Niu Mowang smell speech immediately got up and looked at the green cow and said, "I’ll fight with you again."
Green cattle "come and be"
Wu Ming, who led the cow out of the palace gate, suddenly wondered, "What are you still following me for?"
"The master said he was going to close the palace. Let’s go with you."
Wu Ming immediately nodded when he heard it. "Then let’s go."
People who turned over from Niu Yi traveled all the way from east door to Penglai Island.
Li Xuan hesitated for a long time and finally asked, "Brother Taiwei doesn’t know if I have seen you in previous lives?"
He always feels familiar, but he can’t remember it at the moment.
Wu Ming laughed. "Of course, I have seen many clouds outside Chang ‘an."
"Multi-eye? The floating clouds watch the ancestors hook up with Chen Chen! "
Li Xuan stayed where he was as if he had been struck by lightning. If we say that the fairy god in heaven is the most popular in the past few years, it must be one of them.
"Li Xuan visit positions" Li Xuan hurriedly salute to visit.
"Hey, get up and let bygones be bygones. I’m too humble now."
Soon I saw a blue sea coming into view, the East China Sea.
"Since Poseidon occupied the East China Sea, the three islands have hidden their whereabouts, and now it is not easy for us to go."
Seeing that Li Xuan took out a piece of jade Jue and read the mantra, he immediately saw a light guide, which was Penglai Xiandao.
"Brother Wei Wei, please."
Traveling overseas, Wu Ming sees a fairy island standing just like Lailong Huaguo Mountain, a three-island ancestor of the ten continents.
"Let’s go and have a look." Wu Ming patted the cow on the back.
Huh? Mount Huaguoshan
Niu Mowang hasn’t been back for more than a thousand years.
Luodao Huaguo Mountain is still the four seasons like spring, and many creatures are worried that even if it is turned upside down outside, it will not affect them at all
"This is a blessed land. I never thought there would be such a place in the East China Sea besides the three islands!" Li Xuan sighed.
Niu Mowang is even more deeply touched that his first estate was this island, and now he has revisited it. Unfortunately, things have changed.
After visiting for half a day, Wu Ming and his party got up and rushed to Penglai Island.
Many immortals also come from Flat Peach to Penglai, and many newly opened immortals naturally want to see it.
Suddenly a horrible roar sounded like thunder.
There was a storm in the East China Sea, and a huge figure emerged from the sea with bright light.
"Is that a thing?"
"Liuboshan real cow!" Wu Ming sink a way
Chapter 67 Penglai Pavilion has gone to dinner to show its magical power in the sea
The huge waves in the East China Sea are surging, and the horns are like cattle. The behemoth divides itself into boiling water and steps on a mountain.
Behind it, however, several scary siren jumped out of the sea and surrounded the real cow to stop its way.
The horror thunder roared and the waves hit four sea monsters, but these sea monsters are all kings. Although the magical powers are strong, they are not strong enough.
I was beaten all over in a short time.
"The real cow thinks that you are an ancient god beast, and now the sea gods are about to unify the whole world, or they will be able to drum your skin again!"
Real talent cow smell speech is great anger, whole body flashing dazzling Lei Guang do thunder pour and instant four siren was fried skin burnt to the nose.
However, after the outbreak of the real talent cow, it immediately fell into weakness. Like an octopus, the siren stretched out huge tentacles and quickly entangled the real talent cow.
"moo! Moo! "
The real bull suddenly struggled violently, but it was besieged by four sea demon kings in the sea before, and now it has fallen into weakness and been dragged into the sea after its supernatural powers have been overstretched.
Suddenly, a huge cow’s hoof fell from the sky, and a siren, Wu Ming, and his party were kicked off.
"Who dares to obstruct my sea temple?" A head and a tail are all heads. The sea snake with two heads and spots drinks a way.