The door was directly bumped into a belle with long hair and shawl. The belle’s nose was a bit like Song Ning Frost, but it was much worse than Song Ning Frost.
"Baby baby …" Belle seemed to cry.
"Mom …" Song Ning frost called a face of depression.
"Baby! ?”
When I heard these two words, Chu Yun stumbled and almost fell to the ground. This is a fairy fairy!
Fairy baby Chu Yun can’t believe it.
Who would have thought the fairy’s nickname was baby?
"Baby, tell me who did this to you. Are they fighting with them?" Belle was almost crying.
"Mom, I’m okay …" Song Ning frost pulled out a smile and said.
"You still say nothing like this." Looking at her daughter’s pale face, belle couldn’t help sobbing.
"It’s all right," Song Ning frost said.
"Listen to your mother and throw away the baggage. You spend your youth working hard and they are hurting you. If something happens to you, your mother will die." Belle cried with a snot and tears. She didn’t know that Song Ning cream was poisoned. If she knew, she would probably go crazy.
"I have decided to put the baggage" Song Ning frost smiled slightly.
"release the truth" belle is happy.
"True" Song Ning frost nodded.
"Baby, if you want to let your mother go, you can rest assured that you are a fool’s father. Don’t pay attention to him." Belle rejoiced. From the very beginning, she opposed her daughter taking over the whole family. You know, her daughter is still so young, and other girls are studying and falling in love, but she is … and she has to suffer a narrow escape. Which mother can stand it?
"Mom, I’ll introduce you to someone." Song Ning Frost will look at Chu Yun and obviously introduce Chu Yun to her mother.
"Chu Yun, she is my mother’s name is Li Lili" Song Ningshuang introduced and said.
Chu Yun almost spit out Li Lili with one mouthful blood. Who would have thought the fairy mother’s name was so cliche?
"Mom, he is Chu Yun. I think you should know him." Song Ning Frost smiled slightly.
"Of course I know my son-in-law," Li Lili said of course
Hear this Chu Yun nearly a fall to the ground son-in-law have so fast?
Song Ning frost didn’t refute it, but hung his head slightly, which was obviously made shy by his mother.
Seeing her daughter like this, Li Lili is absolutely sure that Chu Yun is his son-in-law.
Although she didn’t go to the banquet at Liu’s house, she heard more or less about the banquet.
At that time, I asked my daughter, but she didn’t say anything, so she couldn’t do it. Now I actually meet him here. Isn’t the result obvious? You know, daughters don’t meet men easily, let alone let men stay with them when they are sick.
When Li Lili came in, she was sure that Chu Yun was a daughter’s sweetheart and called her son-in-law by her first name.
"Auntie …" Chu Yun cried politely. You must keep a good attitude in front of the elders.
Li Lili walked to the front of Chu Yun, left and right, and looked at Chu Yun. He felt uncomfortable and thought, How can the fairy have such a wonderful mother?
"My daughter’s eyes are really good. With her mother, she is much better than her mother." Li Lili’s eyes sparkled. "Don’t call your aunt after that. Just call your mother like frost. You can also call your mother so that it looks more cordial."
Chapter 541 Li Lili! ()
"…" Chu Yun a black line this what and what?
How can such a mother give birth to a fairy? Is it a genetic mutation?
"Mom …" Song condensate cream JiaoChen a beautiful limit is soft to the man’s bone.
"Is this a fairy?" Chu Yun mind appeared such a sentence.
"Call mom!" Li Lili said urgently.
"I …" Chu Yun looked for help at Song Ning Frost. He didn’t know what to do.
"Mom, we haven’t written a word yet. What are you blind to?" Song Ning Frost quickly confessed.
"Sooner or later," said Li Lili, who knew that her daughter was sharp-eyed and worried that she would be a nun, but now she wants to see a man. Isn’t that a matter of course?
Chu Yun doesn’t know what to do, because Song Ning Frost doesn’t even know himself. If you let her mother know that she has another woman, then come on!
And just then, a beautiful man came in with a nervous expression and a sad face.
This is a middle-aged man, handsome boy, and Song Ningshuang’s brow is somewhat similar to Chu Yun’s guess. Is this Song Ningshuang’s dad?
No wonder he can give birth to such a beautiful daughter. His father is a gigolo.
Middle-aged people look soft and weak, giving people a sense of ancient life. Chu Yun feels that it is a fragrant temperament. If there is no miscalculation, it should be a man who likes Four Treasures of the Study, playing chess and painting.
Song Ning cream lying in bed looking pale makes people feel distressed.
The middle-aged handsome boy ran quickly. Although Li Lili was faster, he was not bad. Who made him a weak student?
"You, if it weren’t for your daughter, how could it be like this? Now you are so slow to run. You haven’t got a daughter in your heart …" Li Lili directly scolded her if she gave up her family responsibility earlier, maybe it wouldn’t be like this.
Middle-aged handsome man directly looks at his wife’s words but is worried about looking at Song Ningshuang and saying, "Did they do it?"
Time and time again, he couldn’t bear it, but the thought of his father’s last words made him …
"Dad …" Song Ning frost called a friendly call.