if he caught it. Soaring into the sky, it disappeared in a flash.
With a sigh, Xin forcibly tidied up her feelings and focused on the little people in her arms. Being melted by the old alchemy furnace, the little man’s head is bare and there is not a hair; The whole body is almost transparent. You can clearly see the meridians, blood vessels and internal organs in her body. Xintong gently pulled over the face of the little man in a coma, and the familiar face came into view. Yes, it was Tianxiang Little Princess! It’s just that this 11-year-old girl looks only seven or eight years old now.
Xin Tongxin’s head ached again, which strengthened his determination to cut the unscrupulous pipe road into meat sauce. But that guy has gone, and where to find it?
"My younger sister put a thousand miles of information worms on Guan Pingchao, and within three thousand miles, we can know his specific position." Leng Yubing whispered: "I originally dropped one on the flying corpse, but it was immediately swallowed up by the corpse."
Look at these two smart and beautiful women. Xin tong has a good heart. My lips moved several times, but I only said, "Chase!"
This chase lasted for five days and five nights.
In the Eastern Han Dynasty. Xin Tong once tackled the magic baby, which is equivalent to the master of Yuan Baby Order, and after coming to Nanhande, he swallowed Xian Tanlu’s way and made great progress, so he was not afraid of being four orders taller than him. What’s more, at this time, he hates fire, even if he can’t fight the old road, he will wait for an opportunity to bite a few pieces of meat on the old road.
Lengyubing and Wenyurou are two orders higher than Xintong and two orders lower than Guanlao. The difference between the first order in the practitioner is the natural barrier-except for this freak-but the two women not only have no objection to the decision of Xin Tong to kill the old man, but also offer to let the elders in the romantic elders’ pavilion help them with their full support.
Guan Pingchao plundered the princess alchemy of the Hande Dynasty, which had a deep relationship with Taoism, and blamed it on the magic religion. Xin Tong did not believe that all this was done by Guan Pingchao and his people. There is definitely a force behind Guan Pingchao, a huge force that dares to touch the ground at the same time on the Taoist pulse and the magic teaching.
Xin Tongwan turned down the second daughter. On the one hand, he wants to get rid of the old road by himself, and on the other hand, he has just taken office as the patriarch of the romantic Sect for a few days, and he has made no meritorious deeds for the romantic Sect. He is really embarrassed to disturb the elders of the romantic Sect for his own private affairs. Moreover, he feels that it is not enough for him to use his strength.
In WenYuRou told and tube road distance up to about four hundred miles, thousands of miles of information worm suddenly didn’t respond.
In the past five days, I have been running for my life without stopping. Xin Tong and Yu Ying are naturally ready, and the distance between the two sides has narrowed from thousands of miles at first to hundreds of miles. Obviously, the road is really declining. At this rate, it is estimated that I can catch up with him in a few hours.
Wenyu’s soft face was white and blue, and Xin Tong knew that the thousands of miles of insects cultivated by her life’s core monuments Zhenyuan must have been discovered and destroyed.
"Rou Er, are you okay? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "The three men are still on the back of the flying jade eagle, so Xin Tong directly introduced the spirit into the gentle sea of knowledge.
"The road is slightly impaired, and there is no serious problem. Zong … The Lord doesn’t have to worry about it. Let’s move on and get to the place where the information worm disappears as soon as possible." Wen Yu’s soft mind is cold and arrogant, but it is surprisingly more gentle than before.
At dusk, Jade Eagle flew over ideal city. Wen Yurou pointed down and said, "This should be it."
"Gale Pass?" Xin was stunned by the three big characters drawn with gold hooks and iron above the city gate. "This seems to be one of Lao Tzu’s fiefs. What is that guy doing in Lao Tzu’s fiefs?"
At this time, the three fiefs of Xintong are still occupied by the Huketulu barbarians. Guan Pingchao refused to go anywhere else under the threat of flying demons, but he fled here. What is the mystery?
Non-stop flying for five days and five nights, for the heterogeneous blood-eyed jade eagle, it’s just a test, but the three people on the jade eagle’s back are somewhat unbearable.
Jade Eagle always flies at a lightning speed, and Xin Tong’s true spirit rope dare not relax for a moment. At the same time, we should always pay attention to the safety of Lengyubing and Wenyurou, and we should take its own true yuan as the sweet little princess, and from time to time, we should investigate whether the flying magic corpse is coming with the spirit … There is no shortage of true yuan spiritual power, mainly because we feel very tired psychologically.
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
Leng Yubing and Wen Yurou are also psychological problems. There is no shower for five days and five nights, which is really unimaginable for them who are known for their cleanliness. When they came to the Farewell Courtyard where the Romantic Sect lived in the windy city, the two women even took a sip of tea and went straight to the bath.

The sixth volume Spirit bead The third chapter God fights (below)
The sixth volume Spirit bead The third chapter God fights (below)
The little princess Tianxiang has been greatly improved in the past few days under the support of Xin Tong’s spare no effort to raise her with real yuan. Her whole body is no longer almost transparent, and she is almost the same as normal people, and she has grown new hair and eyebrows. Looking at the beautiful, pure and quiet little face in his arms, Xin Tong cursed Guan Pingchao for not being a thing, and was able to throw such a lovely girl into the blast furnace!
The thought of Qin Yuhan, who died of fragrance, made Xin’s heart ache a little. In great hatred, the real yuan input into the little princess was just a lot stronger, and Xin Tongzheng was nervous. Tianxiang little princess snorted and slowly opened her eyes.
"Little girl!" Xin Tong was overjoyed and said, "Great, you’re all right at last!"
"You’ll be fine when you wake up." Tianxiang little princess smiled weakly, and her eyes were full of gratitude. "If you hadn’t spared the real yuan, maybe I would never wake up … I will never forget your great kindness!"
"What kind of kindness, this is what I should do. You can wake up, and it’s worth it to spend more real energy! "
My little girl’s sparkling eyes looked at Xin Tong for a long time and whispered, "Do you know, Childe, that the soul of Tianxiang Little Princess has … completely dissipated in the blast furnace … Childe spent the real yuan earned by penance, but it was a little flower demon who was awakened …"
"The evil GuanPingChao! I will chop you into dog meat sauce one day! Lao Tzu must let you … "Xin Tong, who was shocked by the drama, cursed and scolded Xiao Banzhuxiang before suppressing his anger and hatred. Su Rong said," In my heart. You and the little princess are two in one, you are her, she is you … If you must tell which is more important, say without a trace of water, you make me feel closer than the little princess … "
Little Flower Demon’s eyes sparkled with joy, and she asked, "So … Can I call your son big brother like the little princess?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Ha ha. Great! Sure! Of course! " Xin Tong hastened to promise, reaching out and touching the little girl’s head twice. "I have been looking forward to having a lovely sister since I was a child. I have been looking forward to this for more than 20 years, and today I finally look forward to it!"
Little Flower Demon is inexperienced, and her heart is very pure. She has been in fear since she woke up. Xin Tong’s heartfelt joy deeply infected her and called out sweetly, "Big Brother!" Two small hands clasped Xin Tong’s thick neck. After a long time, I let go, timidly glancing at Xin Tong, timidly tunnel: "Eldest brother, just now, I … I just want to know, eldest brother will … actually, the little princess’s soul still exists, just entering a deep sleep … I, I … Eldest brother won’t blame me, will he? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
Xin Tong leng, immediately understood the meaning of Little Flower Demon, and reached out and rubbed her head. Smiling gently, he said, "How can a big brother blame his sister?"
Leng Yubing and Wen Yurou returned from bathing, and when they learned about it, they congratulated them in unison.
When my little girl woke up, Xin Tong had no scruples, ran the eye of the heavenly punishment, and searched the city with her mind. An invisible ripple is centered on Xin Tong. Spread rapidly around.
The mind is silent and colorless, and ordinary people are unaware of it, but practitioners can feel it. Xin Tong’s behavior of conducting a wide-scale survey with his mind without scruple is absolutely arrogant, and the reaction of practitioners in the windy city can be imagined, and most of them are extremely unhappy. The spread of Xin Tong’s spiritual thoughts is less than five miles, and more than twenty spiritual thoughts have appeared successively.
One after another, the spiritual thoughts rose to the sky. Those with good self-restraint only retreated at the first contact with Xin Tongdi’s spiritual thoughts in a demonstrative way, while those with poor self-restraint directly attacked with spiritual thoughts.
In fact, the spirit of those demonstrations is also offensive. Although it is a touch, it is enough to make Xin Tong’s spirit fluctuate violently! Nearly 20 times, the spirit force crashed down. Yuan Shen, who is as concise as Xin Mengren, also feels a little too much-more importantly, there are still three haunting thoughts.
Confrontation between practitioners’ minds is far more dangerous than fighting! If you fail to fight, you can also run away. There is no retreat or escape when the mind strikes, unless one side is stunned or both sides strike at the same time.
There is a surge of wind and clouds over the gale pass. At first, I could see the twinkling stars, and a moment later, it was covered with dark clouds. The clouds are getting thicker and lower, which is likely to crush the city.
Xin Tong is extremely depressed. The search manager didn’t find it, but he found three desperate lunatics! He has done things like searching with his mind before, and he has never been treated like this tonight, whether in the wilderness or in the city.