Top pick Blake Griffin will lead the Grizzlies to face the powerful Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the playoffs. If the game is not played, everyone will know. The only suspense is whether the Grizzlies will be swept out of the playoffs like last year’s Thunder.
When the major media praised the Clippers’ great achievements, it didn’t mean that Griffin, a tender little meat, would be ashamed to be the best rookie of the season if he could lead the grizzlies to win a game.
On April 15th, just as everyone was waiting to bet whether the Clippers could beat the Cavaliers and raise the winning percentage record to 75, the coaches of the two teams chose to hide the main three animals in the palace-closing battle.
In this way, the average data of the two brothers in the season is conclusive, and they have successfully got what they want.
Ji Guoqiu averaged 212 points, 151 rebounds, 69 assists, 34 blocked shots and 32 mistakes in 7 games. His shooting percentage was 54.9%, his three-point shooting percentage was 42.6% and his free throw percentage was 91%.
Ji Guoshi averaged 332 points, 14 rebounds, 31 assists, 25 blocked shots, 16 steals and 3 mistakes in 76 games. His shooting percentage was 51.6%, his shooting percentage was 42.5% and his shooting percentage from free throws was 93.5%.
People have to take a look at the data of the two brothers, and they can understand why the Clippers will go against each other this season, breaking two epic records, because their line is the combination of epic levels to have such a bad performance.
In the last game of the Clippers, most of the main players lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the away game, but this did not change the performance of the Clippers in the season. They are now short of the last three consecutive championships and can really be at the top.
Ji Guo put up two fingers after the shame game and said, "We have finished the second plan, and then the most important championship trophy. Our last goal is to get that ring again and win the championship for three consecutive years!"
At this time, I don’t know where the reporter came from, but he stared at a pair of big eyes and asked, "Who do you think has a better chance of winning the mvp this season, you or your brother?"
Ji Guo felt uncomfortable when he heard the shame, but at this time he was in the heart of the team’s record. Fox endured his temper and said, "My brother is a private player. He is different from me. His eyes are always full of teammates. He is a natural leader, and players around him can become better. It is he who makes me win the scoring championship. We should tie for it, although I know it is impossible."
Old Deng Liwei took up the topic at this time, and he was also full of praise for Ji Guoqiu. "Look at panda’s season average record and you will know how horrible he is. There are 21 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 blocked shots in nba history. Chamberlain and Castle did modern basketball five years ago. He is the only one. Even Larry Bird is not as dominant as Brother Panda in rebounding, free throws and blocked shots. He can be said to be a unique superstar."
With the clippers braving the wind and waves, there has been an endless discussion on which of the two brothers is better. The number of fans of the two brothers has replaced Kobe Bryant and surpassed James. Now the three most dazzling players in the nba are these three animals. However, if we refer to the idol temperament of the three, James will be immediately dwarfed. Although it is always bad to judge people by appearances, everyone always likes to do so. That’s how the world looks.
After the game, the two brothers locked the rebounding king and the blocking king, and the younger brother locked the scoring king. The three honors of the two brothers shone brightly, and other stars dared not look at them.
The regular season of the 1921 season also ended completely on this day, and the official play will be officially held on April 1.
Although there is not enough suspense in this year’s playoffs, the odds of the Clippers winning the third championship are actually 1 to 11. From the odds, it can be seen that the majority of fans are optimistic about the Clippers, even if there is an argument that "the heat will die", but for a team that can win 34 consecutive victories and 74 victories in the regular season, the turnover probability is too small.
The league will not let the Clippers be threatened by off-site factors. I don’t know if it is the fbi or ia just after the regular season. Anyway, there are secret police following the two brothers and their families, including Taylor Swift and Emma Roberts, who have secret protection. This is to prevent the gangs from taking huge kidnappings and threats.
It’s no surprise to the two of them, and it was the same in the playoffs last season. At that time, there were officials in the league who specifically called them. It was said that Jordan was in similar trouble during the Bull Dynasty, when it was reported that Jordan’s relatives were threatened.
At the end of the regular season, the bodyguards of the two brothers temporarily doubled. Those guys who don’t know whether it’s ia or fbi are in charge of covert protection and follow Taylor Swift and Emma Roberts, both of whom are female workers. They are followed by a big old black and muscular man. Ji’s national humiliation is very unhappy about this. How good it is to send two blondes to protect them? When the time comes, it’s no problem for them to be close to each other, and they will be furtive.
Ji Guoqiu is relatively more upset. Christine told him yesterday that some people were secretly following her, but the big-name stars have higher anti-detection ability. That age is not big. At first glance, it is said that after the newcomer ia was caught by Twilight, they have made friends. Twilight has a slightly higher skill in picking up girls …
"How many younger sisters does your twilight girl want to get back to you in a year? Mom, why didn’t I think about taking care of Christine at that time? It’s a pity that I met her first. "
Ji Guo is full of shame, envy, jealousy and hate. The panda keeps a twilight girl outside. I don’t know how many younger sisters I can pick up this year. This little girl is really a top ten.
"I love to hear this. I saw the photo on WeChat, and that ia sister is good. My Christine has a good eye this time. That female assistant should have dumped her and concentrated on hitting on the super girl and ia sister."
Ji Guoqiu laughed, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that Christine had done a beautiful job.
Before April 16th, nba player hollins, now head coach of Grizzlies, was interviewed by local media in Memphis and said modestly, "Grizzlies won’t beat the Clippers unrealistically this year. What they have to do is to make these young players feel that the different first round of the regular season playoffs and the Clippers will make them grow up quickly. Compared with winning or losing the game, it is not the most important thing."
The grizzly bear coach stressed, "I hope my players can understand why the twin brothers are so famous and there are so many fox brothers in the game." Brother panda, why do you often pick up? Why is he so powerful when he serves the ball from a high position? " Hollins finally said, "But that’s what we need to figure out and learn. That’s what we should focus on. My players have to learn how to score goals by themselves and attract opponents’ defense to make teammates have opportunities. The tactical purpose is to make the defense chaotic and make mistakes. In this respect, we must learn how to play the Clippers. Grizzlies is a young team. We need humility to learn from a strong team to grow another strong team."
Espn did not pay attention to the playoffs for the time being, but made a summary of the 91 season as usual-"This is a farewell season."
The 1921 season is a watershed of the times. The 96 brilliant generation took the stage to replace the 3 rd generation and other rising stars.
There are some farewell signs, such as moving to the new york Nets. When they sold Carter, they also washed away the last imprint of the Big Three. Some farewells are taken for granted, for example, there have been several quarrels and rumors at the end of Yao Mai era; Some farewells, such as the decline of the Pistons Celtic, you are already mentally prepared, but it is still difficult to feel sad when it really comes; And some farewells are like the news that Allen Iverson is retiring after reimbursement, which makes people feel uneasy and uncomfortable.
Getting together from every cycle is history, and it must be a cruel embodiment of the laws of nature. The witness of dynasty change is this irreversible law, and nothing will last forever. So goodbye to this 2921 season full of parting.
Specifically, the reincarnation of this season is reflected in two aspects: the aging of stars and the decline of teams.
Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz, Washington Wizards and Denver Nuggets are all strong teams in a reincarnation league, and now the recession is irreversible, among which Pistons and Celtics fans are the most sad.
First of all, once the civilian champion tried every means to revive the glory of Detroit dynasty in the past year, but even though they signed the playoffs at the first time and led the Bulls to fight hard and the Celtics to set various records, the best shooting power forward Charlie Villanueva’s piston dynasty declined in an irreversible direction, and the five tigers fell apart, injuries invaded the head coach, and the team lacked experience. These hard injuries will not be cured because Wallace returned.
Secondly, Boston gathered in the Big Three. In the summer of 27 years, the Celtics rose again through two shocking deals. But in 1991, Gatt was hit hard by injuries and missed five regular-season games. It turns out that without Gatt, the Celtics even the young Chicago Bulls could not easily get rid of them. They were killed by three young bulls in the regular season and four by magic, showing Rondo’s old age. But he managed to make this team a success in the season. When the three leaders of a team add up to more than one year old, who would think they could reach the finals again?
Those old stars can make fans sigh that "time waits for no man" is the most lonely after each cycle. However, Yu Meiren is no longer a young hero, and there are these players in the league. When they are old, they should pack their bags and give way to young people, but they just struggle against their fate. For these players, we must pay tribute to them, just like Mai Shuai’s eternal classic, "Veterans will never die, and he will slowly wither."
Chapter six hundred and twenty-four James chrysanthemum is about to explode.
-Los Angeles Times
"mvp ownership is still in suspense? The only team with more than 6 wins in the league broke the Lakers’ 33-game winning streak and the Bulls’ 72-game winning streak, creating a 34-game winning streak and a 74-game winning streak. This is what the twin brothers led the Los Angeles Clippers to achieve in the 1991 season. "
The Los Angeles Times reported that letting Cleveland people do this year’s mvp selection is another choice among animal brothers. This is a fight against James root cutting.
Whether James has surpassed Kobe to become the first person in the league has been debated for several seasons, but one thing is true. The little emperor is indeed surpassing Kobe, but the gorilla has not found any obscene fox and wants to secretly blow his ass.
On March 2, 2001, James surpassed Kobe by 15 points in the Cavaliers Bull Race, becoming the youngest 15-point gentleman. The young emperor was 25 years old and 79 days old, which increased Kobe’s record for more than two years.
Let’s take a look at another set of data. Ji Guoshi completed the first milestone of his career at the age of 19 and 7 days. James completed this milestone at the age of 19 and 41 days, with a difference of 29 days. Then Ji Guoshi completed the second milestone of his career at the age of 19 and 36 days. James completed this milestone at the age of 19 and 333 days, with a difference of 27 days.
James has a slight lead until now, but the gap seems to be narrowing by Ji Guo’s shame?
It’s a pity that this is all an illusion. In fact, the average score of Ji Guojiao’s second season is 2 points less than that of James’s second season. What he can do to narrow the gap is to take advantage of the time. Two brothers were born at the end of December 19, which allowed them to escape the rule that they are not allowed to participate in the draft under the age of one. In fact, they entered the nba one day earlier than James.
Animal brother was born on December 31, 19 and entered the nba; for 27 years; James was born on December 3, 1994 and entered the nba for 23 years.
At the same age, Ji Guoshame was not pulled at the milestones of 1 point and 2 points, but if he continues to develop like this, he will be pulled at 5 points. However, Ji Guoshame scored the fifth point in his career at the age of 21 and 49 days. James’ record is 21 years and 22 days, and there is still a difference of 27 days between them.
The gap between the two men in the fifth place didn’t shorten or widen. Ji Guosheng’s crazy scoring performance this season made up for the gap between the first two seasons. It’s not easy for the Cavaliers to have such a performance since James was the only team and the Clippers were the two. Even the fans of the little emperor admitted that if Ji Guosheng was selected by a weak team, he would probably break the record of getting the youngest one, two, three, four and five points.
Ji Guoshi scored 6 points in his career at the age of 21 and 13 days, while the little emperor scored 6 points at the age of 21 and 9 days. The gap between them was widened to 41 days. Ji Guoshi eventually had to pay for his first two seasons, but this season, Fox’s younger brother’s average score of 33 points per game was really scary, which was nearly 3 points higher than James’s average score, making up for the gap between the first two seasons.
At this time, both fans can’t help but wonder if Brother Panda can keep his record of "the youngest to reach 7 points in his career" if he leaves James next season.
The answer is-if the score comparison between the two is still the same as this season, then James will be surpassed by Ji Guoshame in the seventh point.
"Boss, do you think that if the Cavaliers reach the final, I will put the words’ 21 years old and 35 days’ on our official website, will it make him vomit blood for three liters and directly get us a blood?"
Ji Guoshi also knows that James Law is competing with himself for mvp. His current opponent is the giant panda Ji Guoqiu. In the first season, he became the youngest Mr. 1 and Mr. 2 in the nba, and this record was one year earlier. This is the reason why the best defensive player of that season was not awarded to him, and he was criticized afterwards. Ji Guoqiu subsequently broke the youngest 3 and 4 records one after another. The speed is incredible!
In rebounding, there is no way to break the national hatred of the ancient gods because there is a record of cheating, but in blocking, he really has no opponent. In the first season, he got 256 blocks, and in the second season, he got 312 blocks again. Just after the third season, the national hatred of Ji also got 266 blocks. This ferocious panda grabbed 34 blocks in three seasons, which shows that the ancients estimated that there would be no newcomers in the future.