Li Lingyu said, "Then I’m going to bury the hatchet with him. Xue’s adult’s healthy and vigorous temperament. When Qingzhou Port in honest and frank opens, I’m going to ask him to sit in the Ministry of Commerce and Trade. I’m not at ease if no one sits in the Ministry."
Cao Yin also admired her magnanimity, sharpness and magnanimity at an early age.
Li Lingyu slipped out of the palace when he said he would smoke.
Li Lingyu went out from the west gate and went to Houfu first. Yan Bainian was still practicing guns. After the marriage was settled, someone stared at them. Yan Bainian lived in Houfu outside the west gate.
I was shocked to see her come out with Ah Fu. "Are you crazy?"
Li Lingyu asked calmly, "Say it again?"
Yan Bainian really knelt down for this aunt. She really remembered that one was another.
Li Lingyu saw him smile and said, "I stopped by the door today to have a look."
Yan Bainian said, "Ok, I’ll take you there."
She’s really welcome. She really wants to take Yan Bainian to Yan Bainian without her thick skin. She sent her to Xue Family and went back.
She and Ah Fu went to knock on Xue’s door.
Xue Yang never dreamed that she would come
The person who opened the door didn’t know her and kept people out. Li Lingyu didn’t try so hard to say, "You can tell Xue Yang that Yunnu will know when he visits."
A quarter of an hour later, Xue Yang came out to meet her with a small urgent roar.
Li Lingyu looked up at Xue Jiamen and opened the plaque of Xue Zhai, then smiled at Xue Family and Xue Yang and said, "The first time I saw you was in Beitai Prison, when Cao Yin tried Yang Bo for the second time, or in Beitai Prison, when Yang Bo wanted to kill me, I was scolded by a saint for being a bloody dog, and then I realized that you and he were close friends."
Xue’s family looked at her with trepidation. Mrs. Xue Yang was much younger than him, and I could see that she was very beautiful when she was young. She pulled Xue Yang and didn’t know whether to salute her or what to do.
Xue Yang looked at her and probably didn’t think clearly about what she came from.
They were unhappy before they met.
Li Lingyu saw that he was indifferent. She is still dressed in men’s clothes and albert nobbs is like a little husband.
The Xue family members have also seen her in Liu’s home, and now when they see her again, they will think of the day when she fought with a Yanling knife in Liu’s home.
"Won’t Lord Xue invite me in?" Li Lingyu laughingly asked
Xue Yang took a deep look at her and bowed down. "I have seen the temple."
Li Lingyu held his arm before he saluted a few steps, and he was not allowed to bend down. "Lord Xue doesn’t have to salute me. I don’t like to talk about these vain gifts."
Xue Yangcheng led her to go in without importuning her feelings, followed by her nephews.
When Xue Yang entered the hospital, he said, "Go ahead and do what you have to do."
Then he led Li Lingyu into the room.
As soon as Li Lingyu entered the room, he saw the newspaper he had put on the table.
Ask first, "What does Master Xue think of this newspaper?"
Xue Yang’s heart is still somewhat complicated. Li Lingyu, who dismissed from office that day, almost pointed at his face and cursed.
But today, when she comes to visit again, she looks like a virtuous man again.
Of course, the attitude is with him. He can treat Yong ‘an as cunning or treat her as hypocritical.
But Xue Yang knows clearly in her heart that Li Lingyu is different from the former emperor and also different from Tai Tai. She is determined to forge ahead and bring forth the new to make the girder change.
Xue Yang asked, "Is the temple here today?"
Li Lingyu said, "Lord Xue doesn’t have to think of me as mercenary. Just think of me as I came by to ask for a cup of tea."
When Xue Yang saw the newspaper, she remembered that she was really broad-minded. She didn’t even care if people gathered to write a campaign. She didn’t even catch anyone, so that the department of rites painted two walls and let the writers post articles at will.
It is true that he has never met such a person in his life.
Xue Yang "Don’t dare to call me Lord Xue. I’m at home now."
Li Lingyu picked up the top newspaper and looked at her poem, which shows that Xue Yang is reading her poem.
Li Lingyu asked, "What about Xue Dare’s poem?"
Xue Yang didn’t say "karma" when she looked at her.
That’s Xue Yangchang as one pleases who pushed the door and came in as "father"
Xue Yang said, "Now he works with Lv Yi, and his nephews like the Temple of Poetry very much. If you have any questions, you can ask him directly."
Li Lingyu looked at the eye and asked, "Xue’s adult newspaper? I asked Zheng Zheng where to do things before your nephew and asked them to do things according to their circumstances. I didn’t ask these questions. "
Xue Yang let his son go out, and Li Lingyu asked him to "listen to your father’s opinion since he works in does."
Xue Yang doesn’t praise this newspaper either. There are too many people who praise it.
He asked, "is there anyone here to check?" Or the subsequent income … "
He dare not ask too directly.
Li Lingyu said, "The printing is in the hands of the court, and it is in the hands of Zhongling and others. The proceeds of this newspaper can be started after three months of road repair, and it will take two more hours to repair the road from the capital to Xiangzhou."
Xue Yang was surprised to hear that she was so highly effective.