A few days later, the recruitment of Shentong Express appeared next to the words Liujia Hotel.
The villagers in Yulong village didn’t have much reaction to this express delivery, because something that they were looking forward to was finally completed.
That’s not far from the processing plant. The residential building for employees of Shenlong Company has finally been completed and delivered.
The building was originally scheduled to be completed in July, but it was completed about a month before Su Qianmo Construction Team and Shenlong Construction Team had enough workers.
This afternoon is the turnkey of the staff residential building.
The brewery office building is crowded with villagers, at least a few hundred people!
Originally, there were dozens of villagers who were qualified to get the keys to live in the new building, but not only they came, but also their families followed them and couldn’t wait to get the keys to the new building.
The rest of the villagers are watching the fun. On the one hand, they are jealous of those employees who are eligible to get the keys to live in the new building in the first batch, and on the other hand, they want to see what the roof of this employee’s residential building is like
"Is everyone almost here?"
In the office of human resources department, Qing Liu glanced at the crowd outside the window and asked Chen Xiaoyun.
Chen Xiaoyun is specifically responsible for issuing keys. Of course, this matter is a big deal for Yulong Village. It is the first time for villagers to live in a new building since Yulong Village.
So Qing Liu also let go of things and made a special trip to go through the motions.
Chen Xiaoyun glanced at the registered name and nodded and said, "Here we are."
"Okay, let’s go."
Liu Qingxiao smiled and went out first. Behind him were Zhang Xia, Wang Jing, Chen Xiaoyun and others.
"Come out …"
Before waiting for the office building, the villagers saw Qing Liu and others coming out and it became quiet in an instant. Everything was hot and looked at Qing Liu.
"Hello, everyone"
Qing Liu stopped and took out a string of shaking keys in front of the office building and smiled. "Today is a heart day. I won’t say much about what my heart is. You all know better than me that everyone has been waiting for so long. I won’t say much nonsense. Go to the new building and have a look!"
All a response with Qing Liu behind a crowd headed for the new building.
A swaying asphalt road has been built all the way along the staff residential building, and it goes straight to the processing factory. On both sides of the road are flat land. The construction workers in Su Qianmo Company and the construction team of Shenlong Company are still working. Seeing Qing Liu leading these employees to the new building, many people are eager and yearning in their eyes.
"Two eggs, don’t be silly!"
The crowd walked away along the road. A young villager was holding a shovel. He looked longingly at an older villager next to him and patted him on the shoulder with a smile and said, "What? You want to live in a new building, too? "
"That’s for sure, Uncle."
Return to absolute being two eggs quite embarrassed scratched his head and said, "I talked about a girlfriend Shencun people want a building on one condition."
"Ha ha good two eggs!"
The old villager laughed and said, "I can’t sneak out and actually make a girlfriend!" Come and tell uncle whether you look at her or she looks at you? "
"Uncle, don’t tease me."
Er Dan felt unnatural all over and smiled. "It was a relative in my family who introduced me. We met and felt quite good. I heard that I was an employee of Shenlong Company and people directly agreed to a building on one condition."
"This condition is not simple?"
The old villager walked over and said, "You have worked hard this winter, and you have worked for one year. When the new building is built in 2008, you can get a set!" "
"That’s right!"
Two eggs nodded cheerfully and said, "Let’s build this new building in the village with good quality and square meters, which is even better than Wenchang county building …"
"Our new building is more beautiful than the county seat!"
"Yes, it’s so bright."
"The facilities in the corridor are also good. The lights in this corridor will automatically light up if they are slightly louder!"
"Is cooking a little trouble …"
Every new building is filled with villagers’ happy smiles. For the villagers who come to "home" today, the owners of the new building are very generous and polite to open the door and enter casually-there is nothing at home anyway.
Qing Liu casually entered the door one by one, and the villagers saw him inside.
"Hello, General Manager Liu!"
"Hello, General Manager Liu!"
Seven villagers who were talking about it all stopped talking when they saw Qing Liu coming in. They became quiet and looked into Qing Liu’s eyes and showed their heartfelt respect.
This respect is purely from the heart, because Qing Liu has brought too many changes to the villagers in Yulong Village.
Now the villagers in Yulong Village, regardless of age, are very polite and respectful when they see Liu Qing.
"Guys, don’t be so restrained."
Seeing some villagers seem a little uncomfortable, Qing Liu cried and laughed. "I’m here to visit your home and I’m a guest." He looked around.
Clean windows in the building Su Qian Mo Gai residential building is not a rough house, but directly installed facilities such as toilets and floors, which can save some decoration for the villagers.
Qing Liu is also visiting this building for the first time today. Before the handover, the construction team monkey and Su Qianmo’s construction manager handled it.
"Good, good."
After wandering around the room, Qing Liu nodded with satisfaction and smiled. "What do you think of this room?"
"Of course!"
The owner of this building smiled excitedly and said, "To be honest, I never thought that I could live in such a good new building one day. I have been thinking about when I will be rich for a few years, and I will be satisfied by renovating my old houses and building a few new brick houses …"
Chapter four hundred and one Found the problem
"That’s right"
"Lao Li said that his greatest wish for me is the same as his, thinking about when he can build some new houses for his son so that he can marry his wife, and I will be a father!"
Hearing the words of Lao Li, the owner of the building, the villagers came to visit, and they all felt it.
Indeed, a few years ago, no villager thought that one day he could live in a new building with bright windows like a city dweller.