A unicorn on the top of the head of a ghost has an extra eye on his forehead. As soon as this ghost is born, he will turn over and prostrate himself at that old foot and call himself master.
Veteran, a complicated rune has penetrated into the head of this ghost. I’ll give you the name Danzhu. Danzhu, go to the west and see what happened.
It was the master’s ghost Dan Zhu who got up and went west with a black light.
Old sigh has sent five ghosts, but people don’t know how, but they are dead and cut off. Now it’s so stupid to destroy the underworld. In the process of destruction of the underworld, there will be many passages, and even a crack can enter people directly.
I can’t remember how long I have been detained. I remember that at the beginning of heaven and earth, I was suppressed and escaped as the devil, and then I was suppressed and escaped.
It is always different to hunt down one’s own people again and again, but one’s fate is always repeated.
This is heaven, and I have nothing to complain about, but it is extinct, and this world is heaven, and others have nothing to complain about.
I wouldn’t have come this far if I hadn’t oppressed myself so much.
Swallowed a heavenly emperor, and no one can suppress himself in the underworld. It was a good plan, but it became unknowable because of the current shock in the West.
If the underworld robbery comes before, you will kill all these ghosts, and it is even more impossible to surpass the Heaven Emperor.
If you leave the underworld, you will still be crushed by the power of the Emperor of Heaven, and then you will not be able to survive the disaster of Zhou Yuan.
Damn variables, the old man thought of this place, and caught four more masses of matter in the evil spirit and built four powerful ghosts and gods. Go and bring some fear to those kings, and let them send troops to attack me as soon as possible.
The four ghosts and gods are also wise all their lives. They each got a kind of rune and flew in different directions with wings behind them.
The old man calmly continued to decorate his array.
This array was arranged only after killing tens of billions of ghosts, but the number of these ghosts is not strong enough, and the number of them is not as much as that of the original array, which makes the old man hate the people who stole his own demons.
After all, the arrangement of the large array depends on the accumulation of time to be perfect, and there are too many shortcomings in hastily arranging the large array.
Bai Jian Yulinling is fighting in the West. Less and less people have heard that Bai Jian is always evil. The defeated king and many ghosts will simply take refuge in Bai Jian.
I hate the king forever, and the people are hundreds of billions. Of course, most of them are other kings that he captured.
Bai Jian didn’t think that those kings refused to take refuge in him, but the hands of the eternal evil kings came in batches and said nothing, so he didn’t want to continue his campaign.
Bai Jian suddenly understood that he simply took these defected troops, but did not attack the territory of other kings for the time being. It was not until this ghost country left a very evil city that it captured other ghost countries.
Those monarchs who took refuge in the eternal evil king were frightened at this time, but Bai Jian did not take refuge in the king now. He asked the soldiers, the people, the king to resist killing and the king’s department to send them to Leitian Tiandi millstone to swallow.
This leitian caused great panic and accelerated Bai Jianna’s rout ten times.
No one wants to die like this, and Bai Jian is spreading the word that he wants to build a vast border ghost country, which can survive the catastrophe from the underworld.
Every king is doing this, but no one is sure to do it well.
Now that Bai Jian has come, more kings have stepped up the pace of creating a new country, so the chain reaction is the cause before the underworld disaster
The ghost Dan Zhu flew to the west to explore, but he didn’t see what was going on. He was wise, but he couldn’t infer the following conclusions from the Bai Jian action.
Bai Jian fought in Sifang Leitian, but he didn’t fight against the enemy again. Instead, Luo Xiu Xiaoyu was single-minded and refused to practice from the king’s hand. Ghost soldiers were also refined into immortals by him. Leitian Xiangang gathered for the first time and continued to grow after more than tens of billions.
This is still that he has been reversing the practice of time and trying to reach Jin Xian Avenue as soon as possible.
Because he got rid of himself after he achieved Jin Xian, he can achieve higher achievements. Now he can’t change his practice at will.
The most important thing is that he wants Xiao Yu to unite himself, otherwise the strength of the three people will be unbalanced after the advanced stage, and Xiao Yu will drag himself back.