Destroy Cang Lan’s clothes and long hair in this lang tide are blown up by the wind and glances at each other. Then they launch a posture to make a quick recovery, which makes them look charming at first sight in a large wandering soul. Two light and shadow are getting closer and closer to the red rain all over the sky.
Suddenly, Qingyang destroyed Canglan and braked his body, pulling back the fierce Qingyang that had not stopped. He left no room for speed and strength, and almost threw the fierce Qingyang in a circle to the ground.
What’s the matter? The fierce green sun bounced a few steps before stopping the backhand and holding down the hand that destroyed Cang Lan.
Suddenly, I felt that the wind swept in and there was an uproar. The red rain would almost turn the two of them into red, and they immediately raised their hands to block those broken pieces and protect their sight.
Listen to a sudden burst of wind, and a huge shadow swept across and destroyed Cang Lan. When they squinted, they saw a huge blood-red sedan chair. Ling Fei came to the surface of the water and swayed gently like a drunken girl, showing three points. The soft curtains on both sides were flying, and Su Tong was connected into a faint wind chime like blood beads.
As the Lingda sedan gets closer and closer, the big red rain sweeps across the world, smashing the colorful lights into a chaotic light and shadow, and suddenly breaking the surface of the water, the noisy music suddenly becomes ethereal, and complaining is more like tenderness.
This fierce Qingyang just opened his mouth and felt that the finely red rain flew straight into his mouth, and hurriedly bowed his head and Pei went out. Cang Lan stretched out his hand and pulled him aside and retreated into the crowded and cold body of a large wandering soul.
Well, those wandering souls seem ethereal, but this place is their nether world, so it’s a real thing. Qingyang was squeezed by a fat group of wandering souls and rubbed his face with sore cheeks. Who is this?
Didn’t you listen to them shouting "Bones Niang"? Put out Cang Lan and stretch a finger. At this time, the number of wandering souls on both sides is like shouting "Bones Niang", and all the people worship the emperor.
Well, a flash of light in fierce Qingyang’s eyes reached out and he was about to speak, but a large number of wandering souls suddenly became popular and chased after the red sedan chair that had already floated past and was caught in the fierce Qingyang. I don’t want this wandering soul to look like an ethereal body, but it turned out to be hidden so vigorously that it was dragged away to the mouth and cried, Could this bone mother be it?
Presumably, it is this ghost town that the duke destroyed Cang Lan and was caught in the middle. He flew up and laughed at it. He reached out and grabbed the fierce Qingyang hand and turned around and couldn’t come back. He twisted his waist and pulled out Cang Lan’s hand and ran all the way with it.
Beside them is the huge red car red curtain floating high in a beautiful image. At this time, red rain all over the sky fell on the hair of two teenagers, and a few pieces of blood immediately rushed to the mouth of Cang Lan.
Pei Yan Cang Lan took a bite and looked up and stared at it. Suddenly, the red eyes fell and fell, and the cold light said, This is paper money.
Ah, fierce Qingyang frowned because of backache. When she looked up, she was stunned by a piece of red rain and shook her head again and again. This is really paper money.
In this blood-red paper money rain, an ethereal song flies up and scrolls, and the desolate and finely divided paper money is as strange and beautiful as colorful falling. The two of them feel that the numbness in their ears is like a soft hand scratching their hearts, and they are intoxicated with the song.
I miss the young man and say goodbye to the grave. It’s me on the other side of the river. It’s my pity that my bones are gone.
Well, the fierce green sun has felt a conation and shook it tightly, and the song made people feel uncomfortable.
Qingyang destroyed Cang Lan and tasted the heart without moving. I bit my lip and inhaled a trace of blood before I forced myself to wake up and catch up with those turbulent wandering souls. Don’t be confused by that song.
Well, the fierce green eyes are blurred, and the paper money keeps crossing their faces, covered with a layer of bloody coffins.
Suddenly, I saw the fierce green sun’s eyes open with pain, and the ceiling didn’t jump two steps. It was already caught by the wandering soul lang tide, and they couldn’t stop destroying Cang Lan. The two men followed the red coupe to sink their eyes and shouted, What if it wasn’t your leg so hard to choke?
Wake up and destroy Cang Lan but don’t care. Nodding and tugging at the fierce green sun, I gaze at the sedan chair and follow it to see where it goes.
Fierce Qingyang also quickly shook his head and patted his forehead on a low track, but even if we can see this Bones Niang, what can we do to know the way to the Sword Casting Platform?
When the time comes, I’ll talk about destroying Cang Lan, and I’ll see that the rickety sedan chair is suddenly several times faster, and a gust of wind rushes forward, and Lingfei spins red paper money and rolls more. lang quickly hits them in the face.
Poof fierce Qingyang mouth Pei large pieces of finely paper money repeatedly wipe your mouth frown way almost swallow.
See the wandering souls on both sides have gathered in one place to synthesize a big lang, chased it out, and the two of them were squeezed and stumbled. See that they have been rushed to the deepest part of the city, a huge waterside pavilion floating on the water, and they are always silent.
The cold wind and water poured into the entrance nose, and even the surging billows could not help but tremble. The bitterness and cold water vapor were so cold that the bones stretched out and grabbed the body and scratched constantly.
Suddenly, I saw two rows of people dressed in wandering souls floating around the red sedan chair, trembling and welcoming Bones Niang in a deep and cold voice.
Fierce green sun went out in a low voice, and Cang Lan obviously felt that he was a pretty soul. At this time, the speed of the wave was also slow, and the ghosts looked at the sedan chair floating on the black water with great attention.
Well, listening to a female voice with deficiency and anemia floating in a shrill color is as hoarse as just crying, and it sounds as intoxicating as that song just now. Tonight is my blood food period. Are you ready?
Have been properly two rows of wandering souls hopping like zombies, let the road all over the sky paper money around the sedan chair and rushed into the water pavilion with a long red curtain flying all around and instantly engulfing the sedan chair. See several paper money falling red and falling all over the water, dissolving and overflowing with blood.
Seeing the wandering soul lang tide flying away in all directions, the two of them quickly stabilized themselves with the cold water and wind, and lifted their clothes high to reveal the strong and supple skin of the young man.
Two rows of wandering souls have not yet receded. Suddenly, Qi Qi turned around, and a dozen pairs of blue eyes as big as two bronze bells looked over at the two teenagers. A eyelid was also directly pressed on the face with two round stones.
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Squat out Cang Lan’s eyebrows and drink low, dragging the fierce green sun, and then squat down to lean over and hide behind the stone platform at the water’s edge.
Yeah, it’s really necessary to cover up the fierce green sun and destroy the surging billows. This caution is not like his generous appearance when he walked into the sky to kill the rivers and lakes in China. He couldn’t help but pick an eyebrow and hit him.