"Squeak …" Brake Yin Kehan was overjoyed and looked at the car. I didn’t expect the owner to be … An Yunze!
This is the highway. Did he come back to pick her up in a big circle?
Aye aye … Didn’t he just drive away?
"Um … how are you? How did you come back …? " Yin kehan said with a face of consternation
"Idiot!" An Yunze untied the harness, got out of the car and walked to her.
"…" Yin Kehan blushed and looked at him. Why did he suddenly get so close …
So shy, so shy …
"I’m afraid you’ll die if you’re sunburned, right?" An Yunze said, then leaned over her face and slowly turned red, pointing to her face and asking; "Why are you so red there?"
"Be … be basked in! ! !” Yin Kehan won’t admit that he made him shy.
"Oh ~ ~! I told you, if you just bask in it, you will die! " An Yunze looks like a smelly fart.
"You …" Yin Kehan was so angry that he couldn’t say a word, and then she touched the car glass in a second. He held her waist and touched it, and looked at her and leaned over to lick her mouth, then involuntarily put his tongue into her mouth and deepened the kiss …
She tried to resist, but his hand was caught against the window and he couldn’t move.
Miyazawa-hee’s car drove slowly by just in time to see the scene …
How ironic the picture of him holding her and kissing her …
He didn’t want to stay any longer. The original slow-moving car suddenly accelerated and disappeared from their sight in less than three minutes.
One minute later …
Yin Kehan sat in the passenger seat, her mouth was red and swollen, and then she pouted and looked bullied.
"…" She couldn’t say a word.
"Just a hug can escape a kiss in a flash …" He caressed the corners of his mouth and lips and relished the feeling that he had just kissed her, and he couldn’t help humming the song "A Kiss is Wild" by Hugh.
"Didn’t you just leave?" Yin Kehan really wants to know how he came back.
"Because … I’m afraid you’ll be back in the sun! Who will take care of me if I get sunburned … "Answered An Yunze with a smile.
He wouldn’t tell her because he was worried that she would be taken away by the wolf.
(ps is your sister! Where is the wolf? )
"So it is ….." Yin Kehan a pair of I understand.
"Idiot …" He said with a smile.
5 suffocation is uncomfortable
"So it is ….." Yin Kehan a pair of I understand.
"Idiot …" He said with a smile.
"You scold me …" She was wronged and almost cried.
"Where?" What he called saying
"You …" She bit his wrist in anger.
"Do you want to die?" An Yunze’s arm came in severe pain, and he held the steering wheel with no strength for a moment, and the car crashed everywhere.
"Ahhh … no!"
"Then die together!" An Yunze deliberately turned the steering wheel and then let go to stop touching the car.
"Don’t! ! !” She was so scared that she cried and saw that the car was going to hit a big stone when it kept spinning in circles. She closed her eyes with fear.
He hooked his mouth and said, "Are you scared now?"
Then he adjusted the steering wheel at an amazing speed. Just 1 cm away from the big stone, the car stopped. He turned around and drove on.
"You damn it! Whoops … Just almost died … Scared me to death … "Yin Kehan kept patting his chest and turned pale with fear.
While An Yunze drove the car with a straight face.
After a while, he asked her softly, "Who did you think of just now when you were dying?"
He is looking forward to her saying that the words’ An Yunze’ appear in the characters.
"Daddy, Mommy, Sister, Cousin, Grandma and Grandpa …" Yin Kehan said a lot of relatives who love her at ordinary times.
"In addition to relatives?" An Yunze has a big head.
"Allow the son to have two cats, Yaoyao and Leng Ye Xiche boss …" This time she said a lot of friends’ names.
An Yunze is tired of listening. Why didn’t you think of him?
"What about me?" He tentatively asked
"Poof ha ha … how could I have thought of you!" Yin Kehan poof a smile out, she regarded him as the biggest Satan! I won’t think of him in that situation!
"…" AnYunZe frustration suddenly rose to speed up the car and never went to see her again.
What woman! I don’t care about him at all!
Even if you do more, she can watch it completely.
That woman won’t be moved! She doesn’t love you, and even breathing is unnecessary for him!
That’s right …
She is like a nightmare. Every minute memory will make his heart tighten and cramp. However, even if his back faces her forever, his body cells can’t help but feel that she is suffocating with her. She’s gone and the hole is unbearable.
"Because … you are by my side, I didn’t think of it … the first person to think of is actually you …" Yin Kehan said this sentence in a very light voice.
But …
An Yunze, who was driving, suddenly smiled and hooked his mouth, touching his lips with one hand and laughing sexually.
He heard me. Oh!
She said that the first person to think of someone was herself.