Almost all brain chest experts gathered in this ward of less than 10 square meters to rescue Conway. He should be suffering from intermittent pain, causing great pain and causing body spasm. He curled up uncontrollably. His fingers tried to hold his head, but he didn’t have the strength to drive his arm.
Conway’s eyes are scattered and his breathing is on the verge of faintness.
Prepare two groups of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and prepare Liu Jiaoshou to make a decisive order
He turned and waved Gu Jingxi to hold Gu Mengmeng near the hospital bed. He looked at Gu Mengmeng and said firmly.
You must arouse his consciousness of survival when he is awake in pain, and you must do it in Chapter 240.
Conway Conway, I’m MengMeng, and I’m you, MengMeng. Get up and look at me. Open your eyes and look at me, Conway.
I did my best to bring you back from Iraq, not to leave me like this. If you leave like this, I will hate your generation.
I hate you as I say. I hate you. I’m not at ease when I let you go. I’ll spend all your money, let someone else live in your room and drive you out of my heart. Conway, do you want me to do that?
Do you want to talk? You open your eyes. Whoops, I’m MengMeng and I’m MengMeng. How can you not open your eyes and look at me?
Gu Mengmeng fell on his ear and cried. Suddenly he felt his head shaking and his expression became extremely painful. When Dr. Liu saw that the rescue had worked, he gave Gu Mengmeng a thumbs-up sign. He unloaded the ventilator to check his main breathing ability and found that it was much better than before.
MengMeng, you continue. I always feel that his brain hurts when he is awake. Dr. Liu encourages her.
Gu Mengmeng lie closer.
Her lips have leaned against Conway’s ear.
She choked out the words that stimulated his consciousness and didn’t dare to stop for a moment.
A new round of pain hit him hard again.
This time, he opened his eyes slightly and looked at the focus.
Conway Conway, I’m MengMeng and I’m MengMeng.
Conway, wake up. I beg you to wake up, okay? Don’t leave me alone.
Tears soaked Conway’s auricle, and the great pain tortured him, and he miraculously mumbled and shouted.
Then he tried to open his hard eyes and try to show his face with a smile
You are so noisy.
It was not loud, but it startled everyone present on the spot.
In particular, Dr. Liu called the miracle after checking all the indexes of Conway, so that the seriously ill can still speak clearly, which is simply creating a medical myth
It seems that he is right to make Gu Mengmeng arouse Conway’s will to survive.
Gu Mengmeng couldn’t help hugging his head and kissing him and shouting Conway, you know me. Great, Conway, you finally know me. Conway, you have to be strong. My parents must not give up. Don’t give up.
Brother-in-law, my sister must get better. Gu Jingxi also encouraged him.
Conway looked at him greedily with his eyes open. The girl looked at him all his life and gave up the sweet burden illegally. She felt that her consciousness was gradually lost in the great pain in her brain.
He tried to hold up his lip angle and moved his fingertips, and his eyes gradually became scattered
I made you sad before, and I still have a chance to wake up. I will never disappoint your affection again.
MengMeng, I want to tell you.
Even if life dies, my love for you will not die.
I love you
Love you forever
Looking at Conway, gradually closing his eyes, Gu Mengmeng bit his lip and tried to suppress the moaning in his throat, grasping Gu Jingxi’s finger.
Xiaoxi, is he not well? Why did you close your eyes?
Hard to help, let the members of the rescue team show sympathy.
At this moment, Qin Jun came up at the right time, holding Gu Mengmeng’s shoulder and stroking her comfort.
Gu Mengmeng, don’t worry. Conway is in a coma. Every time he has a headache, he is deadly. It will be relatively stable when he gets through it.
Gu Mengmeng look at her slowly nodded.
Qin Jun said to Gu Jingxi, take your sister back to rest. Her body has just finished surgery and try to rest as much as possible.