"Zhao Xiaocai? Who is Zhao Xiaocai? "
Zhao Xiaocai said that he is a big living person. Isn’t there a little feeling here?
"That’s him!" A Zi said, "He saved our lives twice, otherwise, Sister Xiaoya and I would have never seen Aunt Xue."
Aunt Xue has long noticed that the young man is full of qi fluctuations, thinking that the gifted boy of Zongmen must have brought some magic weapon of convergence.
I just want to suppress him. I deliberately look at him.
Since I regard myself as Zhao Xiaocai, I’m too lazy to talk to her! I saved you, but the younger generation of Zongmen actually left his face for himself.
"Ha ha, this little brother is really a hero, and a teenager is full of true qi." Aunt Xue laughed.
Didn’t Zhao Xiaocai tell him that no one could see his strength? How can you tell from this beautiful woman? Is this belle’s strength already mysterious?
"Aunt can see the realm?" Zhao Xiaocai asked
At the same time, secretly linked Xiaorui "Xiaorui, what strength is this aunt? I can actually see my realm! "
Sanrenshun petrifaction
Aunt? Who’s the special aunt?
Aunt Xue’s lungs are almost mad. This little girl is deliberately mad at her!
"Haha, master, you are so naughty. You can’t lose anything." Xiaorui laughed. "Look at the face of the aunt."
"Who let her deliberately look at me? Tell me what she can see through my strength?" Zhao Xiaocai choked and asked.
"Didn’t you see that she is Fried you? It’s so simple that I can’t think about it. It’s really a pig’s head. "Small Rui laughed.
Shit! It turned out to be posturing!
Aunt Xue’s face has changed several times in a short moment, trying to hold back her hair.
If it weren’t for watching him save Xiaoya and A Zi’s face, he would be dead.
A Zi and Xiaoya also secretly call to be worse. Zhao Xiaocai can be regarded as offending Aunt Xue to death.
Aunt Xue can still restrain herself in front of them. If no one is afraid that Zhao Xiaocai will suffer a bitter meal, it will still be light.
"Why don’t you talk?" Zhao xiaocai fills the knife
The volcano is about to erupt, and Aunt Xue is on the verge of rage.
"That Xueyi, let’s hurry to save Zhang Chu and them!" Xiaoya quickly said
If Zhao Xiaocai continues to talk, he will be carried out today.
A Zi and she were afraid that Aunt Xue could not help but stop them without a trace.
Aunt Xue, how can you not see that the two people stared Zhao Xiaocai at a small move and hurried into the kitchens?
The two beauties breathed a sigh of relief and patted their small breasts. It’s a good thing Aunt Xue didn’t send it on the spot, otherwise she was afraid of dying.
Zhao Xiaocai quipped, "Don’t be so swollen when you shoot it, for fear of jumping out."
He hasn’t realized how dangerous it was just now and can joke.
A Zi is proud to stand tall as if to show off.
It’s Xiao Ya’s big embarrassment that Zhao Xiaocai is full of nonsense. Just now, I really should let Aunt Xue teach him a lesson.
After a while, a few people came out of the patio to rescue Zhang Chu and them.
Aunt Xue said, "The situation is that Xiaoya, you stay here and have a rest. Elder Li and I will search for Liuyi and them."
They all know that tigon’s lair naturally does not need to lead the way
But before the snow aunt left, if there was a murderous look on Zhao Xiaocai, he captured Zhao Xiaocai andao.
Chapter 15 looting a
Chapter 15 looting a