As soon as Mo Fan turned around, he saw Liu Xiaorong walking slowly and nodded his head and said, "Good morning, Sister Lu!"
Liu Xiaorong was born about twenty-seven, and she was quite beautiful, not only with a beautiful face, but also with a powerful figure.
She is the direct leader of Mo Fan, the head of four groups of sales department.
"What did you say about that guest yesterday?" Lu Xiaorong asked.
"No problem, we can sign the contract today."
"Not bad. Try harder later."
"Good Sister Lu"
Two people talk while walking towards the inside.
Although we have been working together for more than a year, we can’t look up and see each other, but it is hard for Mo Fan to be a little nervous every time he sees Liu Xiaorong.
This is not only because Lu Xiaorong is the leader, but also because the V-shaped collar on her chest reveals that small gully. Whenever Mo Fan sees it, her heart beats faster.
Of course, Mo Fan didn’t dare to stare at the leader’s chest and look hard. He quickly moved his eyes for fear of being noticed by the other party, but he was deeply impressed in his mind.
Little did he know that all these actions were seen by Liu Xiaorong.
"There will be a series of personnel changes in the company recently, and our sales department will also carry out personnel optimization and reorganization. You have to work harder."
"Got it, Sister Lu"
Liu Xiaorong nodded and walked towards his office.
Mo Fan looked at her back, and the tight skirt outlined the beautiful curve of thin waist and rich buttocks. Two black stockings and slender legs compared what he saw in the street this morning.
It is also behind Mo Fan’s back that he dares to look at it more. During this year, when he secretly did a self-help movement, most of his thoughts were about this female leader.
The sales supervisor has his own separate office. Of course, a small salesman like Mo Fan can work in the sales hall. His position is behind one of the desks with a wall at the end.
Sit down and have a look at the website of Mo Fanxian’s company, and it is sure that there is news of personnel changes.
Haitian is a powerful private enterprise with a large factory area in the high-tech zone. The main body of the company is over there in Mo Fan. Actually, several departments of the sales department cooperate with the sales workers to set up a coordination office.
At present, Haitian is in the key period of core production transformation, and personnel adjustment seems to be justified. Mo Fan also heard some wind before, and now it appears on the company’s website that the horse is going to make a concrete move. Judging from the news, this time it is still a big adjustment. The first step is the top management board, followed by the human resources department, R&D department, production department, etc. No sales department is seen.
Mo Fan believes that Lu Xiaorong will not take false news to visit. As soon as he entered the company, he worked in Lu Xiaorong’s hands. She is not only a leader but also a teacher to him.
However, since I will have nothing to do with myself for a while, Mo Fan will no longer take these things to heart, so the company’s website will hang out on the internet, watch the news and play web games.
He’s in a unique position, and no one else can see what he’s doing in his head, so one of them has already passed.
After lunch, Mo Fan lay down at the table for a while, and then continued to spend time on the net. As time went by, he finally got some anxiety.
Yesterday, he made an appointment to talk about the formal signing of the contract in the afternoon. It’s already two o’clock. Why hasn’t there been any movement?
Wait a little longer. Maybe something will happen to the guest later. Mo Fan comforted himself in his heart, but he didn’t want to play web games anymore.
After more than an hour, the Hakka dialect didn’t come. Mo Fan couldn’t help but dig out the Hakka dialect and hit it.
"Chen? Hello, I’m Xiao Mo from Haitian Company. Yes, we met yesterday. "
Before waiting for the Mo Fan contract, I heard the other party say, "Xiao Mo, we are not very confident about your company’s production, and the price is a little high."
Hearing this, Mo Fan’s hopeful heart suddenly cooled down. He has heard this refusal many times in the past year. There are all kinds of reasons, but the expression is the same meaning. We don’t need your company to produce it.
Didn’t catch what manager Chen later said. Mo Fan consciously replied and finally hung up.
How did this happen? Didn’t you say it well yesterday?
Mo Fan sat for half a day and couldn’t figure it out.
Suddenly a flash of light flashed through his mind. Just now, Mr. Chen said that the price was on the high side, which is probably the main reason. If the price can be adjusted, then this order should still be very promising. Yes, it must be!
Mo Fan suddenly got up and strode to Lu Xiaorong’s office. The company’s products are all priced according to the standard. He has no such thing as price change and can ask the leader for instructions.
When I got to Liu Xiaorong’s office, no one asked anyone to know that Liu Xiaorong had gone to Shen Taian, deputy director of sales.
Mo Fan goes to the sales director’s office after a little thought.
The position of sales director of the company is currently vacant, and Shen Taian, the deputy director of the institute, is actually the head of the sales department. It is not bad to let him have the final say and go directly to his office.
Mo Fan, intent on keeping Chen, knocked on a door outside Shen Taian’s office. He didn’t think twice, so he screwed the door and went in, only to see a scene that surprised him.
Liu Xiaorong really looked at Mo Fan with a complicated look on her face here.
Opposite her is Shen Taian, deputy director of sales.
Shen Taian is about thirty-five or six years old, of medium height, not very handsome, but he has the temperament of a successful person and always looks dignified in front of his family.
But at this time the Shen Fuzong is a face of surprised and angry eyes staring at Mo Fan.
The two men did not sit at both ends of the desk or on the sofa in the reception area, but faced each other on the side of the desk.
It may not be accurate to say that they are face to face because their faces are facing Mo Fan, but their bodies are facing each other and they are very close.
Their bellies are attached together, and Liu Xiaorong leans back slightly, otherwise her proud chest will be attached to each other’s chest. Shen Taian put one arm around Liu Xiaorong’s waist and the other hand on her shoulder.