To everyone’s surprise, Gao Rang, this guy’s drug resistance is still a little bit in the previous battle. This guy didn’t drink a bottle of medicine. In fact, it’s no wonder that who made Gao Rang’s magic recover quickly and there is a soul crystal that doesn’t consume drugs to resist supplementation!
Grandet took two bottles of blood medicine in the former siege battle, but Grandet didn’t consume much magic. He didn’t take magic medicine, so his drug resistance is only 2 points now
Tutu’s situation is similar to Grandet’s. Her magic recovery speed has reached the abnormal level. Naturally, she won’t consume such things as potions … However, in the pre-siege battle, she was hard to get hurt when she shuttled among monsters and dropped a shimmering bomb. Although Aries has worked hard, Dahlia is the key target of treatment, so Tutu still got three bottles of blood medicine, and now the drug resistance is 3 points.
The only healing profession in the Aries team (Grandet is not counted) is that his magic consumption is very large, and he also consumes the most potions in the pre-battle. Aries did not consume blood drugs because of running and perfect position in the pre-battle; However, in the magic medicine surface, he actually consumed 9 bottles of the current drug resistance and accumulated 9 points.
Scorpio, an assassin is mostly an auxiliary combat role in the battle. Even so, there are still some consumptions in the former siege battle. Scorpio consumes a total of 3 bottles of blood medicine and 1 bottle of potions, so the drug resistance has accumulated 4 points.
Capricorn is almost the same as Scorpio in battle, but it is a long-range occupation. It consumes a little better than Scorpio. Capricorn does not consume blood medicine, but it consumes 3 bottles of magic medicine and accumulates 3 points of resistance.
The biggest output of magic damage in the plum blossom battle is that the magic consumption is also very huge. Plum blossom also does not consume blood medicine. In the aspect of magic medicine, she consumes 7 bottles, and now she has accumulated 7 points of medicine resistance.
The weakest dahlia team, combined with her fierce fighting style, should consume a lot of blood medicine. Fortunately, Aries took special care of her, which made her consume fairly normal. Dahlia consumed a blood medicine and two potions in the previous battle, and now she has accumulated half of the medicine resistance of the day by 1 point.
Aries is still very satisfied with everyone’s drug resistance points, and he has also thought about the strategy of seed collection for the next battle
Chapter 16 Life Connection
After the rest, Aries did not hesitate to take the keys of Yin and Yang and hit the door to the vulture cottage.
When the gate struck, all the people in the team were shocked by what they saw in front of them.
I didn’t expect that there are so many mountain thieves in the village, and these mountain thieves still don’t have the team and discipline to fight back and interlock, and so on. So many mountain thieves can face the most unified way, that is, one word-kill!
As soon as they entered the door, Gao Rang was surrounded by many mountain thieves, which made Gao Rang and Meihua’s careers very depressed. Even though they had great running skills, they were also displayed in such a group of mountain thieves.
"Everyone fires to clear a run for the remote profession first!" Aries reached this order for everyone as soon as she entered the village.
After entering the village, everyone fought back to back in circles.
In the outermost fight, naturally, Grandet, Dahlia and two summoning babies are fighting. In addition, Scorpio has to join hand-to-hand combat.
For example, Gao Rang Plum Blossom and Capricorn are close to protecting Aries from those mountain thieves who are trying to get close to them, launching sniping and killing Bunny, as before, and carrying the fat sheep back and forth among the monsters, dropping shimmering bombs.
Because there are so many mountain thieves, everyone is a little confused, but only after the tutu necklace skill "Jingle bells" brings a 3-second stun buffer can everyone stabilize the formation.
At the same time, everyone found the importance of rabbit rabbit in this team. The stun skill of this group is really too important. Besides, if the fat sheep didn’t give us shelter, the team would have been flooded by this group of mountain thieves.
Then, as planned, the remote professionals cleared up a runnable piece.
After the long-distance career has run, the whole team is finally alive, and the pressure of Aries treatment has also been reduced a lot.
Through the efforts of this team, this group of mountain thieves has finally been cleaned up.
After all the thieves were cleaned up, Gao let everyone find out that there was a fence door in front, and on both sides of the fence door, there were two thieves guarding it, even though the fighting was so fierce before, the two thieves never left the fence door.
Gao rang gave insight to the two mountain thieves.
Mountain Thief and Swordsman (Elite) HP 32
Grade 34
Attack mode: mountain thief fencing
Attack ability, frozen sword dance combo
When the blood volume of mountain thief swordsman drops by 5%, it will launch the skill "flurry" attack speed+15% movement speed+2 "frozen sword dance" skill to increase the frequency by 3%; Launch the skill "Anger" physical attack power+15% magic defense power+1% physical defense power+1% when the blood volume of mountain thief swordsman drops by 2%; When the blood volume of mountain thief swordsman drops by 5%, the mountain thief sacrifice will be combined into a 35-level boss monster, mountain thief dead.
Mountain Thief Sacrifice (Elite) Blood Volume 1
Grade 34
Attack mode curse
Assisted skill therapy
The mountain thief sacrifice is an elite monster with no attack skills. Although he has no attack skills, his curse is even more troublesome. Because the mountain thief sacrifice will not attack this particularity, he will be responsible for treating the mountain thief swordsman together with the mountain thief swordsman. The treatment skills of the mountain thief sacrifice are not motivated by magic, but are beneficial to his own blood sacrifice and others treat him. Therefore, if the mountain thief sacrifice does not restore 1 point of blood to the mountain thief swordsman, he will lose 5 points of blood, so as to protect himself. The swordsman has made a life connection, and his life percentage will never be lower than that of the thief swordsman. When the blood volume of the thief swordsman drops by 5%, it will be combined into a 35-level boss monster, the thief thief dead.
After reading the attributes of these two elite monsters, everyone can understand what the situation is.
This mountain thief sacrifice is not offensive, but it can make all kinds of annoying curse skills harass players and consume their own lives, just like a mountain thief swordsman carrying a wet nurse.
According to common sense, it is natural to get rid of this annoying mountain thief sacrifice first, but the problem is that the mountain thief sacrifice has a life connection with the mountain thief swordsman. If the mountain thief swordsman does not lose blood, then everyone can’t do harm to this mountain thief sacrifice, because the blood percentage of this mountain thief sacrifice can never be lower than that of the mountain thief swordsman.
This life connection seems annoying, but it also has shortcomings. Because the percentage of blood for mountain thief sacrifice cannot be lower than that for mountain thief swordsman, if he wants to control his blood percentage to be equal to that of mountain thief swordsman, then he will spend more blood to treat mountain thief swordsman. For this situation, Aries has also figured out the countermeasures. What they have done is to pay attention to controlling the percentage of blood for mountain thief sacrifice to be equal to that of mountain thief swordsman.
Before the battle, Aries arranged for everyone first.
Grandet is still entangled with the mountain thief swordsman, trying to hold his hatred as much as possible, and then others are assisting the attack; Aries Capricorn has arranged a separate one, which is responsible for staring at the mountain thief sacrifice; In addition, Aries himself has arranged a very important order, that is, Capricorn issued an order to attack the mountain thief.
Soon the battle began.
It is still Dahlia who bears the brunt of the collision skill against the mountain thief swordsman. This time, Dahlia successfully hit the mountain thief swordsman and made it into a dizzy state. However, before she could attack the mountain thief swordsman, Dahlia was killed by the mountain thief to sacrifice a curse.
Weak physical attack power and magic attack power are reduced by 3% at the same time for 15 seconds.
So the Dahlia sword fell limply on the body of the mountain thief swordsman, causing more than 2 pitiful injuries.
After eating the Dahlia attack, the mountain thief swordsman woke up directly from the dizzy state.
Aside, Grandet was just about to launch an intensive raid on the mountain thief swordsman, but suddenly he couldn’t move. Grandet realized that he was cursed by the mountain thief sacrifice.
The lethargy curse method and the moving method attack last for 5 seconds.
Everyone was completely puzzled by the mountain thief’s sacrificial curse, but at the moment when the mountain thief swordsman woke up from a dizzy state, a figure suddenly appeared behind him.
That figure was none other than Scorpio the assassin.
Chapter 17 Life and death togeher
Scorpio stealth turned to the thief swordsman’s back, showing his figure directly from the stealth state, and then jumped high in his hand, and the dagger handle was severely knocked on the back of the head of the thief swordsman.
Scorpio is actually an assassin’s "handle strike" skill, just like a thief’s "sap", which is a control skill that can make an opponent into a dizzy state.
The handle of the handle strike weapon hits the enemy’s back of the head, causing 13 seconds of dizziness consumption to the enemy; 1 minute when cooling.
This handle attack skill is actually very difficult to display, because this skill can only be successful if it is used from behind the enemy’s head. This makes it more difficult to display this skill, so few assassin players will learn this skill. After all, it can cost 1 gold coin! It is really uneconomical to learn a skill without a basic skill.
It is precisely because this skill is very difficult to display. This skill has no magic consumption and only has 1 minute to cool down.
Scorpio this directly caused a 2-second dizziness to the mountain thief swordsman.
These two seconds are not only as simple as a state, but also a great boost to the morale of the team
After two seconds, the angry mountain thief swordsman directly raised his sword.
Then the sky and the earth changed color, and the blue sword light flashed within 3 meters of the thief swordsman center, and the surrounding temperature plummeted. This should be the frozen sword dance.