The same three pieces have the same name, the same shape and the same sacristy. After the auction, the auctioneer pulled off the huge red cloth behind them, just like Chen Kai and others guessed. It was the unlucky Lagzoros’ eye, a huge guarding city weapon that could instantly cast ninth-order spells. The starting price of the eye was as high as 30,000 gold coins, and the terrible high price at the final transaction price was high. One hundred million imperial gold coins were the annual income of three Mifez cities.
After that shoot, Chen Kai and others have completely lost sight of the tourists. The horrible transaction price has made Chen Kai and others become nothing even shrimp, and they can gawk at those big shots biting their teeth and bidding.
"Today, I finally saw what it means to have deep pockets. No wonder those guild players said that Yadog Imperial Bank had few hundreds of millions of gold coins. I didn’t believe it now." Llewellyn and others haven’t recovered from the huge transaction price of the auction. Almost nothing was sold at the price of 10,000 gold coins, and the transaction price of the dragon egg was as high as 10,000 gold coins as that of the dominant eye.
Until they returned to the camp, Chen Kai was still in a daze. They seemed to see huge gold coin mountains flying there. At the same time, they also saw for the first time the rarest top currency in the game, which is equivalent to a magic crystal coin and a star crystal coin. It is said that one or two gems can only be found occasionally when Gao Qiqi travels in the stars. The price of one carat is almost 10,000, which is not much lower than that of the secret star treasure.
The first volume Chapter 159 Locke’s love market ()
Chapter 159 Locke’s love trading market ()
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We are the dividing line of moral integrity
When Llewellyn and others set foot on the trip again, the team was huge, and some businessmen who were afraid of meeting the dog and beast got together and went out from Crifo to Rocky Lofts. Even those senior mercenaries couldn’t help the dog and beast with natural charm unless the puppet dealt with the dog and beast, or if there were thinking creatures, they would be tempted by each other involuntarily.
Of course, although everyone is acting together, they are still deeply guarded against each other. After all, the dog and beast have one head.
With a limited appetite, it may not treat other people when it is full. This is what Chen Kai saw from the eyes of those senior mercenaries. Holding weapons, they are more interested in their own lives and more wary of their surroundings.
"Damn it, everything will be in harmony with nature. After the third order, it is impossible to limit the adventurers from killing monsters and harming the training." Looking at a group of bison running in the wild, ll sighed and lifted a green grass badge in his hand and entered magic to see one.
"Can’t who let the crab will be the boss cow? At the beginning, but even Ness almost let him go to the zoo to protect it, saying that it was the last lich to protect the world. He was almost angry with Ness’ demigods. "Sitting on the edge of Chen Kai, reading spells, Xu Fei raised his sore neck and said.
"It is also estimated that Ness must have been very depressed at that time and was carried by a druid like a chicken for a whole hundred years." Chen Kai turned over a bright green book with the words "All things are in harmony with nature" printed on it, while the latter was a demigod Druid Vander at the end of the year. antler
Vander? Antlers, a stronger character than Gedos, almost suppressed all the demigods in the whole big six for nearly a thousand years. As a result, a demigod was forced to run to the divine world by him. His favorite saying is "This is a rare animal, you can’t hurt it". That’s why Ness was carried into the zoo set up by him and cherished Warcraft with Qian for nearly a hundred years.
This has become a goddess of nature. Nearly a thousand years ago, the powerful god made the greatest contribution to the current players, or the disgusting restriction was that every player who advanced to the third level would get a badge. The only badge was to record that you killed monsters and wild animals every year, and the players had been in official website for nearly half a month after getting the badge.
The reason is very simple: you can’t get the badge after you stay, and it’s mandatory to wear it. The most depressing thing is that it has a limit on the number of wild animals that players can kill every year. This practice forces players to start running around as adventurers and benefit two major guilds to train.
Badges are not limited to third-order monsters, because they are too numerous to kill, and third-order players are inexperienced in killing these monsters. This is also the reason why Chen Kai watched several third-order bison drool. This kind of silly bison belongs to rare animals in the records of the Harmony of Everything, and it is forbidden to kill and offenders will be fined 1,000 gold coins.
Maybe some people will think that it’s okay to secretly kill one, but the badge will emerge after it melts into the body and has input magic or quarrels, but it will be recorded, and then you will receive a white ticket when you arrive in the city, and the consequence of not paying the money will be aggravated punishment.
Although the demigod Vander, the boss of the Harmony Society of Nature? Antlers have long gone to the divine world to harm the creatures in the divine world, but he left hundreds of odd druid apprentices in Da 6, but he ensured that everything would be in harmony with nature and occupy the throne of the largest association in Da 6.
Fortunately, what these druids like best is not to deal with things in various regions, but to increase the number of animals and plants. Otherwise, those countries and guilds that control the number of animals and plants will have an abnormal headache, which is why this harmony, which has a poor reputation among players, will stand firm among aborigines.
"This one has only a little experience, and I don’t know how long it will take to practice to the full level." Yun sat in the carriage and stayed in the whole team. Now there are three people who have not reached the third order, but they can’t go to brush the blame when they do it, so Yun and them can also stay in the carriage.
"Fortunately, robbers and undead don’t cherish animals, otherwise we really don’t blame the leveling." Chen Kai looked at a badge record and was relieved that there was no dead creature type, while Lin Lei had already received money and got cramps. A large number of third-order players flocked to Yaduoge to restrict the leveling environment here.
"I heard that the dog beast is out of luck! Three river crabs will come and catch it and go back to study. "Wang Xuewen leaned out of the window of the horse and said that the news was from other mercenaries during his lunch break."
"that poor dog! I hope it won’t be caught for breeding. "Everyone thinks that the crab will know how to reproduce and cherish animals, and they think that the dog and beast are already running out.
Maybe Chen Kai and his whole team were too big. When they arrived at their destination and handed over, they didn’t encounter any thieves, let alone the poor dog and beast that was driven around slowly by three big druids. It is said that it was caught once, and the result was that it was given medicine on the same day and made into a kind of dog. On the third day, while the druids were checking the pregnancy of other dogs and beasts, they bit the door and ran away.
Look at Rocky Lofts, which is more prosperous than Mifez, everyone doesn’t believe that this is a small town, because there are contiguous tents outside the city, ornate aristocratic carriages everywhere, many high-level professionals, and more businessmen who are constantly traveling to sell goods.
"No wonder this trading market has to change places every year. It is estimated that no emperor will allow such a large weapons market to exist." The tent and wooden houses covering an area of one square kilometer are all operating weapons and equipment stores. Chen Kai even saw a lot of alchemy and magic equipment.
"This handle by zeta? Did you know that Master Jones made the sacred silver axe hammer in Yadog? It’s a place full of terrible dead creatures. It took thousands of travelers to get this axe and hammer out. "An auctioneer was salivating, while he was standing next to Chen Kai, the axe and hammer they had got from Yadog.
"No, Lin Lei actually got it for auction." Looking at the acquaintances Li Yi and dark Bi ll in the crowd, it is estimated that Lin Lei took the initiative to get this axe hammer out and sell it.
"Okay, who will bid for 1 million gold coins?" The auctioneer said the hammer price, and then the whole open-air auction instantly raised hundreds of hands.
"110,000", "I’ll pay 120,000" and "I’ll pay 150,000. I’m Zetas Inzaghi. I hope everyone can meet me."
"Get old or Humphrey Bonaire? You are a bird, I will pay 170,000. "
After a fierce struggle, the weapon that Chen Kai thought was worth at most 10 thousand was sold at a high price of 20 thousand gold coins, and Inzaghi was very happy to buy that weapon, as if he had bought a bargain