Yo, you talked to your sister, and you came out beaming?
But … What was he going to say?
There is no pause, no impatience or banter for the noisy soy sauce players. They still say, "If you want her to leave the gang, just kick it. I’ll tell her."
Yo! Yo!
The mentality is completely different at this time, and the soy sauce is winking and shouting.
Feelings have been reconciled with their own sisters, and they are the bad guys? I’m a deputy Wang, and I can’t believe I’m kicking people …
Gee, you know who they are? No matter how much they don’t like that little mushroom, it’s somehow a younger sister. How can such a terrible thing be done by them who mingle with ordinary people?
The soy sauce makers put off finishing one by one, forgetting that they were saddened at the beginning, and nine days later, they demanded to kick people quickly.
However, the soy sauce makers hesitated again. When did their younger sister just come back, she actually shirked saying that it was a long time ago. Did her younger sister actually mind this matter …
"Okay, okay, I just came to say hello to you." I didn’t wait until I made a soy sauce statement, so Zuo Tangtang couldn’t bear to send "I’ll go and stop playing."
"Hoof hooves! Are you willing to give us up! " The fudge shouted sadly at the side
Zuo Tangtang immediately tightened his face with a sloped smile and said very seriously, "If you guys are so unreliable again, you will never come back!"
Frightened fudge quickly shut up.
But still unwilling to prevaricate for half a day.
Look at the two ma3 jia3 Zuo Tangtang who jumped to the channel. When they were stunned, they withdrew their emotions and joked with a smile, "Don’t, I didn’t hear you say how unreliable! Don’t contradict me! All right! Don’t resist! I did! ….. Mm-hmm. That’s right! I’m leaving! Bye, everyone! Bye-bye, fake mother! "
Clap your hands and tell Zuo Tangtang goodbye one by one, just like every night when you leave …
"… goodbye in the clouds"
Left the channel with a smile, Zuo Tangtang told himself lightly.
I’m fine.
No moment is better than now. To be continued.
[234] Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Selling melons on the cheap]
There is not a trace of nostalgia or emotion in the eyes. Zuo Tangtang casually pulls the list and looks at the familiar channel number and clicks it in.
Unexpectedly, there is no one in the reception channel to hang up here forever. At this time, kelp soup is not here, and Zuo Tangtang didn’t think too much. He just hung his vest here and switched the game.
The world is still the same as before. Everything is so beautiful that it is breathtaking. Zuo Tangtang smiled and gently pressed the keyboard to meditate in situ. He stood up. The mouse micro-figures rotated in situ, as if immersed in this almost shocking atmosphere, and seemed to keep this picture firmly in mind.
Ah, it’s really beautiful …
Zuo Tangtang said with low wittiness
After a foothold, I sent the reading bar to read it bit by bit. It seems that I have put all my thoughts on the blue column and didn’t look at the whole body again.
As soon as I came out of the Royal Guards Herbal Hall and looked at the familiar figure in front of me, Zuo Tangtang couldn’t wait to itch.
Turn round and walk Zuo Tangtang has never been so clean.
Unfortunately …
[Nearby] Pippi Pikachu!
[Nearby] Pippi Pikaqiu’s little hoof!
Yo, peat! Little hoof peat!
Zuo Tangtang was chanting in her mind, but she still didn’t stop moving on. She hasn’t forgotten how miserable this guy has pitted herself.
I fell asleep and didn’t say it, but I still followed it as a matter of course. I stabbed it out regardless of my own excuses. At the end, I’m sorry I didn’t say a direct line!
She can still clearly remember that she was dumbfounded at that time!
She finally understood that this is the biggest pit. After all, she must keep her distance from him! Proper!
Zuo Tangtang walked fast, flying all the way, building walls and turning over the roof, and soon left Pikachu far away.
You can’t find it!
Zuo Tangtang came to the top of the highest wall at the front entrance of the Royal Guards, sitting and watching people coming and going.
Thinking about Pikaqiu Zuo Tangtang just now, I wonder if this product has been chasing after everything it sees!
She still remembers the days when she tried to force Pikachu to seek revenge and blocked her at the kidnapping point every day. Why did she stop today?
Zuo Tangtang feels a little incredible.
[Nearby] The seaweed soup is not finished with less salt!
Zuo Tangtang’s facial expression was stiff. Slowly, the characters turned around and looked at the sudden appearance of "a lump" next to him, which scared Zuo Tangtang to press the lattice and fall out.
I’ll go!
Full of resentment, Zuo Tangtang climbed the roof angrily again without paying attention to meditation and returning to blood after his resurrection in situ.