Mao Erniang burst into tears. It took two and a half days to save up every day. Isn’t this killing him?
"I want to … I want to also not line …" Painful answer.
Forget it, many people can’t get it even if they want it. It’s pretty good that they got it, although they really don’t want to go to the Flower Palace again … Cat Ear Niang tried to comfort herself and try to forget that Zhou was the head of Emei.
Huh? But …
"Why do you have this adventure prop?" Cat Ear Niang hasn’t thought that the object of this letter adventure must be a woman yet. Maybe …
"I accept" kelp says it’s as simple as eating and sleeping.
Rich! Sex!
Mao Erniang has this feeling in her heart at this time. Although the adventure props of the Flower Palace in the second period were not bound and tradable, the price was unacceptable to most people.
Shopping women are always crazy.
This is what a group of women are after …
Cat Ear Niang shook her head and he didn’t want to think about it.
"No, the question is, what are you doing with this?" Mao Erniang felt that she didn’t seem to grasp the point. She was slightly surprised and asked, "You didn’t buy it for me on purpose, did you?"
At the thought of this idea, Cat Ear Niang suddenly wanted to put her fists on her chest and look at the sky at a 45-degree angle. Tears welled up in her eyes.
I can …
"What are you thinking!" The seaweed soup with little salt interrupted the cat’s ear without mercy and said that it was very disgusting; "I bought it by the way to see if I sold it."
By the way … I bought …
Trench …
Cat Ear Niang swore that she didn’t want to say a word to this goods.
"In fact, I really don’t want to sell it …" Mao Erniang is still thinking about his position as the head of Emei. "Hey? Do you want to give hooves? "
Suddenly I saw Fang Zuo Tang Tang’s cat ear niang talking on the channel.
"Hoof hooves …" Little did I know that the seaweed soup was low in salt. "Ask her yourself."
Seeing kelp doesn’t care about its own performance, the cat ear mother can’t help secretly enjoying herself. She just needs to be able to transfer it.
"hooves!" Cat Ear Niang just pulled Zuo Tangtang out without knowing that kelp was instantly dumbfounded at this time.
"hmm? What? " Hearing the familiar water drops, Zuo Tangtang is resigned to treat this matter with a peaceful attitude, because she already doesn’t want to vomit and is pulled around every day in this crooked place.
"I’ll tell you a good news ~" said Mao Erniang mysteriously. "I’m sure you will jump with excitement when you know it!"
Seaweed soup is less salty, and my face is darker. I want to cover my ears with my hands, but I always don’t know that some red ears are still exposed from my arms.
"What good news?" Be cat ear niang words up interest Zuo Tangtang is very curious and asked.
"I have a letter here that is not bound to the Flower Transplant Palace ~" Cat Ear Niang smiled at a villain’s success. "I want you to … well … I think it’s right! How about giving you this every time you see me shouting Mao Ge? "
Mao Ge … Kelp and Zuo Tangtang’s eminence smoked at the same time.
It’s really a beating …
Seaweed soup with little salt cocked his head and looked at the green light flashing all the time. Maoershang carefully pondered whether it was more appropriate to say twenty times.
"Hum, then you can go with this letter shi!" Zuo Tangtang cold hum
Waiting for the answer "Mao Ge", but I didn’t react. What is this? Why not follow the plot?
At this time, Hoohoo should not thank him for crying and crying, and his face was full of tears, calling him "Mao Ge ~ ~?"
"I have long had an adventure and still need you?" Zuo Tangtang was very handsome after he finished with complete contempt. "I didn’t know to inquire beforehand, so you are so embarrassed!" Walk away